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Mrs. Williams’ Classroom Rules & Procedures

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1 Mrs. Williams’ Classroom Rules & Procedures

2 Classroom Rules

3 Classroom Rules Respect yourself and others Just as I will treat you with respect, I expect you treat yourself, your classmate, any guests and me with respect. Come prepared for class You are required to bring a pencil, a book, and notebook paper to class each day. Be in class on time You are given three minutes between classes. If you are late, you will need a pass from another teacher or the office to be excused.

4 Classroom Procedures

5 Entering the Classroom
Enter quietly Once you enter the room, do not exit the room without permission Go directly to your seat The first person into the room passes out the warm up folders, the second person passes out the IANs. They will be located on the bookcases under the windows.

6 Warm Up Sit quietly and do your warm-up. It will be on the written on the board. Work silently and independently. Complete each part of the warm- up. Hold questions until time for the warm up discussion

7 Arriving Late Enter silently Begin participating in the class activity
Hold onto your tardy slip and the teacher will get it from you when there is a break in the lesson Do not interrupt

8 When the Teacher Wants Your Attention and Silence
Watch for the signal; Teacher raising her hand Stop what you are doing and quietly raise your hand. Become Quiet. Listen without interruption.

9 Class Discussions Please Participate Wait to be called on
Be patient and do not interrupt Do not blurt I want to hear what you have to say Make all questions and comments relevant to the current discussion

10 Collaborate Learning Groups

11 ACCOUNTABLE TALK Make connections Questions/Wonderings
“This reminds me…” Questions/Wonderings “I wonder why…” Listen to others “I see what you’re saying…” Add on to what others say “What you said made me think…”

12 More Accountable Talk Use LOTS (Language of the Standard)
Sound levels are appropriate for inside. Each person speaks one at a time. Each person in the group contributes. Everyone works to help each other.

13 Independent Work Work silently on independent assignments
Do not attempt to have discussions during time designated for independent work Be patient if you need help and use your wait time wisely

14 Getting The Teacher’s Attention
Raise your hand Be patient and do not interrupt Wait to be acknowledged

15 Finishing Assigned Work Before Time is Called
Work on unfinished Science assignments in IAN Begin tonight’s homework assignment –OR Read

16 Moving Around the Room Do not interrupt
Remain seated unless you have permission Raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged. If your pencil needs to be sharpened, hold it up in the air and wait for permission to go to the sharpener. If you need a tissue, go quietly and get a tissue. If you need to blow your nose, please step out of the room. Please hold all trash at your desk, you can throw it away on your way out of the door.

17 Leaving During Emergency
If an alarm sounds or an announcement for evacuation is called, SIT QUIETLY at your desk REMAIN CALM! Panic creates chaos The teacher will give directions after determining the type of emergency FOLLOW THE TEACHER’S DIRECTIONS

18 Turning in Assignments
Keep completed assignments until I let you know what to do with it Pass it to me Someone will collect it Put it in the basket on the bookcase If you do not have your assignment, fill out a Personal Responsibility Form.

19 Collecting Make Up Work
Go to the makeup work case (on the bookcase beside the door) Collect YOUR makeup work from the folder for your class period, you have three days to turn in makeup work When makeup work is completed, turn it into me by placing it in the in basket for your class period Be sure to write your name, date and period number on the top right hand corner the assignment

20 Substitute Teacher If there is a substitute teacher in the room, I expect you to be on your BEST behavior. Be polite and helpful Remember…how you act reflects not only on yourself, but me and the school If a substitute leaves a note with your name on it, you will have consequences!

21 Special Guest Entering the Room
All Adults are considered Special Guests: they are here for a reason Continue on task as if there was not an interruption Behavior will continue to be your best

22 Class Dismissal The Teacher dismisses you, not the clock
Do not start packing up until the teacher tells you to Pick up all trash Take all of your materials with you Teacher will dismiss by tables.

23 Grading Policy Test = 60% Homework, Daily, Classwork = 30%
End of Year Final = 10%

24 Required Materials Pencils (lead or wooden) IAN (will remain in class)
Colored pencils

25 How To Head A Paper On the front (holes will be on the left side of the page), top right hand corner of your paper write: First and last name, date, and period Dylan Williams August 27, 2013 5th period

26 RMS Bathroom Policy Students are encouraged to maximize their time throughout the school day here at RMS. Therefore, it is encouraged that students use the restroom at designated times (between classes or as teacher designates). However, this is not always possible; therefore, students will have the opportunity to go to the restroom in class three times per semester. After the third restroom break, students will serve lunch detention as a result. In order to ensure this policy is followed, students will initial next to their name on the teacher’s restroom log when they must go to the restroom during class. This policy does not pertain to students that have a medical condition that would create a need to use the restroom more frequently.

27 If you refuse to follow the classroom rules and procedure there will be consequences.

28 Consequences Warning Lunch Detention Morning/After School detention
All consequences may result in parent contact.

29 Severe Infractions Any student who uses profanity, fights, threatens to harm others, treats others with cruelty, damages school property, property of the teacher, or others, or is disrespectful (as defined by the teacher) will be sent to the office office IMMEDIATELY.

30 Enjoy your week-end! See ‘ya Monday!!

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