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LP33 Series UPS kVA 400Vac/CE

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1 LP33 Series UPS 40-120kVA 400Vac/CE
September 2004

2 Digital Energy™ LP 33 Series UPS Designed using Six Sigma Methodology
Range CE marked, 400Vac In & Out, 50Hz kVA Ranges 40-120kVA ( kVA Q1 2005) True On-Line, Double Conversion Voltage and frequency independent Transformerless Superior Performance Superior Battery Management Excellent Output Regulation High Efficiency Clean Input High input power factor (0.98) Low input current THD (<10%, 5% optional) Redundant Parallel Architecture™ Up to 4 units parallel Decentralized bypass Servicability Front access only design 24x7 Field Service Coverage Smaller operational footprint in the market Digital Energy™ LP 33 Series UPS kVA Power 400 Vac 50 Hz Designed using Six Sigma Methodology

3 New technology for functionality and cost effectiveness
Unique booster technology providing 5% THDI and PF 0.98 at Input (standard 10%) High efficiency and low accoustic noise Front access only for installation and service EMI filter to comply to EN Class A Highly competitive footprint and low weight

4 Standard Booster Technology
Battery bank 2x DC Cap 2x IGBT Inverter Rectifier LC filter Mains DC link - DC link + Booster pos Booster neg Through going neutral Batt.Charger T1+ T1- Neutral connection is required Two battery strings of 20 blocks Rectifier is on or off (diodes) There are two DC link voltages Booster is creating a regulated DC link Input neutral = output neutral Battery charger separated from rectifier

5 separate control for each phase
GE’s Unique Booster+ Technology DC link + Rectifier T3+ T2+ T1+ Booster pos Mains 3 phase booster separate control for each phase Neutral T3- T2- T1- Booster neg DC link - Booster for each phase ensuring low input THDI and high input PF (optional)

6 Input performance Harmonics Feedback Current THDi : <10%
Sinusoidal input current waveshape (THD <10%) Harmonics Feedback Current THDi : <10% Power Factor : >0.98 Also at lower load levels Advantages: No additional filters required Prevents need for oversized GenSet Reduced cost for cabling and fusing Input current THD <5% is optional (Booster+ technology)

7 Energy Consumption Efficiency: 92-94% (double conversion mode)
Bypass Supply Static Bypass AC DC Mains Supply DC AC Rectifier Inverter Output Filter Battery Bank The output voltage is newly generated, independently from the input voltage. Voltage and frequency variations at the input are not present at the output. Heat losses are present in Rectifier and Inverter

8 ECO Mode Supply the load via the bypass circuit in order to prevent heat losses. This can be done only in case the bypass supply is in tolerance Bypass Supply Static Bypass Mains Supply AC DC Load DC AC Rectifier Inverter Output Filter Battery Bank Load is supplied via the bypass The rectifier keeps the batteries charged The inverter is switched off (no heat losses)

9 Performance of ECO Mode
Simulation of transfer back to inverter Fast Transfer to Inverter < 2ms Bypass on/off Output voltage Inverter current Inverter control In case the bypass supply is out of tolerance the inverter will start immediately This transfer is done within 2 ms, which is more than sufficient for most loads Bypass supply voltage tolerance: +/- 10% (adjustable) Bypass supply frequency tolerance: +/- 5% (adjustable) Efficiency up to 98%

10 RPA Redundant Parallel Architecture
LP Series is a cost effective and reliable UPS system, using proven technology To increase system reliability more units can be connected in parallel with GE‘s unique RPA concept RPA features Up to 4 units in parallel Any UPS able to be the logic leader Decentralized bypass No single point of failure Utility Supply To critical load

11 Back feed protection back feed protection DC AC DC AC
Static Bypass Bypass AC DC Mains DC AC Load Rectifier Inverter Back feed protection: preventing feedback to the mains from the inverter in case of mains failure and a fault in the bypass circuit It provides a safer environment for end users and engineers GE provides back feed protection as a standard. Others as option Backfeed protection is mandatory according to EN (UPS safety)

12 Performance Specification
Input THDI <10% (<5% Option) Input PF 0,98 Output PF 0,8 Output THDU (linear load) 2% Output THDU (non-linear load) 3% Voltage regulation static +/-1% Dynamic response (load %) +/-3% Noise dB(A) <60/65 dB(A) Efficiency % Cabinet Dimensions 40-60 kVA CE WxHxD 600x1400x725mm 80 kVA CE WxHxD 600x1800x725mm kVA CE WxHxD 725x1800x725mm Best in Class for Performance

13 Electro Magnetic Compatibility IEC 62040-2 Class A
Emission All electronic equipment emits electromagnetic waves through cables (conducted) and air (radiated) Immunity All electronic equipment is sensitive for electromagnetic waves. These waves can disturb the function of this equipment Electro Magnetic Compatibility Different types of equipment (all emitting electromagnetic waves) can work properly even when installed close to each other. They are compatible IEC is a standard that defines the limits of maximum allowable levels of emission of electromagnetic disturbances for UPS systems This certifies the proper functionality of a UPS system and other equipment close to in the environment

14 Electro Magnetic Compatibility IEC 62040-2 Class A
LP 33 complies to IEC Class A Input Output Class A level EMI is a key issue in broadcasting, telecom and other applications where electromagnetic interference exists or needs to be prevented

15 Highly competitive footprint
Best in Class

16 Service access via front only
Multi Side Access Required Footprint* UPS : 580 x 750 = sqm Operational : 1925 x 1200 = 2.31 sqm UPS needs 600mm on all sides for access Front Access Only (GE) UPS : 600 x 725 = sqm Operational : 600 x 1325 = sqm UPS 1925 750 580 1200 UPS 725 1325 Front access reduces operational footprint with 65% 600 *Based on 60-80kVA compared to competitor with smallest footprint

17 Interfacing Features RPA option SNMP Interface (optional)
Customer interface card (optional) RS 232 / EPO Potential free contacts 4x Manual bypass I/O Terminals Optional: MODBUS RTU Interface (RS232 or RS485) Optional customer interface card with 6 programmable potential free contacts and Genset on contact

18 Highlights Front & Top access Low Input Current THD (<5%)
High Input Power Factor (>0.98) High efficiency ECO Mode RPA with decentralized bypass Smallest footprint in market Standard backfeed protection


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