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Emergency Evacuation Zayed University, Dubai Campus.

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1 Emergency Evacuation Zayed University, Dubai Campus

2 SCOPE  Purpose and Objectives of Evacuation Procedures  Assembly Points  Standard Fire Procedures: Immediate Response Priorities  Evacuation Sequence  Tasks: Emergency Response Team Members  Tasks:  Emergency Coordinator  Fire Wardens  Security Personnel  Assembly Point Coordinator  Securing workstation/ Office Close Down Procedures


4 Objectives of Emergency Planning  To ensure the minimizing of injuries and the saving of lives in cases of emergency;  To ensure proper procedures are followed in any emergency situation;  To ensure that all persons with disabilities, including staff, clients and visitors, are assisted and accounted for during an evacuation.  To ensure protection of University property and assets;  To ensure the maintenance and support of activities for responding to emergency situations;

5 Objectives of Emergency Planning (Cont.)  To indicate what should be done if a fire is discovered or there is a warning of a fire;  To stipulate personnel comprising the Emergency Response Team (ERT) in the building;  To stipulate the duties and responsibilities of ERT members appointed to supervise the evacuation;  To stipulate how occupants are accounted for during an evacuation: evacuate the building promptly to the respective assembly points.

6 Immediate Response Priorities  Safety of lives is always the first priority;  Report the Incident;  Render medical assistance if necessary;  If the alarm rings, follow evacuation procedures;  Once the building has been evacuated, do not return until the “All Clear” has been given.

7 STANDARD FIRE PROCEDURES  If you discover a fire, DO NOT PANIC.  Remove anyone from immediate danger; this means from the room/ office of origin or in the immediate vicinity of the fire, if it is safe to do so;  If the fire is small and contained, locate the nearest fire extinguisher and use it (if you know how to use it);  Locate the nearest fire alarm/ break glass point and activate it.  Dial the Emergency Coordinator or the Security Officer on the nearest telephone and inform them of the exact location of the fire.

8 STANDARD FIRE PROCEDURES (Cont.)  Close the door of the room of origin, without taking personal risks;  Alert people in the surrounding offices;  Leave the building by the nearest emergency exits;  DO NOT try to use the elevators as a means of leaving the building;  Report to the Assembly Point Coordinator.

9 EVACUATION SEQUENCE  Fire Alarm is activated  Alarm is verified by Security Officer/Control Room Operator  In case of a real fire, the evacuation alarm is activated and rings throughout the building  Fire Wardens and Security Personnel commence evacuating the staff – each fire warden responsible for his/her own area  Staff/ students/ visitors must leave the building immediately upon the sounding of the alarm – using fire exits

10 EVACUATION SEQUENCE (Cont.)  Fire Wardens and Security Staff must double-check their areas of responsibility;  After double-checking, leave the building and report at the Assembly Point;  Staff/ students/ visitors must leave the building immediately upon the sounding of the alarm, using fire exits;  Fire Wardens and Security Staff must double-check their areas of responsibility;  After double-checking, leave the building and report at the Assembly Point.

11 TASKS: EMERGENCY COORDINATOR, FIRE WARDENS AND SECURITY PERSONNEL  If a Fire Alarm is activated  Immediately silence the alarm  Ascertain, from fire panel, the exact location of alarm  Inform Security / Fire Wardens  Security Officer / Fire Wardens investigate  Emergency Coordinator remains at Reception/Control Room/ Fire Alarm Control Panel  Security / Fire Wardens report whether it is a false alarm or a real fire  False alarm – reset fire alarm control panel

12 TASKS: EMERGENCY COORDINATOR, FIRE WARDENS AND SECURITY PERSONNEL  Actual fire – determine seriousness  Put out the fire using extinguishers  Call 997  Note detail down  If it is serious – Emergency Coordinator sounds the “EVACUATION ALARM”  Evacuate the building

13 REPORT TO “997” Sample  Nature of the emergency:Fire, bomb threat, etc.  Your Name: Zayed University – Andy Brown  Address: Academic City – area, Dubai  Call Back Number: Control Room Number and mobile number of Emergency Coordinator.  Extent of the Fire: Fire out of control on 4th Floor, spreading rapidly.  Entry Points: From ------- Street – Main Entrance, dry riser inlet behind building.  Parking: Park in front of building.

14 RECORD OF DETAILS  REMAIN AT RECEPTION/CONTROL ROOM/ FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANEL AND RECORD THE FOLLOWING DETAILS:  Time of activation  Location of activation  Time security investigated the alarm  Time the alarm was confirmed / false alarm  Time the Fire Brigade was informed  Time the Fire Brigade arrived  Time the Police arrived  All actions taken  Time the “All Clear” was given  Time the alarm was reset

15 TASKS: SECURITY PERSONNEL Security Officer goes to area of alarm and investigates Notify Emergency Coordinator of findings:  False alarm  Small fire on 5 th floor – extinguished with fire extinguisher  Big fire in back area of office – out of control, must evacuate If it is a false alarm – remain in the area and reconfirm If “EVACUATION ALARM” is activated – assist the Fire Wardens to evacuate the building Bring the elevators down to the Ground Floor and switch off Security Officers to remain at Entrances to prevent people from entering the building Assist Fire Wardens in double-checking their areas of responsibility Assist the Fire Brigade, if requested Report to the “Assembly Point”

16 TASKS: FIRE WARDENS Inspect Fire Fighting Equipment in your area of responsibility on a daily basis If the fire is in your area of responsibility – go to the affected area and take control  Small fire – extinguish  Big fire - report If a false alarm – remain in the area and reconfirm If “EVACUATION ALARM” is activated – evacuate your area of responsibility Double-check your area of responsibility Keep the Emergency Coordinator informed Ground Floor Fire Warden – ensure a Security Officer at the Main Entrance Assist the Fire Brigade, when necessary Report to the “Assembly Point”

17 TASKS: ASSEMBLY POINT COORDINATOR Ensure you have a complete list of all the personnel working in the Branch/ building Appoint assistants in case of a big building like this one In case of an “Evacuation Alarm”, immediately proceed to the “Assembly Point” Take control at the “Assembly Point” Hold a “Roll Call” at the “Assembly Point” Ensure everybody is accounted for If somebody is not accounted for, inform the Emergency Coordinator  Who the missing person is  Where does the person work  Where he/she was seen the last time Try to locate the missing person – might not be at work Keep passing on all relevant information to the Emergency Coordinator

18 ADDITIONAL TASKS - ERT Switch off all non-essential utilities; Switch off the air-conditioning to prevent smoke from getting to other offices; Assist security-officers in switching off the elevators

19 SECURING WORK STATION (TIME PERMITTING) Switch off all electrical appliances, e.g.:  Computers  Calculators  Photocopiers  Computer Terminals Clear all lose papers from your desk Close all filling cabinets and cupboards Close all windows Switch off air-conditioning units Switch off the lights Leave the office, closing the door behind you Report to the “Assembly Point”

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