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ABB standard drive Enhanced ACS550

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1 ABB standard drive Enhanced ACS550

2 ACS550, Standard Drive ABB Standard Drive
Part of the family - The ABB Drive Reliable quality product Global support Convenient with all the aspects Simple selection Excellence in connectivity Intuitive drive All inside as standard Proven Performance This slide is only the content of the presentation. “Convenient in all the aspects” is explained later on

3 ACS550, Standard Drive Complete power range 0.75 - 355 kW, 1 - 500 HP
3 phase 230 V (up to 75 kW) and 400 V series IP21 / UL Type 1 IP54 / UL Type 12 (R1-R6 only) 0,75 to 5,5 kW up to 11 kW up to 22 kW up to 45 kW up to 55 kW up to 132 kW up to 160 kW up to 355 kW

4 ACS550, Standard Drive Installation
Mounting options Wall Side-by-Side Flange Mounting options Free standing Side-by side

5 Convenience with all the aspects
Selection Connectivity Performance Animation for the topics of the presentation. Explain the following to the audience: Selection Type code includes output current and input voltage -> easy selection Connectivity Excellent connectivity via the extensive IO and fieldbuses Intuitive Intuitive control panel (assistant panel) with assistants, real time clock, help and most essential manual information All inside Drive includes input choke, EMC filter, braking chopper (R1 and R2) as standard. Relay extension and fieldbus options fit inside as well. Performance Independent third party test (Siegen University) proves the good performance of 550 compared to the competition Topics are also action buttons to view only the slides of single topic. Use the back button of the last slide of the topic to get back to this slide. Intuitive All inside

6 Relay Output Extension
ACS550 – Selection Type code shows output current and input voltage Control options can be ordered using plus codes or as separate option kits ACS A9- 4+L511+K451 Input Voltage 380 to 480 V Relay Output Extension +L511 Output Current 6.9 A DeviceNet Adapter +K451

7 ACS550 – Selection ACS550 ratings
Two ratings – one for normal use with 110% overload and one for heavy duty with 150% overload Overload cycles can be explained by using the text link. When using that use also the back button after the second load curve slide.

8 ACS550 – Selection R1 R2 R3 R4 Dimensions are in [mm] 369 469 583 689
212 125 222 125 231 203 262 203 Dimensions are in [mm]

9 ACS550 – Selection R8 R7 R5 R6 Dimensions are in [mm] 739 880 1507
2024 286 265 400 300 520 250 617 Dimensions are in [mm] 347

10 ACS550 - Connectivity Easy connection to factory automation systems through multiple I/Os and plug-in options Extensive I/O 2 x AI 2 x AO 6 x DI 3 x RO Inbuilt Modbus Plug-in Fieldbus Modules Relay Output Extension (3 x RO)

11 ACS550 - Connectivity IO is galvanic isolated as groups AI / AO DI RO

12 ACS550 - Connectivity 550 supports the new parameterization tool FlashDrop For selecting and setting parameters Parameter set for non-connected drive In warehouse or during mechanical installation Possibility to hide selected parameters Machine protection Only essential parameters are shown FlashDrop connection behind the control panel - protection class will remain

13 ACS550 - Connectivity All FBs are either embedded or mechanically installed inside the drive Modbus is the embedded fieldbus ACS 800 type Fieldbus modules are used to provide remaining FBs Available fieldbuses: PROFIBUS DeviceNet LonWorks ControlNet CANopen Ethernet (Modbus TCP & Ethernet/IP) Ethernet Modbus TCP means that there is no website service in the module and it cannot be used through internet. Ethernet module connects the drive to control system through local ethernet network.

14 Assistant control panel functions
ACS550 - Intuitive Assistant control panel functions Run the assistants in conjunction with drive software Has help button giving manual information List of changed parameters Real time clock Fault Logger 15 languages supported in one panel Part of user’s manual built into the assistant control panel. This idea is widely used in other equipment. Reduces the need to read the manual and makes the product easier to use. Changed parameter list List of changed parameters tells eg service person all the parameters that have been changed after selecting the macro at a glance. Real time clock built into the assistant control panel. Providing Real Time Clock in a control panel is a new idea that makes it possible to use eg timed functions Fault Logger Fault logger is explained later on in the presentation 15 supported languages: English UK, English AM, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Czech

15 ACS550 - Intuitive Basic control panel 7 segment display
Implement panel protocol to display and modify parameters Upload or download capabilities Backlight

16 ACS550 - Intuitive Buttons of the Assistant control panel:
Soft key 1 function Soft key 2 Function Soft key 1 Soft key 2 Loc / Rem mode Help button Stop button Start button Up and down buttons (to change parameters and their values)

17 ACS550 - Intuitive Assistants in the panel
Start - Up assistant guides the user through all essential settings to be done without going directly into the parameter list. Maintenance assistant can set the drive a criteria to insert preventive maintenance. Timer Assistant helps in using timed functions Serial Communication Assistant for making fieldbus setup simple and easy PID Assistant for feedback scaling and setting Drive Optimizer to optimize the drive in different aspects Noise Efficiency Motor control performance Maintenance assistant Selectable maintenance criteria: kWh running hours motor rotation (Mrev = Mega revolutions) Diagnostic assistant Monitors : DC - bus voltage, speed, current, change of speed,… e.g.: high DC - bus voltage and decelerating and power flow is from motor to drive – Panel suggests : “use brake resistors or increase deceleration ramp time”

