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SmartVFD HVAC, BYPASS, NXL, NXS Introduction

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1 SmartVFD HVAC, BYPASS, NXL, NXS Introduction
Welcome. This Honeywell e-learning module is designed to provide a high-level overview of the new SmartVFD HVAC and SmartVFD BYPASS product lines. SmartVFD HVAC, BYPASS, NXL, NXS Introduction

2 Honeywell SmartVFD – Today and tomorrow
SmartVFD HVAC 480 VAC – HP 230VAC – 1–125HP 575VAC HP Graphic Interface Std fieldbus protocals SmartVFD BYPASS SmartVFD HVAC Disconnect 2-Contactor 3-Contactor Auto-Bypass & HOA SmartVFD COMPACT 480 VAC HP 208/230VAC, 1~in, .25-3HP 208/230VAC, 3~in .25-3HP 115VAC, 1~in HP 575Vac, 1HP-7.5HP NEMA1 Kit Modbus Std

3 The SmartVFD for Smart Buildings
SmartVFD HVAC Intuitive Interface Easy Commissioning Standard Communication Reliable Protection Effective Operation/Monitoring Honeywell is pleased to announce the third generation of our Variable Frequency drives, the SmartVFD HVAC and SmartVFD BYPASS. The SmartVFD HVAC is the only VFD that will work effectively with your building management system to maximize energy savings. The SmartVFD for Smart Buildings

4 Intuitive, Effective, Consistant SMART
Intuitive Interface High resolution Intuitive commissioning Manual in keypad Help screens Real time clock Local/Remote Button Memory in keypad The first area of improvement is the keypad. The days of thumbing through a 200 page manual trying to decipher codes is over. Our high resolution display with a Smart start up wizard, help screens, and a favorite list will cut down installation and commission time by half in some cases. Plus a real-time clock, nine simultaneous display values, and fault help screens will make any trouble shooting that much easier. Intuitive, Effective, Consistant SMART

5 Built-in Communications
Easy Communications Standard RS485 BACnet N2 Modbus Ethernet Modbus/TCP BACnet/IP Option Cards LonWorks Profibus CANopen DeviceNet Communication is critical to seamless integration with your building management systems. Honeywell SmartVFD HVAC comes with the most common HVAC protocols right out of the box, no option cards. Common protocals, such as BacNet, ModBUS, and N2, are included without the need for expensive option cards. Built-in Communications

6 Harmonic, RFI, Environmental Protection
Built-In Protection DC Choke Built in resistors for upfront protection Varnished boards RFI filter standard Built in Fan NEMA12 extra fan Beyond the keypad and communications, work has been done to make sure the drives are more robust than every before. Standard on all SmartVFD’s, DC choke, RFI filter, and varnished IO boards, means you have the confidence that the drive will perform as required, no more worrying about what extra’s to add. Harmonic, RFI, Environmental Protection

7 The SmartVFD for Smart Buildings
SMART Software Start-up Wizard – Pump/Fan Power loss ride through Fire mode Pump and Fan Cascade Ramp Time Optimizer Maintenance Counters Pump Soft Fill 2 PID Controllers There are still other SMART features under the hood. Power Loss Ride Through, Ramp Time Optimizer, and Pump Soft Fill capabilities will reduce nuisance faults. Fire mode commands the drive to run to death without faulting in a fire situation. These are just some of the many bells and whistles that will ensure the drive runs as commissioned long after you have left the job. The SmartVFD for Smart Buildings

8 SmartVFD BYPASS Low total installed cost Compact size
Easy component access NEMA 1, 12, 3R All configurations Disconnect 2-contactor 3-contactor 3-contactor with AutoBypass, HOA Honeywell is also launching the SmartVFD BYPASS to pair with our new drives for those situations where the spec or the application demands a bypass. Honeywell offers a wide assortment of configurations to meet any need. Our innovative design has allowed for a smaller, lighter, and competitively priced bypass.

9 Features

10 Bypass Options

11 Smart VFD HVAC Mechanical Construction MR4
Panel Main DC Fan IP54 Fan Heatsink Rectifying , brake and IGBT DC Choke Control assembly Power Board IP21 or 54 Plates and sealing DC Capacitor GND Plates Page11

12 Fuses and cable sizes MR4-9
Smart VFD HVAC Cabling Sealing No throughput clamps needed in IP21 No throughput clamps needed in IP54 EMC 360 % grounding with easy clamps inside the drive (consertrig) Input cables MCMK no shield needed Motor cables Max lenght MR4 100m MR5 and MR6 150m MR7 200m C2 MCCMK and C3/IT MCMK Grounding 2 PE wires needs to be connected to ground to fulfill EN Fuses and cable sizes MR4-9 Chapter X in installation manual Page12

13 Smart VFD HVAC Fieldbus RS-485
RS485 2 Wires always included in Vacon 100 HVAC: BACnet N2 Modbus RS485 4 Wires Keypad PC Tools RS-485 4W RS-485 2W

14 Smart VFD HVAC Fieldbus Ethernet
Ethernet module is integrated to the main processor Supported General Protocols TCP/IP (basic protocol) DHCP, AUTOIP, IPConfig FTP (Future Option) HTTP, simple web browser interface (Future option) Supported Industrial Protocols Modbus/TCP BacNet IP Vacon HMI protocol (for PC tool usage) Ethernet/IP and Profinet (Future option) Cable max lenght 100m (to switch) Ethernet

15 Smart VFD HVAC Control Board
12/04/2017 Smart VFD HVAC Control Board ARM9 Processor (200MHz) Flash Memory 32Mb RAM Memory 128Mb 15


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