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Jeopardy Napoleonic Age Created by Maddie Gardner.

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1 Jeopardy Napoleonic Age Created by Maddie Gardner

2 Military and the Wars of Napoleon Reforms of Napoleon Napoleon’s Empire Works and Discoveries People Napoleon's Life Hodge Podge 100 200 300 400 500 Final Jeopardy

3 Military- 100 The Treaty of Campo Formio took which country out of war with France? Austria

4 Military- 200 In 1805, which two countries joined the British against France? Russia and Austria

5 Military- 300 The Second Coalition against France was made up of: Russia, Austria, The Ottoman Empire, and Britain BONUS- 600 points

6 Military- 400 At the Battle of Trafalgar, what country did France loose any possibility of invading? England

7 Military- 500 After the Treaty of Tilsit, Napoleon aimed to cripple the British by: Cutting off all trade between Britain and the rest of Europe

8 Reforms- 100 The Continental System was designed to cut off all trade from _______ and the rest of Europe. Britain

9 Reforms- 200 The Napoleonic Code was officially known as the Civil Code of what year? 1804

10 Reforms- 300 The Continental System extended as far east as: Russia

11 Reforms- 400 Napoleon's Concordat was with the: Catholic Church BONUS- 800 points

12 Reforms- 500 The Napoleonic Code abolished the right of the eldest son to be the _______ ____ to his parent’s property. primary heir

13 Empire- 100 The declaration of Napoleon as Emperor of France was ratified by: A plebliscite

14 Empire- 200 Napoleon worked to restore order in France, in part by: Employing men from various political groups

15 Empire- 300 The Treaty of Chaumont restored this group to the French throne: The Bourbons

16 Empire- 400 Give two other names for the Napoleonic Empire: The First French Empire and The Greater French Empire

17 Empire- 500 In what year did Napoleon abdicate? 1814 BONUS- 1000 points

18 Works- 100 “What Is the Third Estate?” was written by: Abbe Sieyes

19 Works- 200 What country was food canning invented in? France BONUS- 400 points

20 Works- 300 Romantics were drawn to the art, literature, and architecture of: The Middle Ages

21 Works- 400 Jean-Jacques Rousseau laid out how to live a good life without being adversely influenced by society in: Emile

22 Works- 500 In the 18 th century, what writer used the terms Romantic and Gothic interchangeably? Johann Gottfried Herder

23 People- 100 Who established the Third Coalition for the British? William Pitt the Younger

24 People- 200 The most extensive neo-gothic monument of central Europe was ordered by: King Ludwig II

25 People- 300 “The Critique of Pure Reason” was written by: Kant

26 People- 400 Food canning was invented by: Nicholas Appert

27 People- 500 Who was the commander who destroyed the French fleet at Abukir in 1798? Horatio Nelson BONUS- 1000 points

28 Life- 100 Where was Napoleon born? The island nation of Corsica BONUS- 200 points

29 Life- 200 What year was Napoleon named Emperor of France? 1804

30 Life- 300 What battle is known as Napoleon’s ultimate defeat? The Battle of Waterloo

31 Life- 400 What was Napoleon’s first wife’s name? Josephine Bonaparte

32 Life- 500 How many children were in Napoleon’s family? (siblings including himself) Eight

33 Hodge Podge- 100 Revolutionary policies regarding what organization garnered the most domestic opposition? French Catholic Church

34 Hodge Podge- 200 What was the name of the 1802 accord between France and Britain? The Peace of Amiens

35 Hodge Podge- 300 One of the central features of the Romantic Movement in Germany was the emergence of: Nationalism

36 Hodge Podge- 400 When the Netherlands was established, it included: Belgium and Luxembourg BONUS- 800 points

37 Hodge Podge- 500 What group had a key influence on the development of Methodism, following an encounter with its founder? The Moravians

38 Military- BONUS The Quadruple Alliance included: United Kingdom, Russia, Prussia, Austria

39 Reform- BONUS The Napoleonic Code separated civil law into how many categories? Three: The law of persons The law of property Acquisition of property

40 Empire- BONUS Rebellion against French rule in Spain came from the: Peasants and Lower Clergy

41 Works- BONUS Immanuel Kant argued that human perception is as much a product of the mind’s activity as: Sensory perception

42 People- BONUS Who was the leader of the Methodist movement? John Wesley

43 Life- BONUS How many children did Napoleon have? One- Napoleon II

44 Hodge Podge- BONUS Following the Congress of Vienna, which country gained control of northern Italy? Austria

45 FINAL JEOPARDY Who crowned Napoleon at his coronation? Himself

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