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I’m so happy to have all of you in my class this year! To make sure that we have an awesome year, and that everything in our classroom runs smoothly,

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3 I’m so happy to have all of you in my class this year! To make sure that we have an awesome year, and that everything in our classroom runs smoothly, we need to go over some policies and procedures that we will all be following. We are Family! WELCOME!!!

4 When you get here in the mornings, you will not come in to the classroom until the bell rings. If you get here early, you need to sit out in the hallway and read a book or work on flash cards. There should not be any talking in the hallway. I will greet you at the door and……it is “Triple H Throwdown” time! Handshake High five Hug ENTERING THE CLASSROOM

5 You will need to quietly unpack everything you need from your backpack…to include your homework, library book, and snack. (you will not go back to your backpack until the end of the day!) Your backpack will be placed in your cubby, along with your coat if you have one. Lunchboxes are kept in the green bin by the door. IN THE ROOM

6 If you have a note from home, please place it in the basket near the door. You will need to move your lunch number and how you are going home. Please keep any lunch money until I ask for it! Once you are unpacked, you will need to sit down and quietly begin working on morning work until the announcements come on. Morning work will be on the counter as you walk in every morning. “Good Morning!” ENTERING THE CLASSROOM

7 When the morning announcements come on, you are expected to remain silent and listen. Many times, they give important information that we all need to hear! During Brain Gym you MUST participate. This is not an optional activity. During the National Anthem and pledges, you will stand up respectfully and participate. (no sitting or leaning on desks and chairs) When the announcements are over, you need to sit back down and quietly finish your morning work, or be ready to go over it. MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS

8 I will send groups to the restroom at certain times of the day. If you do need to use the restroom during the day, I will try to allow you to go if we are not in the middle of instruction. If it is an emergency, please quietly let me know by raising your hand with fingers crossed and I will allow you to go. You will need to use the restrooms at the end of our hallway. RESTROOMS

9 I will allow you to get water during restroom breaks. The water fountains are located near the restrooms. If you need a drink during class, please raise your hand with three fingers in the air. You may bring a water bottle to class, but it must contain WATER!! If you are playing with the water bottle or making a mess, you will lose this privilege. If your water bottle needs to be refilled, it must be done during our restroom breaks. WATER

10 You may bring a healthy snack to enjoy mid-morning. You may not share snacks. This is a safety concern for the health of ALL of our students. SNACKS

11 When we line up to go somewhere, you will line up in order EVERY time! There will be a line leader change each week. WALKING IN LINE

12 When walking in the hallway, you should be in a straight line. That means right behind the person in front of you! You should not be side by side with another classmate. Your voices should be off, and hands at your sides. There should not be any big gaps between you and the person in front of you! http://youtube/SEBLt6Kd9EY HALLWAY EXPECTATIONS

13 You will not use the pencil sharpener throughout the day, unless I give you permission. There will be a student designated each week who will make sure our pencils get sharpened. If your pencil breaks, you will place it in the “Need to Sharpen Pencils” bucket and take a new one from the “Ready to Write Pencils” bucket. NO HANDHELD PENCIL SHARPENERS!!! PENCIL SHARPENER

14 If you have completed an assignment, you need to check your Unfinished Work Folder to see if there is other work that needs to be done. If you have completed ALL of your assignments, you can Read a book What not to do………………… I’M THROUGH, WHAT DO I DO?

15 Each week, your graded papers and other important information will be placed in your mailboxes. You will have a special Tuesday folder to take these papers home in. GRADED PAPERS

16 If they call for me on the intercom, everyone should be completely quiet. If you are doing group work, please stop and wait for me to tell you to resume. Do not attempt to answer the intercom yourself!! If I am out of the room, I will designate ONE PERSON to be responsible for this. INTERCOM

17 There will be times that another adult may enter the room. At these times, you are expected to continue working at your seat. If a visitor enters while I am teaching and I have to stop to assist them, I expect you to stay in your seat and remain quiet. You may even pull out your library book and read until I am finished. VISITORS

18 All of your work should have your name and number at the top. Please place work in the turn in tray. CLASSWORK

19 You will have homework on Monday-Thursday. You will need to write the homework assignment in your agenda and have your parents sign your agenda every night. * Agendas will be checked each morning and you will be given a sticker if everything is completed correctly. Homework will be due and checked on Friday morning. HOMEWORK/AGENDA

20 Classroom and School Essential Agreements must be followed at all times. If you choose to break a rule, there will be consequences. I will be keeping a behavior book and chart. I believe that everybody makes mistakes, so if you do something wrong, I will give you a warning and a chance to correct your behavior. If you continue to misbehave, you will sign the book. Two signatures results in the loss of a privilege. If you sign 3 times in one day, a note will be sent home. 4 times will earn you a short form to the office! BEHAVIOR

21 I do like to celebrate good behavior!! Positive behavior will receive check marks redeemable with the teacher. Lunch with teacher Special jobs Treasure box other BEHAVIOR

22 At the end of the day, you will need to make sure your area is clean and that you have your homework assignments and agenda. As I call your group, you will pack up your backpacks When finished, wait for your group to be called to line up. DISMISSAL

23 This seems like alot of information, but if we all do our part to follow these procedures, it will be good for the whole class and for your teacher!! WOW!!!

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