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The Worlds of North & South

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1 The Worlds of North & South
Chapter 19 The Worlds of North & South

2 Geography North South Climate Coast - swampy Forests - lumber Rivers
Climate – Cold Winters, Hot Humid Summers Coast Harbors & Inlets– shipbuilding, fishing, commerce Jagged New England Coast Inland Narrow flat plain, rocky soil not ideal for farming Thick Forests – timber harvested 1850 – 177,000 sq miles cleared Rivers – rich soil Wide plains, rich soil in New York, New Jersey and Pennylvania Climate Mild winters, hot summers Plenty of rain, long growing seasons Coast - swampy Ideal for rice and sugar Tobacco and corn farther inland Forests - lumber Rivers Broad & flat Good location for towns

3 Geography NORTH South

4 Economy north south Industry Machines Agriculture King Cotton
1810 – streams used to power machines in England 1815 – first US factory with spinning and weaving machinery 1830s – steam engines used Shift from craftspeople to laborers Machines 1831 – first reaper invented (cuts 28 times more than by hand) 1847 – reaper factory in Chicago Agriculture Eli Whitney-invents Cotton Gin King Cotton Cotton gin used rotating combs to separate cotton from seeds 1 cotton gin = 50 working by hand Plantations use slave labor Land & Slaves Cotton wears out soil – farmers push west Cotton growth = slave growth : slavery rose from 500,000 to 3 million Tredegar Iron Works

5 Economy NORTH South

6 The Impact of the Cotton Gin on Slave Population

7 Transportation north south Roads Ships & Canals Railroad River
1806 – National Rd crosses Appalachian Mtns Ships & Canals 1807 – steamboats 1817 – 36 mile canal built from Hudson River to Lake Erie 1840s – clipper ships used for ocean travel Railroad 1840s – biggest business 1860 – 20,000 miles of rail River Riverboats brought cotton downstream West of Appalachians – traveled on Mississippi Mississippi River- mightiest Southern River Railroad 1860 – 10,000 miles of rail

8 Transportation NORTH South

9 Society north south Northern Statistics African Americans Immigrants
1860 – 7 of 10 lived on farms – cities with more than 2,500 people increase from 33 to 237 – Population of NY, Philadelphia, and Boston triple African Americans Free- Not treated equally Could not vote, hold office, serve on juries, attend white churches and schools Immigrants Ireland Germany White Southerners Wealthy plantation owners dominate economy and politics Sons go to college, daughters become wives 1 in 4 owned slaves Majority of slaves worked on fields 10% to poor to own land African Americans Free blacks were small minority-Forced to wear badges, pay extra taxes, live separately Majority were slaves- Cooks, carpenters, blacksmiths, house servants, nursemaids, field hands

10 Society NORTH South

11 Venn Comparison of North & South

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