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Welcome to 4 th Grade! Mr. DeLauder (Mr. D) F 128.

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1 Welcome to 4 th Grade! Mr. DeLauder (Mr. D) F 128

2 Mr. DeLauder n This is my 7th year teaching 4 th grade. n I have taught 4 th grade previously at Berry Elementary School n I have lived in Charles County all of my life n How old do you think I am? n I enjoy playing my guitar and anything done outside.

3 Our Classroom Rules n Always be respectful to others n Raise your hand to get my attention n Follow all daily procedures n Be safe at all times n Try your hardest at all assignments

4 Consequences n There are no warnings in 4 th grade!!! n If you are not following the rules you will move your ball –First Offense (B) n 10 minutes off recess –Second Offense (C) n 15 minutes off recess –Third Offense (D) n Note home –Fourth Offense (E) n Level II referral, and a phone call home.

5 Obeying the Rules n You have all of your recess n You have all of your recess n There will be rewards (eating lunch with Mr. D, extra recess) n Pencils n Special Privileges

6 Entering the Room in the Morning… n Come into the room quietly n Make your lunch choice FIRST!!! n Unpack your bookbag n Hand in all important notes n Sharpen two pencils n Begin your morning work

7 How I will get your Attention: n I will… n Stand in the front of the classroom silently. n When you see this… Get silent immediately!! This means it is time to look at me and listen to what I am going to say.

8 Classroom Sign Language: n Sharpen your pencil – Hold it in the air –I will either nod yes, which means you may sharpen it or I will shake my head no, which means you need to wait until I am finished talking. n Water – 3 Fingers in a W –Same as above n Bathroom – Thumb is placed under your first finger –Same as above n Trash – Hold it in the air –Same as above n Tissue – Cover your nose with your hand –Same as above

9 Bathroom n n Be sure to sign out on the sign out sheet located in the yellow folder by the door. n n Be sure to put the date and time n n Sign back in when you return

10 Leaving for Specials n I will call you by table or row to line up. n When called you will: –Stand up QUIETLY –Push in your chair –Walk to your place in line –Stand in line QUIETLY –You will face forward while keeping all body parts to yourself

11 Walking in the Hallway n We will walk QUIETLY down the hallway n We will walk on the first white square n You will face forward at all times n There is NO talking or noise in the hallway n You will keep your hands and feet to yourself n We DO NOT lean on the wall

12 Snack n n We have a late lunch so you are responsible for bringing your own snack each day n n Your snack must be a small healthy snack n n Examples: Piece of fruit, trail mix, bag of carrots, celery sticks n n Absolutely No Candy, fruit roll-ups Pop- Tarts or chips.

13 Water n n You may bring a water bottle in and keep it in the classroom at your desk n n If you abuse this privilege, you will not be allowed to bring in a water bottle. n n At any time throughout the school year, I may take away this privilege.

14 Lunch n We will line up in line order n We will walk to the cafeteria following the Walking in the Hallway procedure n You will wait in line for your lunch –You will keep your hands and feet to yourself –If you are not following these rules you will have to move to the end of the line n There is a mandatory quiet time at the beginning and end of lunch –You will dump your trays and wait in line SILENTLY n If not, you will move your ball and owe recess

15 Recess n You will line up with your class, in line order, in ONE line n You will face forward and wait quietly to be called to go to recess –The quietest class is always called first n When the whistle blows 3 times, you will line back up QUIETLY in number order

16 Dismissal n We have SSR while we pack up at the end of the day n You will get your book out and read until your table is called n You will pack up and then continue reading until called to line up

17 I am finished, now what? n When you are finished with an assignment, you may: –Read a book –Write in your writing journal –Complete a worksheet from the Extra Practice bin –Complete work that you have not finished n You should never be sitting at your seat with nothing n You are not allowed to draw

18 Absent or Tardiness n If you come in late –Please collect the work off your desk. –Place your name on all the papers –You may work on these assignments if you have time throughout the day n If you are absent –Your work will be in a folder for you or at your desk. –Please complete ALL of your papers in the folder –Turn in the ENTIRE folder when you are finished –Your work counts toward your grade!!!!

19 You should always… n Follow our classroom rules, procedures, and guidelines. n Be prepared to learn. n Be prepared for class. Bring with you to class everyday your pencil/pen, paper, notebook, and silent reading book. n Read your silent reading book during silent reading. n Ask questions!!!! There is no such things as silly questions. n Be courteous and respectful to your fellow classmates. n Use Black or Blue ink only. n Use lined paper. Make sure that you have loose leaf paper.

20 Grading Scale n %A Outstanding Progress n 80-89%B Above Average n 70-79%C Average Progress n 60-69%D Below Average Progress n 0-59%E Failure

21 How should I head my paper? n Mr. DeLauder Date n Assignment n You will always use looseleaf paper and a pencil n The holes are always on the left side

22 Turning in papers n Work completed together: –I will tell you to pass your papers to the front quietly –Or I will have a student collect your papers n Work Completed Independently: –You will need to place the paper in the appropriate basket facing the correct direction –Any work not put in the basket will not be graded

23 If you are not finished… n Place your work somewhere safe, so you remember where it is. You should have a work in progress folder. n When you have completed other assignments, you may work on this n Any work not completed, will be taken out to recess n Place your work in the appropriate basket

24 Homework: n It is your responsibility to complete ALL of your homework –Math: n You have homework every night (except Fridays) –It is factored into your grade! –Reading: n Monthly Book Reports –No recess until it is turned in –Drops 1 letter grade every day it is late –Spelling n Weekly Contract –No recess on Friday if it is not turned in –Lose 5 points for every day it is late

25 Projector Screen & Blinds n You are not allowed to pull down or put up the screen, so DONT ASK! n I am the only person allowed to touch the screen n You are not responsible for closing or opening the blinds, so dont do it –If the light is bothering you, raise your hand and tell me n Do not get out of your seat to close the door –If it is too loud in the hallway, ask me to close it

26 Classroom Library n You are allowed to read books from our classroom library –The books should always be in the book bin or on top of your desk n You should only have ONE book out at a time –You can browse the books, but please put them back neatly –There are no more than 2 people at each bookshelf –The books NEVER go home!

27 Get ready for a successful 4 th grade year!!

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