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E300 Series Mini-type Integrated Universal Inverter

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1 E300 Series Mini-type Integrated Universal Inverter
 Pakistan Distributor |

2 Pakistan Distributor |
Appearance E300-2S0002/E300-2S0004 E300-2S0007/E300-2S0015 E300-4T0007/E300-4T0015 Pakistan Distributor |

3 Model E300 -4T-0007B Series E300 B Volt class
Derivative model Series Mini-type Integrated Universal Inverter E300 Built-in braking unit and RS485 communication B Volt class Applied motor capacity (KW) 2 220V 4 380V 0002 0.2 Power phase 0004 0.4 S 1-ph 0007 0.75 T 3-ph 0015 1.5 Pakistan Distributor |

4 Pakistan Distributor |
E300 Introduction Convenient maintenance and installation fan External keypad control 8p telephone line RS485 communication interface RS485-USB/ RS323 converter Input power supply DC braking unit GND Motor Pakistan Distributor |

5 External Communication Other industrial control equip
1 External Communication E300B series built-in standard RS485 communication interface and adopts MODBUS protocol. PC control PLC control Other industrial control equip Pakistan Distributor |

6 Pakistan Distributor |
PC control interface Pakistan Distributor |

7 Side-by-side installation Wall mounting installation
2 Wonderful appearance with compact size and wall mounting or side-by-side installation. Side-by-side installation Wall mounting installation Pakistan Distributor |

8 Pakistan Distributor |
3 Flexible fan cover design achieves independent installation and disassembly easily. Pakistan Distributor |

9 4 Control panel as fittings can be separated using from inverter.
Fixed installation operation External keyboard Manual operation External keyboard interface Fixed installation hole Pakistan Distributor |

10 Pakistan Distributor |
5 Seven Speed Freq Control Parameter Set Freq output F3.0 F3.1 F3.2 F3.3 F3.4 F3.5 F3.6 35 15 3 20 25 30 Pakistan Distributor |

11 6 Adopt isolated independent duct for protecting
boards avoiding dust and better cooling effect Exothermic electron organ Embed capacitance for design of much closer between exothermic electron organ and radiating system Extract ventilator fan design Airproof independent duct Pakistan Distributor |

12 JOG running function satisfies jog working requirement for user.
7 Pakistan Distributor |

13 Over-current prohibition Over-volt prohibition
Reliable Multi-protection:over-current, overload, over-volt, short circuit etc. up to 20 protection functions to ensure max effective protection for inverter and motor 8 Over-current prohibition A Over-current A t t V Over-volt V Over-volt prohibition t t Short circuit overload feedback protects motor and inverter effectively. Short circuit Short circuit Overload Pakistan Distributor |

14 Pakistan Distributor |
Short circuit overload feedback protects driving equip and inverter effectively. Safe and Reliable Short circuit When short circuit overload, inverter warns and pauses load power supply. Pakistan Distributor |

15 9 Applied system integration equip
Three multi-function terminal X1-X3 can be set freely Relay contactor outputs TA,TB,TC,OC all can be programmed and twelve functions for choice Convenient for system integration. 9 Applied system integration equip Pakistan Distributor |

16 Parameter set: REV avoidance is valid
Prohibiting REV function ensures not to switch to REV running even any signal as fans or pumps which may cause REV problem. 10 Parameter set: REV avoidance is valid REV incipient fault:REV may cause fans/ pumps impeller loose that may lead to unparallel impeller running, even mechanical accident. Pakistan Distributor |

17 Control Panel Running indicator light LED display data unit
Panel potentiometer Return Replacement Up Run, stop, reset Set Down Pakistan Distributor |

18 -for engraving machine
Application Case -for engraving machine PC control Power supply RS485 converter Engraving machine Pakistan Distributor |

19 Pakistan Distributor |
Basic Wiring M Pakistan Distributor |

20 Pakistan Distributor |
Dimension E300-2S0002/E300-2S0004 W1 W H1 H D Screw spec 67.5 81.5 132.5 148 134.5 M4 E300-2S0007/E300-2S0015 E300-4T0007/E300-4T0015 W1 W H1 H D Screw spec 86.5 101.5 147.5 165 154.5 M4 Pakistan Distributor |

21 Product Specification Data
Pakistan Distributor |

22 Pakistan Distributor |

23 Pakistan Distributor |
Application E300 series not only applies in kinds of light industry as textile, transmission etc., but also applies in various high speed applications, such as mill, engraving machine, centrifuge etc. with output frequency reaching 1000 Hz. E300 Pakistan Distributor |

24 Pakistan Distributor |
The End Pakistan Distributor |

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