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Fire Marshal & Medical Emergency Training Please Sign In

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1 Fire Marshal & Medical Emergency Training Please Sign In
October 20, 2010

2 99 High Street Management Team
Bruce Clifford-General Manager Michael McGloin- Operations Manager Pauline McDonagh-Property Manager Peter Gawlik-Chief Engineer Michael Hayward-Director of Security

The following information is intended to train and familiarize floor personnel about the FIRE ALARM PROCEDURES and MEDICAL EMERGENCY PROCEDURES for 99 High Street.


5 What to do if you see a fire
If a fire is discovered, regardless of the size, take the following action: Activate the pull station if an alarm has not sounded Call to notify the front desk of the location of the fire. First priority safe and orderly evacuation. Fire Extinguishers are located at all stairwells and outside freight elevator. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS! The elevator shafts may be subject to smoke contamination or mechanical failure. ONCE THE FIRE DEPARTMENT IS ONSITE, THEY ARE IN CHARGE OF THE BUILDING. FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTION.

6 What you will see and hear in the event of a fire alarm
In the event of fire alarm activation a pre-warning tone will sound followed by a voice announcement throughout the building. This message will be repeated three (3) times. Strobes and evacuation tone will activate on the floor in alarm as well as the floor above and floor below. If the evacuation tone sounds on your floor YOU MUST EVACUATE using the STAIRWELLS. Only occupants on affected floors should evacuate. All other floors should await further instructions.

7 What to do in the event of a fire
REMAIN CALM It is the responsibility of the Fire Marshals to direct the occupants to nearest point of egress. Should evacuation of a floor or the building be necessary, take the following actions: Go to the emergency stairwells located on either end of the east and west building's High Street corridor. Proceed down to the main lobby. Should a problem exist in the stairwell , go to the alternate stairwell and proceed to the ground floor egress. Stay to the right side of the stairwell and go down in single file. (Fire fighters will use the left side for equipment and transit.) Exit from the building at the ground floor level through the main lobby. Tenant Floor Marshals should inform security as to the status of their floor and meet at their company’s predetermined meeting area outside and away from 99 High Street. EXIT IMMEDIATELY DO NOT CONGREGATE IN THE LOBBY.. In the event of a building emergency, do not attempt to access the garage.

8 Fire Equipment Locations
Each floor has three (3) cabinets equipped with a portable fire extinguisher. A cabinet is located at each EXIT door to the egress stairwells on the High Street side of the building and one to the right of the door of the service elevator lobby. Fire Hoses are located on some floors but are for Fire department use only do not attempt to use them. Each floor is also equipped with two (2) pull stations. They can be found next to each stairwell entrance on the High Street side of the building.

9 Tenant Requirements The following should also be considered when formulating your own internal procedures: Each full floor tenant should appoint at least four (4) Floor Marshals, whose responsibility is to be aware of the locations of pull stations, stairwells, points of egress, and fire equipment, Formulate and direct fire emergency procedures for their firm's employees. Two (2) alternates should also be appointed, in case of absence.

10 Egress Stairwell, Fire Extinguishers and Pull Stations locations on floors.
1 2

11 Lobby Egress Plan Loading Dock

12 Tenant Requirements Floor diagrams (showing fire alarms, fire control equipment and tenant fire extinguishers) and written procedures should be prepared and distributed to each employee. Fire drills should be conducted by each tenant - indicating the point of assembly near the stairwell doors (means of egress/fire exit). All new employees should be familiar with the buildings Fire, Life Safety procedures. Please contact our Director of Security and he will be happy to assist you in this process.

13 Tenant Requirements Do you have an up-to-date list of physically challenged people or temporarily disabled people? Do you have a central designated meeting point for these individuals? Has this list been given to the Property Management Office? This list will be provided to the Boston Fire Department and posted in the FCC. Tenant Fire Marshals are responsible for assisting these individuals in the event of an emergency.

14 Tenant Requirements Employees should be encouraged to report fire hazards such as: Blocked stairwells, tenant corridors, and egress passageways. Improper storage of combustibles. Excess accumulation of trash or paper debris.

15 Tenant Requirements Additional fire extinguishers should be installed near high hazard areas such as copy centers, lounges/kitchens, etc.

16 Fire Marshal Requirements
In the event of an emergency and the building must be evacuated. What are you required to do? Fire Marshal should seek out who needs assistance and make sure they are in their predetermined location to meet with Fire/Emergency Personnel Evacuate everyone off the floor Make notes as to who will not leave or cannot leave Report to the Front desk who will not leave or cannot leave. Go to your predetermined location and take a head count. Report head count to building management at 99 High Street


18 Medical Emergency Procedures
If you have a MEDICAL EMERGENCY, take the following actions: Call 911 and give them the following information:  Location of the building (99 High Street). Floor Number Type of Medical Emergency Information on the individual (age, race, any known medical history, etc.)  Get assistance in having the main entrance to your space and the elevators areas free of any obstructions. Notify Security Desk ( )

19 Upon the Arrival of the Emergency Medical Technicians
Building Security will direct the Emergency Medical Technicians to the Floor of the Medical Emergency. Within your space: Fire Marshal will meet EMS in the lobby vestibule on the floor of incident to escort them to the exact location of the person needing attention. Assist with keeping the area free of obstructions or non-essential employees. Assist with the evacuation of the Medical Emergency if requested by the Emergency Medical Technicians. Assist the Building Management Office in completing a medical incident report.

20 Personal information to share ~ if you choose…
It important for medical technicians to know. If this person is on any medication? Pre existing medical conditions? Emergency contacts These are life saving answers to a medical professional on the scene that will save precious time in saving a life.

Thank you for your participation Please contact the Management Office with additional questions.

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