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Crisis Action Plan Troy University Police Department Dothan Campus.

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2 Crisis Action Plan Troy University Police Department Dothan Campus

3 Types of Crises Severe Weather FireEvacuation Suspicious Object Suspicious Person or Suspicious Vehicle Unusual Behavior Medical Emergency Active Shooter

4 Weather Emergencies Tornado Warning –An announcement will be made ordering all persons to safe areas –These areas are marked in each building –Remain in the refuge area until the storm has passes and an all clear is sounded –Stay away from glass and open areas such as the rotunda or exterior rooms

5 Refuge Areas Adams Hall, First Floor near the elevator Malone Hall, Records – Admissions, First Floor Bathrooms, First Floor Near the Switchboard Library Tech Building, Interior hallways away from the Rotunda or Exterior Doors If outside shelter in a low spot such as ditch but be alert for flash flooding

6 Refuge Area

7 Refuge Areas

8 Interior Hallways Away from Doors

9 Fires If smoke is smelled or observed, alert others in your area to evacuate Do not use an elevator Assist those handicapped As you evacuate pull the nearest fire alarm Call 911 and report the fire Call Security at 334 685-1185 and report the fire Only use a fire extinguisher if you are trained and the fire is small

10 Evacuation The evacuation assembly area for fires is in the North One Parking Lot For other evacuations you may be directed by Security to a specific locale Security has a stair chair to remove the mobility impaired during a power failure from the upper floors of buildings Notify Security at 334 685-1185 if evacuation assistance is needed

11 Fire Evacuation Assembly Point

12 Suspicious Object If an unusual object such as a package, box, briefcase, or book bag attracts your attention, or looks out of place, or lost –Call Security at 334 685-1185 –Describe the item –Describe its location –Describe why it looks odd –Do not approach or examine the object

13 Suspicious Person or Suspicious Vehicle If a person or vehicle attracts your attention, and the person or circumstances appear odd or unusual, you should: –Call Security at 334 685-1185 –Report the location –Report a description of the person or vehicle involved –Report what attracted your attention, or appears odd, or appears unusual

14 Unusual Behavior Reporting To the Behavioral Intervention Team Any violation of University Policy by students, faculty, or staff, that presents a hazard or threat to others Disruptive individuals Any threats toward any person or property Unusual behavior which is indicative of a potential mental health issue Any person who appears depressed

15 What to Report Any mention of suicide (follow the suicide protocol) Ongoing disputes regarding –Grades, papers, or dissertations –Working conditions –Interpersonal disputes –Domestic disputes –Disputes off campus in which the student, faculty, or staff member might be a target while on campus

16 Where to Report Online at Dean of Student Services 334 983-6556 Extension 1206 Counselor 334 983-6556 Extension 1417 Switchboard 334 983-6556 University Police 334 983-6556 Ext 1313 For emergencies 334 685-1185

17 Medical Emergencies If a person is down or has what appears to be a serious medical condition –Call 911 –Call Security at 334 685-1185 AEDs are available in each building Malone Hall near the switchboard Adams Hall on second and fourth floors near the east entry or elevator Library Technology Building in the Break Area

18 Gunshots Fired or a Weapon is Observed Lock the door Turn off the lights Take cover behind desks or walls Stay out of sight and Stay Quiet Silence cellular telephones One person call 911 and report what is occurring and your room location 911 may be overloaded, call 334 983-6556 the Switchboard, or 334-677-4808 Sheriff

19 Active Shooter Continued Use direct pressure to control bleeding Do not open the door until told to do so by the 911 operator Do not leave unless you are certain you can do so safely Police will stop the shooter first and then render aid and evacuate victims If confronted by police, follow the commands, keep your hands visible, you may be handcuffed

20 Questions Please contact the Dean of Student Services at extension 204 Or University Police at extension 313

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