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Semester 1 Final Jeopardy. Ancient Civilizations MovementsDocumentsRevolutionPhilosophersPeople $100 $200 $300 $400 $500.

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1 Semester 1 Final Jeopardy

2 Ancient Civilizations MovementsDocumentsRevolutionPhilosophersPeople $100 $200 $300 $400 $500

3 Column 1 It had a Republic government that contributed to the rise of democracy.

4 What is Rome?

5 The idea that people have moral freedom, moral guidelines set out in the Ten Commandments, and the idea that each person was individually responsible for the choices they made.

6 What is contributions of the Judeo-Christian tradition?

7 Unlike other groups around them, they practiced monotheism.

8 What is Judaism?

9 The idea that each individual is important is expressed by these religions.

10 What are Judaism and Christianity?

11 This is the most important long-term contributions of Ancient Greece to the modern Western world.

12 What is government and law?

13 Column 2 The trend toward reason and scientific thinking.

14 What is Enlightenment?

15 “Saturn Devouring His Children” by Francisco Goya is an example of this.

16 What is Romanticism?

17 “The Stonebreakers” by Gustave Courbet is an example of this.

18 What is Realism?

19 The immigration of people from the country to cities.

20 What is urbanization?

21 This is the takeover of one country by another for the sake of natural resources.

22 What is Imperialism?

23 Column 3 The document consists of 10 Amendments and outlines both individual and state rights.

24 What is the Bill of Rights?

25 This document placed a limit on the powers of English monarchs.

26 What is the Magna Carta?

27 Accepted by William and Mary before they became rulers of England.

28 What is the English Bill of Rights?

29 This document includes the Enlightenment idea of separation of powers.

30 What is the U.S. Constitution?

31 In August of 1789, the National Assembly adopted this statement of revolutionary ideals. It was modeled after the Declaration of Independence.

32 What is Declaration of the Rights of Man?

33 Column 4 This symbolic act of the French Revolution occurred when angry mobs tried to get gunpowder from a Paris prison.

34 What is the Storming of the Bastille?

35 In 1688 William of Orange invaded England. In 1689 William and his wife Mary were crowned co-rulers of England.

36 What is the Glorious Revolution?

37 At the meeting of the Estates-General in 1789, the third estate wanted this.

38 What is more voting power?

39 Child labor, lack of police protection, pollution, and poor sanitary conditions were negative effects of this.

40 What is the Industrial Revolution?

41 These two revolutions both had a conflict between a monarch and subjects, tax burdens, and followed Enlightenment.

42 What are the American and French Revolutions?

43 Column 5 This person believed the all people were born free and had natural rights to life, liberty, and property.

44 Who is John Locke?

45 This Greek Philosopher believed that wisdom is the most important trait for a ruler.

46 Who is Plato?

47 This Enlightenment thinker came up with the idea of Separation of Powers, which is used in the U.S. Constitution.

48 Who is Baron de Montesquieu?

49 This Enlightenment thinker believed that there needed to be a social contract among people.

50 Who is Rousseau?

51 This thinker was for equal education for males and females.

52 Who is Mary Wollstonecraft?

53 Column 6 This writer of an American document, written in 1776, was most influenced by the Age of Enlightenment.

54 Who is Thomas Jefferson?

55 The leader of the Committee of Public Safety.

56 Who is Robespierre?

57 His strong leadership, severe economic problems, and incompetence of current leadership led to his rise to power.

58 Who is Napoleon?

59 The man most closely associated with Communism.

60 Who is Karl Marx?

61 He was most responsible for the accomplishments of the Congress of Vienna.

62 Who is Klemens von Metternich?

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