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Ms. Hahn’s Classroom Procedures

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1 Ms. Hahn’s Classroom Procedures

2 Procedures? What are they? The way we do things. Why do we have them?
So we can focus on learning! Monday

3 Discipline The next page shows our classroom guidelines.
If you act in a way contrary to these guidelines, there is a chance of you getting your behavior card marked. The guidelines circled on the page are the ones most likely to get your card marked if you don’t follow them. Monday

4 Monday Show respect to others!

5 Signals When it's time to start an activity, I will say, "Ready, set, go!"  When I want your attention, I will ring my bell.  Monday

6 Entering Class Sit down Write in your agenda
Get to work on the first assignment Monday

7 Passing Papers Pass papers to the left, down each row. Tuesday

8 Getting Out of Your Seat
If you need to sharpen your pencil, get a tissue, etc., just do it! You don't have to ask, but don't be a distraction.  Tuesday

9 Leaving the Room (Individually)
Do not interrupt if I am instructing the class. During individual/group work, you may leave the room (within reason) to go to your locker or the restroom. Fill out your pass in your agenda and bring it to me to sign. Fill out the sheet by the door before leaving and when coming back. If three other people are still out, you must wait. It is important that I know where you are at all times. Remember – your main locker/restroom times are between classes. You may not be able to leave the class at all times. Tuesday

10 Leaving the Room as a Group
Single-file line and silent If this is not followed, we may go back and stay in the room.  We will have open lunch seating for our team on Fridays, but if we can't be quiet in the halls, you will lose that privilege.  First time we leave the room

11 Binders 1-inch binder with pockets
Keep notebook paper inside your binder. Work I hand back to you will be hole-punched for easy storage. Front pocket – For Home (work that needs to be done at home) Back pocket – For School (work you have finished that needs to be turned in) Expected you will have binder and book for Silent Reading by August 11th Tuesday

12 Materials Please respect the materials at my desk area.
Use materials from the colorful shelf as much as you want - just put them back before you leave. Do not leave anything in your desks. If this becomes a problem, you will not be able to store materials in them. Snacks are allowed, but if trash becomes a problem, that will change, also. Tuesday

13 Silent Reading Time Last ten minutes of class every day
You MUST have a book at this time (NOT looking for one). You may take Reading Counts tests or check out books from my library at this time, as well.  This is not bathroom/locker time.  You may count this as time for your reading log, but only if you are actually reading.  Tuesday

14 Media Center We will go to the library most Fridays.
Reading logs are due that day; you should bring them with you to the library. This is time for you to read, do schoolwork, check out books, and take reading counts tests. I may also have an assignment for you to do, and Ms. Ward may have a lesson. If you need to go to the library on other days, you need to go before school or during Homeroom/Freedom Focus. Tuesday

15 Classroom Library Pick a book you want during homeroom, silent reading, or other designated times. You may check out one book at a time. Look inside the book at the label and take note of the book number. Bring it to me to check out. Tell me the book number. Take it home to read! Remember that if you keep it too long, I may ask you to bring it back for others to read. When you are done with the book, bring it back me to check in. Tuesday

16 Reading Counts Tests Check the book before reading it to make sure it fits your lexile level and is an RC book. Read the book, and then take the RC test. You may not have the book with you while taking the test. You must take the test IN your reading class, and your reading teacher must sign off on it. Fill out your Dewey sheet with info about the book, and THEN ask your teacher to sign it. All info must be complete. Tuesday

17 Names on Papers Write your first AND last name at the top of the page.
If you forget your name, it is 10 points off the assignment. If you forget one part of your name, it is 5 points off.  First time we write names on papers to turn in

18 Absences If you are absent, it is your responsibility to come see me during Homeroom/Freedom Focus the next day to receive make-up work. Work that must be turned in will have due dates on it. If you have any questions, ask two other students first; if you still have questions, you can ask me during Silent Reading time. Tuesday

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