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Mr. Mayo AP Modern European History

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1 Mr. Mayo AP Modern European History
UNIT V JEOPARDY Mr. Mayo AP Modern European History

2 100 200 300 400 500 Vocab Leaders People Industrialization Romanticism
Countries Hodgepodge Odds and Ends 100 200 300 400 500 Final Jeopardy

3 Strong emotional ties with the medieval period, an emphasis upon the importance of the individual, and a fascination with the grotesque and irrational were all characteristics of ________________. 100

4 Romanticism Vocab

5 The revolutions, which swept Europe in 1848, had two common denominators, ____________ and liberalism. 200

6 nationalism Vocab

7 A belief that laws should grow from the participation of the governed, a belief in self-criticism, free speech, and freedom of worship, and people should have as much freedom as possible, in keeping with an orderly society were all characteristics on nineteenth century _____________________. 300

8 liberalism Vocab

9 “Of man, as of all inferior creatures, the law by conformity to which the species is preserved, is that among adults the individuals best adapted to the conditions of their existence shall prosper most.” This statement by Herbert Spencer reflected his belief in the views of _________________. 400

10 Social Darwinism Vocab

11 Characteristic of Richard Wagner’s work was the _____________ a melodic theme associated with a given character of element in his story. 500

12 leitmotif Vocab

13 Between 1809 and 1848, the political life of Europe tended to be dominated by __________________.

14 Prince Klemens von Metternich

15 At the congress of Vienna the concept of the Holy Alliance, whereby all states would follow Christian teachings, was advanced by ________________. 200

16 Czar Alexander Leaders

17 ______________ scored the greatest success of his long career at the Congress of Vienna because as a long-life servant of France, he convinced the victorious powers to accept France as their equal. 300

18 Talleyrand Leaders BONUS

19 During the reign of _____________ of France the foundation of France’s North African empire was laid with the capture of Algiers.

20 Charles X Leaders

21 While assuming the dress and manners of a well-to-do businessman, _____________, ruler of the “July Monarchy” did little to expand democracy in France. 400

22 Louis Phillipe Leaders

23 The romantic and liberal spokesman of Young Italy was ____________.

24 Guiseppe Mazzini Leaders

25 Class struggle, economic determinism, and the inevitability of communism, were the three laws in history __________ claimed to have discovered. 100

26 Karl Marx People

27 In _____________’ work Hard Times, he painted a bleak picture of the life of an imaginary growing industrial city of England. 200

28 Charles Dickens People

29 Seeing himself as the Newton of the social sciences, __________ believed he discovered society’s gravity in attraction passionnelle. 300

30 Charles Fourier People

31 “What is property?” __________ asked: his answer was “Property is theft.”

32 Joseph Proudhon People

33 Holding that democracy is a system where the weak unjustly and unnaturally rule the world, ____________ was a spokesman of nineteenth century elitism. 500

34 Friedrich Nietzsche People BONUS

35 The National Workshops, established briefly after the fall of the July Monarchy, were the idea of _____________.

36 Louis Blanc People

37 An acceleration of urbanization, pure science tended to give way to applied science, and new tastes in art, literature, and music evolved were all consequences of the ___________ Revolution. 100

38 Industrial Industrialization

39 One of the most significant contributions of ______________ to industrialization was the concept of standardization and interchangeable parts. 200

40 Eli Whitney Industrialization

41 In ____________, greater financial stability resulted from the government policy of introducing the principle of limited liability. 300

42 England Industrialization

43 The first significant advance in the mechanization of agriculture was made by ______________.

44 Cyrus McCormick Industrialization

45 _________ coal industry was stimulated to increase production by the need for coke in the iron industry, its domestic use in a land short of wood, and its importance in producing steam power. 500

46 England’s Industrialization BONUS

47 John McAdam, George Stephenson, and _____________ contributed significantly to advances in the area of transportation in the nineteenth century.

48 Robert Fulton Industrialization

49 The names of Constable, Turner, and Delacroix are closely associated with ________________.

50 Romantic art Romanticism

51 Hector Berlioz, Mikhail Glinka, and Carl Maria von Weber were all ____________ of the Romantic age.

52 composers Romanticism

53 The study of medieval literature and the theory of cultural nationalism, or Volksgeist, were stimulated by the works of _______________. 300

54 Johann Gottfried von Herder

55 An excellent example of the neo-Gothic or Gothic revival in early nineteenth-century architecture is seen in the English __________________. 400

56 Houses of Parliament Romanticism

57 The view of the historical process as one of conflict between a thesis and antithesis with a resulting synthesis was advanced by _________________. 500

58 G.W.F. Hegel Romanticism BONUS

59 An attack of the __________ impacted on the potato crops in Ireland with disastrous social and economic consequences.

60 “black rot” Romanticism

61 While most countries of Europe experienced a population explosion in the nineteenth century, the population in _______ declined. 100

62 France Countries

63 In the ____________ universal manhood suffrage was achieved in the twentieth century.

64 United States Countries

65 The geographical compactness of British Isles, significant deposits of the necessary minerals and an ample reservoir of labor all factors in the lead _________ took in the industrialization of society. 300

66 England Countries BONUS

67 The “Big Germans” versus “Little Germans” issue, which arose at the____________, centered upon the question of whether Austria should be included in a unified Germany.

68 Frankfurt Assembly Countries

69 The struggle of the Belgians for independence from Holland was successful in part because of the intervention of France and ___________. 400

70 England Countries

71 The ideological impact of the French Revolution was to be seen in the Decembrist Revolt, which occurred in 1825 in ________. 500

72 Russia Countries

73 The tensions between Russia and Austria in the Balkans were foreshadowed in the struggle for independence of the _________. 100

74 Serbs Odds and Ends

75 Efforts of the ruling monarch to enact the ___________ led to the fall of Charles X in France.

76 Four Ordinances in 1830 Odds and Ends

77 “With the movements in this hemisphere we are of necessity more immediately connected, and by causes which must be obvious to all enlightened and impartial observers.” Those words, from the ____________, came in response to America’s concern over Russian and British intentions in the New World. 300

78 Monroe Doctrine Odds and Ends

79 In Reflections on Violence, ____________ gave forceful expression to the anarch-syndicalism of Bakunin. 400

80 Georges Sorel Odds and Ends

81 In ________________’s novel Sybil, he spoke of England as “two nations-the rich and the poor.”

82 Benjamin Disraeli Odds and Ends BONUS

83 In France the goal of the ___________ was to undo the reforms that had been achieved in the Revolution.

84 Ultra Party Odds and Ends

85 The announced goal of the Quadruple Alliance was to secure the settlement reached by the _______________. 100

86 Congress of Vienna Hodgepodge BONUS

87 In The Passing of the Great Race, as well as in the writings of Arthur de Gobineau and Cecil ________, racism could be found.

88 Rhodes Hodgepodge

89 The National Workshops, established briefly after the fall of the July Monarchy, were the idea of ___________. 200

90 Louis Blanc Hodgepodge

91 In ____________’ Essay on Population, he held that “population, when unchecked, increases in a geometrical ratio. Subsistence only increases in an arithmetic ratio.” 300

92 Thomas Malthus Hodgepodge

93 _____________ held that in the third stage of humanity’s evolution, the positivist stage, science would allow man to control the world to his advantage. 400

94 Auguste Comte Hodgepodge

95 In ________ the Habsburg monarchy was confronted with rebellion on the part of The Magyars, Italians of Lombard-Venetia, and the Czechs. 500

96 1848 Hodgepodge

97 The ____________ represented a victory for the middle class.

98 English Reform Bill of 1832 Final Jeopardy

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