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Movitrac LTP A General purpose frequency inverter.

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1 Movitrac LTP A General purpose frequency inverter

2 Movitrac LTP A World Leading Open Loop Motor Control (Sensorless Vector) Up to 200% torque from zero speed Compact Design reduces panel space requirements Pluggable Control Terminals for ease of installation Up to 50°C Ambient Temperature Internal RFI Filter for EMC compliance UP to 32kHz Output Switching Frequency for ultra quiet motor operation 150% Overload for 60 Seconds Built in Master – Slave control function Built in Infra Red programming port requires no cables AC Variable Speed Drive 0.37-160kW / 0.5-210HP

3 Movitrac LTP A Conveyors, eg. in agricultural environment Fans and pumps Simple pumps e.g. wine pumps Traditional applicationsAlso ideal for.....

4 Movitrac LTP A Sizes & Ratings

5 Movitrac LTP A Part No.s

6 Basic Inverter Standard Inverter Application Inverter Functionality Price MOVIDRIVE B MC07B 1/3 x 230V 3 x 500V MOVIDRIVE B 3 x 230V, 3 x 500V MOVITRAC LT 1 x 110V 1/3 x 240V 3 x 480V 3 x 575V Movitrac LTP A Placement in SEW portfolio

7 Price MOVITRAC ® LTE 1 x 115V 1/3 x 230V 3 x 400V MOVITRAC ® LTP 1/3 x 230V 0.37... 90kW 3 x 400V 0.75..160kW 3 x 575V 0.75…45kW Functionality Movitrac LTP A Placement in SEW portfolio

8 Movitrac LTP A Additional Features Integrated control unit with 6-digit display Integrated brake transistor Helpcard with default parameters and basic wiring MODBUS interface via RJ45-connector Infra red optical communications

9 Movitrac LTP A Additional Features Overload capability 150 % for 60 s 175 % for 2 s 150 % for 7,5 s at f out < 10Hz Cable length shielded: 25 – 100 m unshielded: 40 – 150 m Maximum cable length depends on drive size

10 Movitrac LTP A Additional Features Helpcard list of drive parameters & terminal layout RJ11 connector For Keypad connection Intuitive power connections (contactor style) Keypad allows local control & programming 11 Plugable terminals for fast & easy access Earth points Multiple points for easy screening 74Parameters 14 basic 60 extended Key holes for easy mechanical installation 7 segment display 6 digits for bright read out of A, Hz & RPM

11 Movitrac LTP A Additional Features Display Start Reset/ Stop Navigate Up Down Navigate Long press into/ out of parameter programming Short press to view/ store parameter values Up / Down Increase/ decrease the value of the parameter or the speed Start Enable running of motor Stop / Reset Stop motor/ reset trip

12 Movitrac LTP A Options IP55 / Nema 12k housing Braking resistor Line chokes Output chokes DIN rail mounting kit External keypad RJ11-cable splitter Prefabricated cables Three relay output option board Interface adapter option UWS11A Interface adapter option USB-RJ11

13 Movitrac LTP A Housing Cabinet housing IP20 Field duty housing IP55 / NEMA 12k ! Size 1 and 2 only (up to 4kW)

14 Movitrac LTP A Housing FWD/Off/REV switch programmable in drive Local potentiometer Power isolation switch with lock off capability 2 frame sizes up to 5.5kW @ 575V IP55/NEMA 12K Wall mountable Resists low-pressure water, dust, dirt and chemicals Rugged industrial 40°C ambient rating for hot and tough applications Conduit cable entry Small mechanical size Keypad Control Switched or non-switched variants

15 LT Shell CE Pocket PC Software for LTP (and LTE-B) Designed for Windows Mobile 5 Parameter transfer to / from drive Product configuration Language support Export to settings to WORD/text file display mode descriptions parameter list Movitrac LTP A Software

16 LT Shell PC Software for LTE-B (and LTP) Designed for Windows Parameter transfer to / from drive Automatic drive software upgrade Language support Export to settings to WORD/text file Movitrac LTP A Software

17 Movitrac LTP A Communications Anybus Gateway Slave 1 Slave 2 Slave n.... Cables, splitter and bus termination available Up to 8 drives in a network

18 Movitrac LTP A / LTE B Comparison

19 LTE-B has V/F control method. suitable for most general purpose applications, such as fans, pumps, conveyers etc. LTP-A has sensorless vector control, which provides more accurate motor speed control (typically +/- 0.5%) and high starting torque (up to 200% from 0 speed) High Starting Torque Constant Speed for changing loads Torque control applications like winding Movitrac LTP A / LTE B Comparison

20 Energy optimizer (V/F only) For energy saving, the energy optimizer (P1-06) can be enabled The drive automatically reduces the applied motor voltage (hence torque) depending on the load conditions The advantage of this control over a variable torque characteristic (traditionally used) is that a higher starting torque can be achieved P1-07 P1-09 2 P1-07 2

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