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Mr. DeLauder (Mr. D) F 128. Mr. DeLauder  This is my 8th year teaching 4 th grade.  I have taught 4 th grade previously at Berry Elementary School 

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1 Mr. DeLauder (Mr. D) F 128

2 Mr. DeLauder  This is my 8th year teaching 4 th grade.  I have taught 4 th grade previously at Berry Elementary School  I have lived in Charles County all of my life  How old do you think I am?  I enjoy playing my guitar, any activity with my wife and outside activities.

3 Our Classroom Rules ?

4 Consequences  There are no warnings in 4 th grade!!!  If you are not following the rules you will move your ball  First Offense (B)  10 minutes off recess  Second Offense (C)  15 minutes off recess  Third Offense (D)  Note home  Fourth Offense (E)  Level II referral, and a phone call home.

5 Obeying the Rules  You have all of your recess  There will be rewards (eating lunch with Mr. D, extra recess)  Pencils  Special Privileges

6 Entering the Room in the Morning…  Come into the room quietly  Unpack your bookbag  Hand in all important notes  Sharpen two pencils  Begin your writing work

7 How I will get your Attention:  I will…  Stand in the front of the classroom silently.  When you see this… Get silent immediately!! This means it is time to look at me and listen to what I am going to say.

8 Classroom Sign Language:  Sharpen your pencil – Hold it in the air  I will either nod “yes,” which means you may sharpen it or I will shake my head “no,” which means you need to wait until I am finished talking.  Water – 3 Fingers in a “W”  Same as above  Bathroom – Thumb is placed under your first finger  Same as above  Trash – Hold it in the air  Same as above  Tissue – Cover your nose with your hand  Same as above

9 Bathroom  Be sure to sign out on the sign out sheet located by my desk.  Be sure to put the date and time  Sign back in when you return

10 Leaving for Specials  I will call you by table or row to line up.  When called you will:  Stand up QUIETLY  Push in your chair  Walk to your place in line  Stand in line QUIETLY  You will face forward while keeping all body parts to yourself

11 Walking in the Hallway  We will walk QUIETLY down the hallway  We will walk on the first white square  You will face forward at all times  There is NO talking or noise in the hallway  You will keep your hands and feet to yourself  We DO NOT lean on the wall

12 Snack  We have a late lunch so you are responsible for bringing your own snack each day  Your snack must be a small healthy snack  Examples: Piece of fruit, trail mix, bag of carrots, celery sticks  Absolutely No Candy, fruit roll-ups or Pop- Tarts.

13 Water  You may bring a water bottle in and keep it in the classroom at your desk  If you abuse this privilege, you will not be allowed to bring in a water bottle.  At any time throughout the school year, I may take away this privilege.

14 Lunch  We will line up in line order  We will walk to the cafeteria following the “Walking in the Hallway” procedure  You will wait in line for your lunch  You will keep your hands and feet to yourself  If you are not following these rules you will have to move to the end of the line  There is a mandatory quiet time at the beginning and end of lunch  You will dump your trays and wait in line SILENTLY  If not, you will move your ball and owe recess

15 Recess  You will line up with your class, in line order, in ONE line  You will face forward and wait quietly to be called to go to recess  The quietest class is always called first  When the whistle blows 3 times, you will line back up QUIETLY in number order

16 Dismissal  We have SSR while we pack up at the end of the day  You will get your book out and read until your table is called  You will pack up and then continue reading until called to line up

17 I am finished, now what?  When you are finished with an assignment, you may:  Read a book  Write in your writing journal  Complete work that you have not finished  You should never be sitting at your seat with nothing  You are not allowed to draw unless the drawing is an illustration in your writing journal.

18 Absent or Tardiness  If you come in late  Please collect the work off your desk.  Place your name on all the papers  You may work on these assignments if you have time throughout the day  If you are absent  Your work will be in a folder for you or at your desk.  Please complete ALL of your papers in the folder  Turn in the ENTIRE folder when you are finished  Your work counts toward your grade!!!!

19 You should always…  Follow our classroom rules, procedures, and guidelines.  Be prepared to learn.  Be prepared for class. Bring with you to class everyday your pencil/pen, paper, notebook, and silent reading book.  Read your silent reading book during silent reading.  Ask questions!!!! There is no such things as silly questions.  Be courteous and respectful to your fellow classmates.  Use Black or Blue ink only.  Use lined paper. Make sure that you have loose leaf paper.

20 Grading Scale  90-100%A Outstanding Progress  80-89%B Above Average  70-79%C Average Progress  60-69%D Below Average Progress  0-59%E Failure

21 How should I head my paper?  Mr. DeLauder Date  Assignment  You will always use looseleaf paper and a pencil  The holes are always on the left side

22 Turning in papers  Work completed together:  I will tell you to pass your papers to the front quietly  Or I will have a student collect your papers  Work Completed Independently:  You will need to place the paper in the appropriate basket facing the correct direction  Any work not put in the basket will not be graded

23 If you are not finished…  Place your work somewhere safe, so you remember where it is. You should have a “work in progress” folder.  When you have completed other assignments, you may work on this  Any work not completed, will be taken out to recess  Place your work in the appropriate basket

24 Homework:  It is your responsibility to complete ALL of your homework  Math:  You have homework every night (except Fridays)  It is factored into your grade!  Reading:  Monthly Book Reports  Drops 1 letter grade every day it is late  Spelling  Weekly Contract  Lose 5 points for every day it is late

25 Projector Screen & Blinds  You are not allowed to pull down or put up the screen, so DON’T ASK!  I am the only person allowed to touch the screen  You are not responsible for closing or opening the blinds, so don’t do it  If the light is bothering you, raise your hand and tell me  Do not get out of your seat to close the door  If it is too loud in the hallway, ask me to close it

26 Classroom Library  You are allowed to read books from our classroom library  The books should always be in the bag on the back of your chair unless you are reading it.  You should only have ONE book out at a time  You can browse the books, but please put them back neatly  There are no more than 2 people at each bookshelf  The books NEVER go home!

27 Get ready for a successful 4 th grade year!!

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