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Past Simple.

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1 Past Simple

2 USE OF THE PAST SIMPLE We use the past simple to describe finished actions or situations in the past.

3 FORM OF THE PAST SIMPLE Regular Verbs Irregular Verbs
We have to study them as they have special forms in the past. eat-ate speak-spoke have-had We add –ed in all persons. talk-talked play-played

4 AFFIRMATIVE I played I ate You played You ate He/she/it played
We played They played I ate You ate He/she/it ate We ate They ate

5 NEGATIVE In the negative form we use did not or didn’t and the verb in the present form. I did not (didn’t) play You did not (didn’t) play He/she/it did not (didn’t) play We did not (didn’t) play They did not (didn’t) play I did not (didn’t) eat You did not (didn’t) eat He/she/it did not (didn’t) eat We did not (didn’t) eat They did not (didn’t) eat

6 INTERROGATIVE Did I play? Did I eat? Did you play? Did you eat?
In the interrogative form we use did and the question mark at the end ? and again the verb in the present form. Did I play? Did you play? Did he/she/it play? Did we play? Did they play? Did I eat? Did you eat? Did he/she/it eat? Did we eat? Did they eat?

7 SHORT ANSWERS Did you play? Yes, I did/ No, I didn’t Did she eat?
Yes, she did/ No, she didn’t Did they study? Yes, they did/ No, they didn’t

8 SPELLING RULES with the Regular Verbs
Regular verbs ending in –e, add d only: like – liked arrive - arrived Regular verb with one syllable, with a single vowel and ending in a single consonant, double the final consonant: stop - stopped rob - robbed Regular verbs ending in a consonant + -y, change the –y into i and add ed: Study – studied cry -cried However regular verbs ending in a vowel + -y, add ed: Play – played stay -stayed

9 PRONUNCIATION OF THE -ED in the Regular Verbs
We pronounce: /id/ when the verb ends in –t, -d or in the sound /t/ or /d/ exist-existed attend-attended decide–decided hate–hated invite–invited rent-rented shout-shouted In the other cases we pronounce:/t/ or /d/ and it doesn’t matter if you pronounce /t/ or /d/:: clean- cleaned close- closed dance–danced like–liked live–lived love-loved play-played

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