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T2 PowerPark and SCT Banner

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1 T2 PowerPark and SCT Banner
Debbie Brosch Indiana University of Pennsylvania Tuesday, November 22, 2005

2 Introduction In 2004, IUP implemented T2 Systems PowerPark parking management software. All parking permit management, citation management, parking review board hearings etc are now handled in one complete system.

3 About IUP 14,000 students; 1,800 employees Largest Member of PASSHE
3 campuses; 1 center; 1 academy Doctoral I Clock-hour programs

4 Banner at IUP Live with 8 baseline modules and 6 Self Service products since 2000. Banner 7.x – October 2005 Oracle 9i Database Oracle Application Server 10g Sun Solaris – DB servers INB Servers (4)

5 Topics of Discussion Previous Parking and Citation Systems Conversion
What Is T2 PowerPark? Banner Interfaces Future Plans Summary Questions And Answers

6 Previous System IUP Custom Parking Permit System (MS Access)
Separate vendor created Citation System (Cardinal) No link between the two systems.

7 Conversion Issues Data in two separate systems.
Cardinal data had no Banner link (no Banner ID), just name Individuals were duplicated in the Cardinal system. When converted, we had a lot of duplicate records to merge.

8 T2 PowerPark T2 PowerPark helps you manage all aspects of parking - citations, permits, cash management, payments, appeals, vehicle towing, license plate look-up, property maintenance, collections, tracking, wait lists, demand control, and more.

9 T2 PowerPark Two Versions T2 PowerPark Flex T2 PowerPark

10 T2 PowerPark Flex Thin client application, all data as well as the software resides on the server The client PC accesses the functionality and data via the Web browser. All updates are made on the server, not on each PC. Yearly fees involved. T2 can host your application and database. Or, your organization can host the application and the data. Updates are made on the server.

11 T2 PowerPark PC installation of software with data stored in an Oracle database. New updates need applied to each PC Up front purchase price. No yearly fees other than maintenance. This is the version used at IUP.

12 Banner Interfaces Banner Updates Online Permit Application
Demographic, Departmental etc Online Permit Application DMV File Processing Student Holds – Citations

13 Banner Updates Each night two files are created, one with active employees and one with active students that had record changes that day. Every morning, the files get manually imported into PowerPark. If the person is unavailable for a day or more, there will be multiple employee and student files that need imported into PowerPark. Each file contains the date the file was created so they are easy to identify. Update file created nightly through automatic job submissions from Banner for all current students and active employees. For example, if one day is missed, two files will need imported for employee and two files for student. Only people with changes are included in this file, if no activity on any of the targeted tables, they are excluded from the file. Only changed data (for the most part) is included in the file. Some things like phone and cust group plus required fields must be included any time the individual has an update.

14 Banner Updates

15 Online Permit Application
Student logs into Banner Self Service

16 Online Permit Application

17 Disclaimer Statement Must click Agree to continue

18 Non-Registered Student
Non-Registered Students receive a message and cannot apply for a permit. Students with unpaid parking tickets also cannot apply until the ticket is paid. If they already have a valid permit of the type they are trying to apply for, they get an error message and cannot apply.

19 Graduate Student Menu Current Permit choices. More can be dynamically added as they become available on the web. Graduate Students see options for Commuter and Resident Undergraduate students see only Commuter Permit


21 Choose your Permit Type

22 Temporary Parking Permit

23 Permit Status Review If student meets criteria for permit, it is automatically approved. If they are border line, they are put in review status and CP manually reviews the student application. If they have outstanding tickets, they can’t apply at all. A message is displayed telling them they have to pay their tickets first. If Denied, Comments will show on the screen telling the student why the application was denied.

24 Campus Police Login Screen seen by Campus Police personnel login

25 Parking Administration Menu

26 Parking Permit Administration

27 Review on Application in Pending Status.
Can Approve, Deny or put on Hold until student meets a specified criteria (ie address change)


29 Sample – Permit Hold If someone is placed in Hold Status, they show on the lower part of the screen. They can then be approved or denied once the reason for being on hold is resolved.

30 Permit History Review

31 Parking History Review

32 On-Line Sales Statistics

33 Online Permit Extract Nightly Auto Extract from Web.
Program can be run manually for an “extra” run. This program creates a customer file, vehicle file, and a permit assignment text file. These 3 files must be imported in the correct order into Powerpark…Customer, Vehicle, Permit Assignment. A customer permit letter file (mail merge document) is also created. Applications entered on the web are saved into an oracle table. Every night after 11 pm, the extract will run for any permits with an Approved status.

34 Banner Job Submissions - Online Permit Extract
Address type parameters allow flexibility on which address to send permit to.

35 Banner Permit Extract Listing

36 Online Permit Files Customer
Must be imported in order. First new customer record must be created.

37 Online Permit Files Vehicle
Second the vehicle must be imported so vehicle record is created. Note the customer information in the file. That connects the vehicle to the customer.

38 Online Permit Files Permit
And last permit must be imported. It has customer and vehicle information in the file which is why it must be imported last.

39 Student Letter Generated by Banner C program
Stuffed with Permit into envelope and mailed to student.

40 DMV File Processing MN is main file NT is no title
Files come from DMV in different formats and Banner C program reads and writes to file in same layout tab delimited so files can be imported into PowerPark

41 DMV File Banner Report

42 DMV Import

43 DMV Import Preview

44 T2 PowerPark Import Templates
Import Issues = Wrong Layout sometimes used since there are so many layouts. Future item… research and possibility implement use of API’s offered now by T2. That would allow us to write directly to PowerPark Oracle tables.

45 Banner Student Holds When program runs, a hold is placed on the student record in SOAHOLD and a notification is placed on the powerpark record as well.

46 Banner Student Holds

47 Student Holds When the Cashier Notification is checked when the tickets are paid, the dispatcher knows to notify administrator to remove hold from SOAHOLD. Notification is then removed from PowerPark.

48 Summary Tab

49 Address Tab

50 Duplicates Tab

51 Vehicle Screen

52 Citation Screen

53 Citation Finder

54 Citation Finder Results

55 Register – Paying for a Citation

56 Register – Assigning Permits

57 Register – Assigning a Permit

58 Hearings

59 Hearings

60 Reports

61 PowerPark Reports

62 Query Manager

63 Query Writer

64 Query Destination

65 Parameters

66 User Setup

67 Future Plans Using API’s to write directly to PowerPark Oracle tables rather than manual importing of Data. Online Credit Card payments for citations and cost based permits including parking garage permits. Adding other permit types to the online application process. Future online permits…..Staff/Faculty/Motorcycle/Long Term/Temporary/Bulk

68 Summary We have been able to create an integrated Parking Management System that remains current with relevant Banner information. This system has increased revenue to the University and saved hours of manual effort by containing up to date information in a single system.

69 Questions And Answers Questions?

70 Thank You! If you have not already, please join the PABUG ListServ
Go to for instructions Please fill out the evaluation before leaving the conference

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