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DS|POWER DS300 series New generation DSP controlled Uninterruptible power supplies.

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1 DS|POWER DS300 series New generation DSP controlled Uninterruptible power supplies

2 DS|POWER DS300 series design consept Reliable and modern Small footprint and less weight More and detailed diadnostic codes Less service and maintenance Completely digital structure All settings can be done from front panel Advanced communication No need adjustment after board replacement Less control components Advanced central communication future Green and efficient Modular structure DSP controlled

3 Why DSP Fast Modern Less control component Fast mathematical operations Big memory capacity Less power consumption C software support More and advanced peripherals Availability (new product)

4 3 seperate DSP control Advanced computer integration Advanced diagnostic codes Advanced protection system Central service code system Less electronic component No need adjustment after board replacement Green(during design and production) Advanced communication features Modular structure Advanced front panel and touch panel option Output short circuit protection Regenerative backfeed function Output current limiting SMD technology New features

5 Protects national electricity system, economic Input fuse protection,Electronic input overcurrent protection Limited input power Input phase to phase voltage indicator Input phase to neutral voltage indicator Input voltage low and high protection Power factor correction system Low input current THD Programmable power walk in time Programmable start delay Input RMS current indicator Input frequency indicator Seperate PFC DSP Input on/off switch Moduler board structure CAN interface Memory error control Advanced diagnostic for input Regenerative energy backfeed Selectable input voltage and frequency range

6 Light load for generator set Generator set kit Generator set active sense input Bypass disable system during generator set operation Fix frequency operation during generator set operation Generator set operating indicator

7 Keep your mains power as spare energy Split by-pass input Transferring load to bypass from front panel Maintenance by-pass switch Fuse protection on by-pass inputs By-pass input voltage high protection By-pass input voltage low protection By-pass phase-phase voltage indicator By-pass phase-neutral voltage indicator By-pass input frequency indicator By-pass phase balance protection Optional by-pass isolation transformer By-pass input switch By-pass short circuit protection Output short circuit by-pass isolation Phase phase output short circuit management By-pass system diagnostic Advanced fault and status codes for by-pass

8 Protects critical load Output switch High load crest factor Output voltage and frequency regulation Output fuse protection Output current limiting Advanced Short circuit protection Inverter phase to phase voltage indicator Inverter phase to neutral voltage indicator Inverter output frequency indicator Output phase to phase voltage indicator Output phase to neutral voltage indicator Output load percentage indicator Output frequency indicator Output VA and WATT indicator Load crest factor indicator DSP controlled output frequency Delayed overload protection Output DC leakage protection Output alternance loss protection Output voltage low and high protection Optional output isolation transformer Seperate DSP for inverter control Selectable output voltage and frequnecy range

9 Maintenance free batteries Battery fuse protection 3 level battery level protection Deep discharge protection Limited battery charge current Up to 40 Kva batteries in cabinet Automatic and manual battery test Cold start from batteries Boost charge mode High current charge capacity Optional interactive battery switch Battery voltage indicator Charge and discharge current indicator Remaining battery time indicator Battery temperature compansiation system Optional battery cabinet for external batteries Optional continuous battery test system Selectable battery quantity

10 Advanced user interface panel 4x20 character LCD alphanumeric panel Optional Graphical LCD touch panel Battery supported RTC clock Language selection 5 panel control buttons Mimic panel with led lamps Operating hourmeter Battery, Fan and general maintenance hourmeters 192 events (7500 alarms) memory (with seconds) Cabinet temperature indicator Dialup modem setup from front panel Relay simulation from front panel Fault and status codes for troubleshooting All measured parameters can be monitor 120 alarms can be monitored at the same time from panel Backlight brightness adjustment Central code-password system 3 Level menu structure Battery temperature indicator Optional temperature indicator

11 Communication 2 RS232 interface Multiprotocol support Control and monitoring from software 5 NO-NC and function programmable relay outputs Remote relay simulation 77777 optional relay contact outputs Remote clock and date setting Remote boost charge on/off function Remote by-pass transfer Remote sound on/off function Remote emergency power off input Remote short battery test Remote battery discharge test Remote sleep mode function Remote monitoring all measured parameters Remote access security system Alarm logs (events) loading from RS232 Calibration over RS232 Digital automation input

12 Accessories Optional RS485 interface Optional MODBUS interface (TCP/IP or RS485) Optional SNMP interface Optional serial port multiplexer Optional remote monitoring panel Optional graphical remote monitoring panel Optional TCP/IP transparent interface Optional SMS send interface Optional interactive battery switch Optional continuous battery test system Optional synchron unit Optional battery charger extension Optional battery backup times

13 Technologies SMD technology Hi-tech test instruments ONLINE PWM

14 Low saturation IPM & IGBT power modules Power factor correction system 3 DSP controller Technologies

15 Advanced protection Overtemperature protection on power modules Maintenance hourmeters Saturation protection on power modules Input power & current limiting protection Input voltage low protection Input voltage high protection Battery charge current limiting Deep battery discharge protection Battery low shutdown protection Battery low warning Battery voltage high protection Bypass input voltage low protection Bypass input voltage high protection Output current limiting Output voltage high protection Output voltage low protection Advanced output short circuit protection By-pass short circuit protection Overload protection Regenerative backfeed protection Fuse protection

16 Easy installation Simple input,output and battery connection Batteries are included in UPS cabinet (up to 40kVA External batteries are protected in battery cabinet Selectable frequency (50-60 Hz) Selectable voltage range (220-230-240 volts) Free of charge installation support User manual

17 Brings many advantages from 5 to 300 Kva power ranges Internal moduler structure Advanced fault codes and diagnostic Advanced status codes Programmable warning log filter Programmable panel backlight Central code-password system Econo mode operation Ergonomic front panel Input power factor correction Advanced output short circuit protection Low weight Otional earthquake fix system Small cabinet size High efficiency Top cable entry option Regenerative backfeed for motor loads

18 Standarts ISO9001 ISO14001 CE GOST TSE

19 Service support Modular construction No need adjustment after board replacement Battery maintenance hourmeter Fan maintenance hourmeter General maintenance hourmeter Economic spare parts Easy access to all components Periyodical meintenance World wide service support 2 years warranty 10 years spare parts support 7-24 technical service support Central code-password system Remote data monitoring

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