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The Past Simple 4º E.S.O. Grupo DONOS 2008.

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1 The Past Simple 4º E.S.O. Grupo DONOS 2008

2 Affirmative Form Regular verbs add –ed Irregular verbs: second column
eg. play – played Spelling rules: Verbs ending [-e] add [-d ] e.g. love –loved Verbs ending cons+vowel+cons double the second consonant e.g. stop – stopped. Verbs ending [cons-y] [-ied] , verbs ending [vowel-y] [-yed] Irregular verbs: second column be was/were been get got got speak spoke spoken

3 Negative Form Subject + DIDN’T + verb (infinitive)
e.g. She didn’t have breakfast Now practise... Go to school She didn’t go to school Speak to Dodger She didn’t speak to Dodger

4 Question Form (Wh-) + DID + subject + Verb (infinitive)?
What /Vicky / buy / in the market? What did Vicky buy in the market? When / Vicky / go to bed? When did Vicky go to bed?

5 Short Answers AFFIRMATIVE: Yes, subject pronoun + DID
e.g. Yes, he / she / I did. NEGATIVE: No, subject pronoun + DIDN’T e.g. No, he / she / I didn’t

6 Make questions and answers using the prompts and the information from the texts GET UP
What time/ Amy…? Q- What time did Amy get up? A- She got up at 6. What time / Luke…? Q- What time did Luke get up? A- He got up at 7.

7 HAVE BREAKFAST What / Amy…? Q- What did Amy have for breakfast?
A- She had bread and water. Luke…? Q- Did Luke have breakfast? A- Yes, he did.

8 GO TO SCHOOL Where / Luke /go…? Q- Where did Luke go?
A- He went to school. How…? Q- How did he go to school? A- He went by bus. Amy..? Q- Did Amy go to school? A- No, she didn’t.

9 Now practise inventing answers for the following questions.
(Creativity is warmly welcome...)

10 What time did he wake up yesterday?

11 What happened to him?

12 What did he do in the morning?

13 What did she tell him?

14 Who did she write to?

15 Who did she think of?

16 What did he do last evening?

17 How many words did they spell?

18 What did she smell?

19 Did he send a letter?

20 Did he sell a computer?

21 What did they do yesterday morning?

22 What happened when you were having a shower?

23 Did he watch TV at night?

24 Where did he hide?

25 Did she find her cat?

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