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Crisis Plan Jeopardy FIREShelter in Place Bomb Threat TornadoIntruder/ Lockdown 100 001 00 100 200 300 400 500 200 300 400 500.

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1 Crisis Plan Jeopardy FIREShelter in Place Bomb Threat TornadoIntruder/ Lockdown 100 001 00 100 200 300 400 500 200 300 400 500

2 When the fire alarm rings, the students and staff will immediately exit the building. How do you know where to go?

3 You need to use the exit denoted on the fire evacuation plan. This map is located in your classrooms and a copy should be in your “Grab and Go” bags.

4 What should you do if your designated exit is blocked?

5 The staff should escort students to the nearest alternate exit.

6 When the last student exits the classroom during the fire drill, what should the teacher check when leaving the room?

7 Make sure all classroom windows and doors are closed. Turn of the lights when leaving the room. Teachers should take the “Grab and Go” Bag, grade book and class roster.

8 After exiting the classroom, should the teacher lock the classroom door?.

9 NO! Classroom doors should be left unlocked.

10 Students should be evacuated at least 500 feet from the school and out of the fire department’s way. The teacher takes attendance. The teacher then needs to hold up the green card or red card to signify what?

11 Green Card means that all students are accounted for. Red Card means someone is missing or there is another emergency issue.

12 What is the initiation announcement for Shelter in Place?

13 Staff we are to evacuate to your designated “Shelter in Place”.

14 Where do teachers take their students for Shelter in Place? Once they are in their designated place, when can they leave?

15 Teachers will take their classes to the gym. Once everyone is inside the shelter in place, all exterior doors will be secured. Remain in the shelter –in-place. Do not leave until officials confirm it is safe to evacuate the building

16 What is the initiation announcement for a Bomb Threat?

17 Attention teachers and staff, we will now practice the safe evacuation of the school building?

18 There are six important procedures that the teacher should know for a Bomb Threat. What are they?

19 1.Tell students to turn off all cellular phones and pagers. 2.If time permits, students can gather personal belongings like purses and jackets. All book bags should be left in the classroom. 3.Teacher should virtually sweep the classroom. The teacher should not touch suspicious items or the light switch. 4.Teachers take the Grab and Go Bag, student roster and attendance chart 5.All student personal belongings should be left at a distance of 200 feet from the building. 6.All classroom doors should be left open and unlocked.

20 The teacher leaves the green card to signify safe conditions or a red card to signify suspicious conditions. Can the teacher allow students to renter the room or go outside the designated evacuation area?

21 NO! Do not allow anyone to reenter the building or go anywhere besides the designated evacuation area. You must await further instructions from administration on the order to reoccupy the building or further dismissal to new evacuation site off campus.

22 What is the initiation announcement for a tornado drill?

23 Attention teachers and staff, we will now move to our Inclement Weather Safe Shelter Locations.

24 What should students do during a tornado drill?

25 Students should assume the “drop and tuck” position which is to kneel or crouch on their knees and elbows with their head between their knees and their hands clasped over the back of their heads.

26 When students are evacuated to the hallways, can they be near windows or doors?

27 NO! Stay away from the windows and large open rooms like gyms and auditoriums.

28 Can the classes in the trailers stay outside?.

29 NO! These classes must come inside. Teachers need to consult the Tornado Safety Poster which is located in your classroom to see what area to bring your class to.

30 When can the students return to their classrooms during the Tornado Drill?

31 Teachers must keep the students assembled in the “drop and tuck” positions and remain in the shelter area until emergency personnel has issued an all-clear signal.

32 What is the initiation signal for an Intruder/Lockdown drill?

33 Code Red: “Students and staff, we are in a CODE RED. Please lockdown immediately by taking appropriate actions.”

34 What steps must the teacher immediately take during an Intruder/Lockdown drill?

35 1.Move all students, staff, and identified visitors into the nearest classroom, office, or secure room. 2.Lock all interior and exterior doors 3.Have students crouch down and remain quiet. Students who are physically unable to crouch down can use a low chair. 4.Students in wheelchairs remain in their wheelchairs. 5.Utilize Red, Green, and Blue Card procedures. 6.Use all movable furniture as a buffer between students and doors/windows.

36 Teachers utilize Red, Green, and Blue Card procedures by placing the cards in the door window or under the door. They also need to place a card on the exterior window. What do the different colors represent?

37 GREEN CARD: Everything is safe. RED CARD: Emergency Assistance is needed ASAP. BLUE CARD: Assistance required for a student with a disability.

38 What do emergency responders assume when no card is displayed?

39 When NO CARD is displayed, emergency responders will assume that an intruder is in or near the classroom and a law enforcement emergency response team will enter that area. A LOCKDOWN SIGN must be posted at the main entrance of the school.

40 If the lockdown occurs during lunch or change of classes, what must you ensure should take place?

41 Students in the CAFETERIA must remain in the cafeteria. Cafeteria doors are to be shut and move students away from the windows to the storage room in the back of the cafeteria. Students in the COURTYARD AREA behind the library should be directed to the shelter in place area in the nearest trailer. During a CLASS CHANGE students should be directed immediately to the nearest classroom. Once the classroom is secured, the teacher should record the names of all students in his or her room and continue to follow lockdown procedures.

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