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Welcome to 6 th Grade Science Mrs. Cholak & Mrs. Illes Room 59 You Will All Be Successful!!!!!

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1 Welcome to 6 th Grade Science Mrs. Cholak & Mrs. Illes Room 59 You Will All Be Successful!!!!!


3 5 Class Rules 1.Come to class PREPARED and ready to do science! 2.Always be RESPECTFUL to your teacher, classmates, and yourself! 3.Always give your best EFFORT on everything you do! 4.Be an “active” learner… approach everything you do with an, “I can do it” ATTITUDE! 5. Follow all PROCEDURES in our classroom!

4 Procedures We have procedures in the classroom so that we know what to do, and when to do it. What is a procedure? A procedure is a certain way of doing things, like opening your locker, or baking a cake. To be successful in learning, you must follow some simple procedures

5 Starting Class Class begins before the bell… as soon as you walk into class 1.Take out your homework and place it on your desk in front of you. 2.Copy down your homework for the day 3.Sharpen your pencil please 4.Quietly, begin the “Do Now”. Always include the date and subject.

6 Please try to go between classes, or at lunch We can not use the bathroom during the first 15 minutes of class, or the last 10. (why not?) If you need to go to the bathroom, raise 3 fingers, and I will give you the “NOD”. Then you must sign out, and sign back in… Thank you!! …let’s practice Need to use the Bathroom??

7 Need to sharpen pencil??? ….. Raise your hand with your pencil in it, and I will give you the “OK” or Not. Need to get a tissue, or throw something out?? …. Raise one finger and I will give you the “OK”. Only one person out of their seat at a time Please!!

8 The End of Class The bell does not end class. I end class when I say, “Have a nice day” Why do you think these procedures are important?? Last few minutes of class Reflection – OR - Exit Questions!! Could be exit slip, Could be PEPPER,!!!!! Be ready!!!!!

9 We write in blue or black ink only, a pencil is also acceptable. (If you write in any other color… you will lose points!!) What do I do if I do not have a pen or a pencil?? PEN or PENCIL?? You may BORROW a small pencil from Mrs. Cholak…. Please remember to return it at the end of class!

10 Uh Oh…. I’m LATE for class With a late pass… please put late pass on my desk, quietly take your seat, and ask a neighbor to help you get started. Without a late pass… Late 2 times = Teacher detention Late again = phone call home, and an after school detention.

11 I need your ATTENTION please… … MOUTHS closed, EYES on me I will Then you will SILENTLY Until everyone is silent and looking at me!

12 If you know the answer to my question, you should_____________________ Because ________________

13 When you have a QUESTION, you should _______________ Because _________________ Questions are a SUPER important part of learning. I hope to get a lot of them!!!

14 Required classroom MANNERS Thank You!!

15 ABSENT?? When you return, please see me before class for work you missed. You are 100% responsible for making up the work you missed when you were out. It is a great idea to have a friend bring you work to do at home if you are able. If you miss several days, please come to me and set up a time to meet with me after school so I can help get you “up to speed”.

16 Proper Heading Name Date Period Mrs. Cholak Tania Santos 9/9/14 3 Mrs. Cholak Example : This is the heading for all work being handed in

17 I’m finished with my work… …what do I do now?? 1 st - Recheck your work, be sure it is your best effort!! 2 nd - Journal Response – “Where am I on the learning scale?” (3-5 Complete Sentences) 3 rd - Study your vocabulary, you may find a partner, and quiz each other quietly. ** Reread your notes, you may read back and forth quietly with another student who has completed their work. ** Choose a book from the shelf and read quietly to yourself. There is NEVER nothing to do in Mrs. Cholak’s room… …Get BUSY please

18 Consequences Not following our class rules or procedures will result in the following consequences: 1.Verbal warning 2.Teacher detention where you fill out a “Student Responsibility Card.” Here is where you tell me your action plan to change your behavior. 3.Phone call home 4.Disciplinary Referrals (points) Please make good choices Good Behavior and Good Character are expected at ALL times

19 Late work is accepted one day late for a 20% reduction in your grade, after 1 day, the grade will be zero. This includes all projects, labs, homework, classwork, etc. No food, gum, or drinks allowed in the science room. ODDS & ENDS Feeling Lost??? – Ask QUESTIONS….. Be an ACTIVE learner….. Keep trying!!!! Ask for HELP Together we will make this a very successful school year!


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