18 ACS550 - Intuitive Fault Logger (Assistant panel only)
Easy way to find out What happened When happened Tells drive status at the point of time the fault occurred Frequency, speed, torque, current, voltage etc… Example: Panel Loss – fault 10 Panel tells the operator to “check: comm lines and connections, parameter 3002, parameters in groups 10 and 11” Fault Logger is accessible from the main menu Example explains how simple it is to correct the fault situation with 550 fault logger. This message comes visible by pressing diag sw button in the panel

19 ACS550 - Intuitive Fault Logger is accessible from the main menu
Example explains how simple it is to correct the fault situation with 550 fault logger. This message comes visible by pressing diag sw button in the panel

20 ACS550 - Intuitive DriveWindow Light 2 For commissioning the drive
Possibility to monitor the drive Assistant to create direct configuration of the drive Remains compatible to other Low Voltage AC Drive products

21 ACS550 - All inside The old way to do it... …And ACS550 Built-in:
Braking chopper The ACS 550 series is designed to fit all needed options and combinations inside the drive. This makes the installation fast and easy. Most of our competition must add external options for: Choke RFI filter Braking chopper Option modules input choke Built-in: RFI filter, input choke, braking chopper (R1&R2), Modbus (other fieldbuses as internal plug-in options) EMC filter

22 Assistant control panel
ACS550 - All inside ACS550 internal options Assistant control panel (as standard) Basic control panel Relay Output Extension Module Plug-in Fieldbus

23 ACS550 – All inside EMC filter
Cable lengths for 1st environment 75 – 300 m Cable lengths for 2nd environment 100 – 300 m Detailed table on cable lengths available EMC environment explanation A detailed table of EMC cable length limits can be shown by clicking the text link in case this is asked from the audience EMC environments can be explained by the other link to EMC environment explanation. In case of using these links use also the back buttons in the explanation slides

24 ACS550 – All inside New way to suppress harmonics caused by the inverter “swinging choke” At partial load the swinging choke reactance increases THD reduction up to 24.2% compared to traditional choke ACS550 includes the step gap version drawn with the pink line

25 ACS550 – All inside “Swinging Choke”
Designed to reduce harmonics at full and partial loads Perfect for Variable Torque Centrifugal Loads The patent pending swinging choke provides unique harmonic reduction advantages compared to conventional choke

26 ACS550 – Performance Sensorless vector control
Up to 12 kHz switching frequency at reduced current for R1-R4 Automatic noise reduction Switching frequency goes up when load decreases Noise smoothing function Motor thermistor input (both PT 100 and PTC) Two independent PIDs On - Off controlled cooling fan Scalar control varies voltage and frequency whereas vector control varies torque indirectly (current – flux) resulting better torque response 12 kHz is available only in scalar control mode. Current derating for 8 kHz is 20% and for 12 kHz 35%. User can define whether switching frequency or current will be decreased if the load limit is met. When load is decreasing the same unit will be increased again. Noise smoothing function continuously varies the switching frequency around the set value reducing the audible noise Second PID (PID2) can be used for setting outputs of the drive to control eg valve or for trimming or fine tuning the speed of the drive. It could be called external PID. Cooling fan is controlled according to modulation – fan operates when drive modulates – not available in range

27 Step load response (Dynamic accuracy)
ACS550 – Performance Scalar control for easy start-up and multi-motor applications Sensorless Vector providing very good performance Step load response (Dynamic accuracy) Vector Control 0.9 0.8 0.7 0.6 ACS550 0.5 Stiffness [%s] Dynamic accuracy measures two values after the torque impact. Time to recover from the speed drop and the speed lost in the impact in %. These values total %s as a unit to be reported. The smaller the value the better the dynamic accuracy is. Competitor A 0.4 Competitor B 0.3 0.2 0.1 150 750 1500 Speed [rpm]

28 Convenience with all the aspects
Selection Connectivity Performance A summary slide Intuitive All inside


30 ACS550, Standard Drive Normal use Heavy duty use
use with 110% load ability for 1 minute every 10 minutes 1 minute 110 % 100 % Iout Time In Heavy duty use use with 150% load ability for 1 minute every 10 minutes 1 minute 150 % 100 % Iout Time Ihd

31 ACS550, Standard Drive Maximum load ability
use with 180% load ability for 2 seconds every minute 2 seconds 180 % 100 % Iout Time Ihd

32 ACS550 – All inside Operational cable length defines the drive ability to control the motor meeting the specification. Du/dt filter makes it possible to lenthen the cable by appr 1,5 times. Sinus filter makes it possible to lengthen the cable even more keeping in mind the voltage drop and the EMC emissions (where applicable).

33 ACS550 Engineering EMC Medium voltage network C3, C4 (2nd Environment)
PDS (emitter) Equipment (victim) Point of measurement for conducted emission Point of measurement for radiated emission 10 m Public low-voltage network Boundary of installation Industrial low-voltage network C3, C4 (2nd Environment) C1, C2 (1st Environment) Propagation of conducted emissions EMC

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