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Chapter 12 Review.

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1 Chapter 12 Review

2 What was one of the first production industries to be affected by the Industrial Revolution?
Cotton cloth

3 What group of people made up 2/3 of the British cotton industry’s workforce?
Women and children

4 What is the belief that people should be as free as possible from government restraints?

5 What sparked the formation of the Confederate States of America?
The election of Abraham Lincoln as president of the United States

6 What did Darwin believe was central to organic evolution?
Natural selection

7 Who developed a steam engine that could drive machinery?
James Watt

8 What was evident in the social change brought about by the Industrial Revolution?
Emergence of the middle class and the working class

9 According to the principle of intervention, what did the great powers of Europe have a right to do?
Send armies into countries where there were revolutions in order to restore legitimate monarchs to power

10 What established a self-governing Canadian nation?
British North American Act

11 Who proposed the germ theory of disease?
Louis Pasteur

12 What were people called that were interested in finding new business opportunities and new ways to make a profit? Entrepreneurs

13 What was the most important factor in the development of the American transportation system?

14 What were the 38 independent German states recognized by the Congress of Vienna called?
German Confederation

15 Who was the leader of the Italian Unification?
Giuseppe Garibaldi

16 What was it called during the Industrial Revolution when people increasingly rejected religion or religious toleration? Secularization

17 The factory created a new labor system that did what?
Workers had to work regular hours and do the same work over and over

18 What did Prince Klemens von Metternich’s claim that he was guided by the principle of legitimacy mean? Lawful monarchs from the royal families that had ruled before Napoleon would be restored to power

19 What was realpolitik that was practiced by Otto von Bismarck?
A theory of politics based on practical matters rather than theory or ethics

20 What emphasized feelings and imagination as sources of knowing?

21 What made the British novelist Charles Dickens very successful?
Realistic novels focusing on the lower and middle classes in Britain

22 What was crucial to Britain’s Industrial Revolution?
Steam engine

23 What did the pitiful conditions created by the Industrial Revolution give rise to?
Socialism, in which society owns and controls the means of production

24 What was the effect of the Crimean War?
Destroyed the Concert of Europe and left Austria without any friends among the great powers

25 What did the romantics value?
Individualism, the belief in the uniqueness of each person

26 What was the literary and visual arts movement that rejected romanticism?

27 Labor for factories during the Industrial Revolution came mostly from what population?
Farm population

28 Liberals in Europe believed in the protection of what liberties?
Civil liberties

29 Who met to draft a constitution for a unified Germany?
Frankfort Assembly

30 The unification of Germany was accomplished by what Prussian prime minister?
Otto von Bismarck

31 The brutal life led by the urban poor in England was described in literature by which writer?
Charles Dickens

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