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2 NED Portal URL : Portal is an Intranet based application which can only be accessed from NED main campus and from LEJ and City campus. The portal is available at following URL:

3 NED Portal Access Settings :
Some TCP/IP configuration is required to access Portal server. Details are provided on portal website.In case of not getting access to the Portal page after applying those settings, you may contact your lab administrator. Departments running their own domain controllers need some extra setting for which they should contact portal support at Ext: 2376, 2373.

4 NED Portal Support: Nominated IT managers of each department are also acting as a portal support representative person after being trained by Portal section. They may be contacted for initial support and queries. In case the problem persists portal team will be contacted in turn for immediate response. Portal section appreciate support and co-operation being shown by all IT Managers. We consider them a part of portal team.

5 Portal Sign Up Information:
Employee can create their own account on portal using a unique number issued to them at time of appointment, written on their appointment letters. This number is known as Pers. No. Student accounts are created by portal section. Their login/password report is available on AIS.

6 Portal Login Screen Type User Id & Password & press submit to go to portal main page. If you don’t have user id, click Sign Up link & go to create account page.

7 Sign Up Process-Screen One
On this page you may provide username and password as per your liking. If this user name is unique then account will be created successfully. After filling all the fields click on submit button.

8 Sign Up Process-Screen Two
This page is for confirmation that the account has been created successfully. Use the click here link to go to portal login page. In case of user name error use browser back button, go to previous page, select another name and re-submit.

9 Login Screen Provide user name and password and press submit button.

10 Portal Main Page After Login you will be at main page of portal. It has many links and you can also change your password from this page by clicking on Change Password link.

11 Description of Registrar Office Link
The Registrar Office (Hrms) is the first link of portal main page, where the employee can view and update his/her basic information. The page has following three l links Edit Profile Profile Employment History

12 Description of Registrar Office Link
HRMS is developed by portal team, data being updated by Registrar Estab. Office. Edit Profile link is to edit basic profile. Profile link shows employee’s basic profile. Employment History is a very detailed report which shows basic profile, Academic qualifications, Attended Training/ Seminar Details, Job History with adhoc/contract details, Acting/Additional Charge details and Leave information (other than casual leaves). Snap shot of the report on next page…..

13 Snapshot of Employment History Report

14 On Directorate of Finance page employees can view their financial information . The Page has many Sub-links like latest pay slip, loan and advances, telephone re-imbursements status etc. This system is developed and maintained by Directorate of Finance IT team.

15 On Examination Department page the schedule of annual & supplementary examination of all disciplines is available. Data on this page is updated by Examinations department.

16 Student Information System(SIS) page shows the time table all disciplines respectively. SIS is developed and maintained by portal team. Though the system is very thorough only limited information is being shown on portal.

17 Central Library Services is the next link
Central Library Services is the next link. User in case of holding library membership may also view status of his/her borrowed books. This page is developed and maintained by Central Library IT team.

18 List of QSO/SOP Formats is the next link
List of QSO/SOP Formats is the next link. Site is developed and maintained by portal section. Site is updated after receiving new material from ISO cell. There are QSPs/SOPs of different types which may be of end user interest.

19 High Performance Computing Center(HPC) is the next link
High Performance Computing Center(HPC) is the next link. Different types of licensed engineering software & manuals are available over here (only on Intranet). Site is developed by HPC IT team.

20 Medical Center is the next link
Medical Center is the next link. Page shows information about medical center.

21 Email is the next link. It gives Access the NED official email service
is the next link. It gives Access the NED official service. service is maintained by Internet center ISP Staff.

22 Software Inventory is the next link
Software Inventory is the next link. Software inventory application is developed by portal section. User can search the licensed software available in all departments.

23 Teacher Facility is the next link. This link is only for faculty access. Description of teachers facility link and demonstration of uploading lectures is available as a separate presentation on portal website.

24 End Note: Thank you for your valuable time. We hope that we were
able to explain portal functionality to end-user satisfaction level. As portal team aim at providing excellent service to whole NED campus, you are welcome to write your valuable Suggestions/Feedback to: NED Portal Team


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