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The Worlds of North and South

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1 The Worlds of North and South
Geography, Transportation, Economy, Society

2 Similarities Northerners and southerners shared the same language, and worshipped in the same kinds of churches Shared a fierce pride in their country and their faith in democracy

3 Differences Outlook and attitude of northerners and southerners on many things very different During the 1800s differences led to conflicting views on many issues At times it seemed they were living in two separate worlds

4 Geography North Four distinct seasons Shorter growing season
New England coast perfect for harbors Thick forests, winding rivers Areas of fertile farmland South Mild winters, long growing season Coastal plains with fertile lowlands-good for growing rice, fishing Pine forests for lumber Broad, flat rivers, fertile farmland

5 Economy North Industrial Revolution- economy based on manufacturing
Textile factories Steam engines Steam powered machinery Factory workers South Economy based on agriculture Small farms Plantations used slaves to raise cash crops, especially cotton

6 Transportation North National Road across Appalachian mtns.
Steamboats and clipper ships (fast) Erie Canal 20,000 miles of railroads South Steam powered river boats Cotton shipped down the rivers Mississippi River mightiest southern river 10,000 miles of railroads

7 Society North Growing number of people lived in cities
Small family farms African Americans were free but not equal Immigrants from Ireland and Germany South Rich planters lived in large mansions Most white southerners owned some land but only 1 in 4 owned even 1slave Small number of free blacks who worked as craftspeople, servants, laborers Majority of African Americans were slaves

8 Summary: Geography was the primary reason northerners and southerners developed differently
North-variety of trades and businesses Industrial Revolution led to the development of factories and mills Increasing number of people went to work as wage earners Improvement in transportation made it easier for northerners to travel and ship goods South-depended primarily on agriculture Minority of white southerners owned slaves but much of the South’s economy depended on slave labor People continued to travel by river and rail lines were few Society divided into ranks- wealthy enjoyed great influence and power, even poorest whites ranked above African Americans, whether free or slave

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