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Chapter 19 The United States Through Industrialism.

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1 Chapter 19 The United States Through Industrialism

2 NE = North Economy SE = South Economy NG = North Geography SG = South Geography NS = North Society SS = South Society NT = North Transportation ST = South Transportation

3 The North: Geography four distinct seasons jagged New England coast with rocky soil thick forests in New England wide plains with rich soil in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey

4 The North: Economy economy based on manufacturing steam-powered machinery Unskilled laborers worked in factories. The new reaper cut grain more efficiently than a man with a scythe.

5 The North: Transportation National Road steamboats and clipper ships Erie Canal 20,000 miles of railroads

6 The North: Society Growing numbers lived in cities. African Americans were free but not equal. immigrants from Ireland and Germany

7 The South: Geography mild winters and hot, humid summers coastal plains with swamps and marshes rolling hills and mountain hollows broad, flat rivers

8 The South: Economy economy based on agriculture small farms Plantations used slaves to raise cash crops, especially cotton. Tredegar Iron Works

9 The South: Transportation steam-powered riverboats cotton shipped down the rivers The Mississippi River was the mightiest southern river. 10,000 miles of rail

10 The South: Society Rich planters lived in large mansions. Some white farmers owned their own small farms. Free African Americans worked as craftspeople, servants, and laborers. Wealthy planters enslaved African Americans.

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