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Welcome to language arts!

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1 Welcome to language arts!
We’re glad you’re here! Your teachers are Ms. S. Henry and Mrs. J. Henry Here are our rules and procedures……

2 7th Grade Expectations Be Prompt: Come to class on time; return requested paperwork and report cards by deadline. Be Prepared: Have all materials and assignments ready for class; Be On Task: Work quietly on written assignments and tests; focus, listen attentively and respond during discussions. Be Considerate: Speak softly; use good manners in the cafeteria, media center, assemblies as well as the classroom; walk quietly in the hall. Respect others and expect respect in return. Be Neat: Keep your work area clean and picked up; take care of textbooks and other school materials including equipment. Be Honest: Do your best work and make good choices. Students who are attempting to cheat will be subject to disciplinary action. Students who are enabling others to cheat will also face consequences. Parents will be contacted. Be Aware Of And Follow All School Regulations: Refer to your student handbook.

3 What are Ms. Henry’s and Mrs. Henry’s classroom rules?
Respect! Everyone. Everything. At all times. Bring all materials to class every day. Be in your seat on time. Stay on task! Follow all school and county rules. No gum, candy, food or drink.

4 Consequences If you break any of our classroom rules, your name will be written on the board. This is your warning. If you continue to break our rules, then you will receive a consequence as per our team management plan. Remember: If you have more than 3 steps on the management plan, you won’t be invited to the Henry Lounge at the end of the 9 weeks! DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS INVITE!

5 How should I enter the classroom?
When you walk into our class, sit in your assigned seat. Begin working silently on your target and DGP. Wait for teacher instruction.

6 How will our teachers get our attention during activities?
If we need your attention during group or individual work, we will turn the lights off. All students must be silent and waiting for teacher instruction once we count to five out loud.

7 How do we walk outside and in the hallway?
When directed to line up, push in your chair and line up along the bulletin board. We will not leave the classroom until we are all ready to leave. This means the room is silent. Once we exit the trailer, there is no talking. If you choose to talk outside or in the hallway, you will receive a consequence. The person at the front of the line will stop at each corner as directed.

8 How do we leave the classroom?
When directed by the teacher, you may begin copying the day’s homework in your agenda. Pack up your materials from the class. If you used any materials that belong to the classroom, put them back where they belong. Finally, have your agenda available. Once she has initialed it, you may leave.

9 What do I do if……. I need to sharpen my pencil?
Raise your hand with your pencil in the air. Once we have nodded our head, you my get up and sharpen your pencil. Feel free to sharpen your pencil as soon as you walk into class. I need to use the restroom or get water? You may not use the restroom during class. We take class restroom breaks throughout the day. I need to go to the clinic? Raise your hand. We will come to your desk, and we can discuss the issue. I do not have a pencil? Raise your hand as soon as you sit down in your assigned seat. We will ask you to sign your name on the board, and you may borrow a pencil. I missed a day of school? There will be a missing assignments agenda on the back supply table. It is your responsibility to check this whenever you are absent. If there is a handout that you missed, it will be located in the missed assignments folder. I want to know my grade in this class? We will send home progress reports every other Friday.

10 What do I do if…. I have an assignment that needs to be turned in?
If it is on time, we will explain turn-in procedures during class. If it is a late assignment, you need to give it to us at the beginning or end of your class period. I finish my work early? Read a book. Work on your upcoming book report. Make up any missing work. Work on an assignment for another class. I need extra help or want to talk to you personally? I am available each day before school. If you want extra help or need to talk, you must get a pass from us the day before. I “forgot” to do my homework? Complete it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You will be given make-up days every two weeks. All assignments not turned in at that time will receive a zero. There is a substitute in the classroom? Any student whose name is left by the substitute will automatically receive the next step on the management plan. Your parents will be called the day upon our return. The class that is deemed the best class! by the substitute will receive a special treat upon our return.

11 Other Policies Tardiness: In order to get the most out of our class time, our class will start on time! If you are not in your seat on time, you will receive a step on our team plan. Recovery: Not doing your work is not an excuse! If you fail to complete or turn in assignments, please expect to join us for language arts working lunches. Extra help: If you need extra help with anything or if you would like to catch up on some missing work, please see us for a pass to come in the mornings. Academic Dishonesty: Any case of academic dishonesty will result in a parent contact as well as a step on our team management plan. No gum, food or drink is allowed in the classroom. Progress reports: You will receive a progress report every other week from each teacher. Agenda books: You are required to fill out your agenda books on a daily basis. Even if you do not have homework, it is helpful to be able to look back and see what we did in class on a particular day. Your filled in agenda is your ticket out our door.

12 Supplies You are expected to come to class each day prepared to learn! In order to do this in our classroom, you will need the following items: Pencils Pens (black ink) Journal (This can be a composition notebook or a spiral notebook) The following items are not necessary, but you’ll find them useful: Scissors Colored pencils, markers, crayons Rulers Glue sticks Construction paper

13 Language Arts Grading Procedures
Grades in this class will be earned based on the following scale: Tests & Projects (book reports, major unit tests, journals): % Quizzes & Classwork (daily Targets, mini-assessments, DGP): % Homework: % Benchmark Exam: %

14 Snack (4th period) You will be allowed to eat a healthy, quiet snack during the first 10 minutes of 4th period. Water only No candy Cannot require a spoon or fork to eat After the first 10 minutes, you must put your snack away. Failure to follow our snack rules will result in the loss of this privilege.








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