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An-Najah National University Computing Services The Computer Center Story since 1993 Najeh Abu Safieh.

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1 An-Najah National University Computing Services The Computer Center Story since 1993 Najeh Abu Safieh

2 In 1982 ( 6 pc’s and 6 Commodore has been used for students Lab for programming courses (Basic, Fortran 4, Cobol ) In 1986 (15 IBM Compatible PC’S XT ) Tow MicroVAX 3600 has been installed and start running and 22 dummy terminal equipped using (Coaxial thick cable and terminal servers in one building ) Admin. Building Computers Hardware and Network

3 Services Provided by the Computer Center In addition to the development process, the computer center maintains the developed applications and also provides other services as outlined below: 1.Automate the administrative activities at the University 2.Provide the necessary computing and networking facilities to faculties, centers and departments 3.Responsibility of choosing the best available technology in software, hardware and networking to be used at the University 4.Maintenance of all personal computers and related software and devices 5.Maintaining the communication services at the university and related sites 6.Provide consulting and computing services to the local community. 7.Supervise installing and Manage Network components which serve more than 18000 users including academic staff, administrative staff, and students.

4 MicroVAX 3600 (2 units ) (dummy terminals ) In 2000 COMPAQ ALPHA DS 20 (2 UNITS ) MAX. 100 Dummy Terminal in the old campus Computer Center has been established in 1993

5 Software In 1987 start collecting data about student’s employees information and save it in PC in order to have lists only using (Cobol programming language ) running on a PC An Accounting system has been developed at that time at home and payroll system for the financial Dept. 1993 A new applications has been developed using (COBOL,FMS,RMS) on MicroVAX 3600. (Personnel, payroll,student information system )

6 Applications developed by the Computer Center Staff: Personal System (since 1993 ) Payroll System ( since (1994) Students Information System ( since 1994 ) Registration and Academic information system (1994 ) Students accounting and fees system ( since 1994 ) Accounting System (since 1994) Inventory system ( since 1995 ) Students Loans system ( since 1996 ) Library indexing and administrative system (since 1996) An-Najah Intranet web site since 1998

7 ؟؟ Ready to Register student’s courses 2 nd Semester 1993/1994 programs for registration start running + Billing for students Student Information File Courses File and Time Table File Staff file Personnel application Collecting Fees from students Student s Semester registration Posting Student’s Grades for that Semester Student ‘s Graduation Transcript Student’s old transcript Archive

8 Integrity Before Cost After


10 Web & AN-NAJAH portal Internet browser on Pc 24/7 SERVICE زاجل

11 Applcations Conversion Not more than 100 users could use the old reg. system (dummy terminals ) 9000/100 closed system accessed only in campus First step - On the web ( student’s transcript could be on the http://INTRA.NAJAH.EDU since 2002 -Start communicating with student via intranet -Each student could access his Transcript and his Curriculum New vision Let the student register his courses by himself

12 Web applications designing,developing and administrating Zajel This is a huge Web-based Academic and administrative portal which contains the following major components ( started in 2002) Student data reports : such as student’s transcript, financial report, student program. Complete Registration system. Loan application. Fees System. Connected to major banks also Grades for all courses in the University Staff reports such as (pay slip). Computerized Placement Tests

13 How it was planned Transfer requested data from (OpenVMS RMS files to oracle 9i database (and keep on ) To encourage each student to sine up as new user to log in before registration started 1- He could see your transcript all the time 2- To know his study plan ( ( الخطة الدراسية وما انجز منها 3- zajel Portal has became the easiest way to communicate with student

14 Procedures Conversion & Building




18 E – Learning OCC (Online Course Container) has been Integrated with Zajel

19 Document work flow system (under construction) all of these applications interact with each other in an integrated computerized environment

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