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Sectional Differences

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2 Sectional Differences
The North Sectional Differences The South

3 I. Background - Differences between the north and south are a result of geography. The north was too cold to support an agrarian lifestyle, or a life based on farming. The south didn’t have the natural resources to industrialize.

4 II. Economy - South

5 In the south, cotton was king!
II. Southern Economy In the south, cotton was king! The south trades cotton to both the north and Great Britain. Made all its money from trade, not production!

6 II. Economy - North

7 II. Economy - North Northerners created machines to produce finished products, resulting in an Industrial Revolution Textile Mills, like Lowell Mill, used young girls to operate the machinery Destroyed skilled craftspeople, used unskilled workers and paid low wage.

8 II. Economy - North

9 II. Economy - North

10 II. Transportation - South

11 II. Transportation - South

12 II. Transportation - South
River transport was vital to the south. Steamboats transported cotton to big southern port cities for transport across the ocean. The south resisted land transport because it benefited the north more.

13 II. Transportation - North

14 II. Transportation - North
Roads were built to help move trade goods. Water travel was cheapest. Canals like the Erie Canal were built to move goods to ports. -Clipper ships cut travel time over seas by half. Railroads used steam locomotives to move goods across the country.

15 III. Society - South

16 Your place in society was measured by … 1) Land and slaves
III. Society - South Your place in society was measured by … 1) Land and slaves 2) Color of your skin A wealthy planter elite ruled like aristocrats. They treasured a laid-back lifestyle with parties and social gathering. Women were wives and hostesses, not thinkers. Poor whites and all blacks rated very low.

17 III. Society - North

18 - Anti-immigrant violence exploded.
III. Society - North Most northerners lived on farms, but cities grew as factory workers moved in. 4 million immigrants, mostly Ireland, moved to the north hoping for factory work. - Anti-immigrant violence exploded. -Cities became crowded, dangerous and dirty places to live.

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