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Regular Past Pronunciation

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1 Regular Past Pronunciation

2 Regular Past Pronunciation
The past simple tense and past participle of all regular verbs end in -ed. For example: Verb (infinitive) Past simple Past participle work worked

3 Regular Past Pronunciation
In addition, many adjectives are made from the past participle and so end in -ed. Eg. I like painted furniture. How do we pronounce the -ed? In 3 ways - /Id/ or / t/ or / d/

4 /Id/ decide want start wait visit invite /Id/

5 /t/ or /d/

6 Let’s practice worked walked liked wanted washed loved missed answered
looked helped called asked opened waited smiled played visited changed started tempted learned wanted lived happened

7 An easy way to remember how to pronounce ED
The most important thing to remember is that there are two main divisions. Do you know which ones?

8 An easy way to remember how to pronounce ED
1. words whose last letter is end T or D - the ED is pronounced as a syllable /id/ 2. the REST of the words you can pronounce the ED as /t/ or /d/ and people will understand. In time you will learn when to pronounce the ED as /t/ or /d/.

9 BBC Learning English Listening


11 BBC

12 Speaking

13 Ask and Answer the following questions
Your teacher will give you a worksheet. In pairs, ask and answer all the questions affirmatively using the regular past tense. Pay special attention to the pronunciation of the verbs.


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