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& the Zimmerman Telegram

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1 & the Zimmerman Telegram
The Spark of World War I & the Zimmerman Telegram Presentation created by Robert Martinez Primary Content Source: The Story of US by Joy Hakim

2 Gavrilo Princip, a lean angry teenager, was a member of a terrorist organization called the Black Hand.

3 His country, Bosnia-Herzegovina, had been taken over by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Princip was determined to set his country free to join with Serbia. Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Austria-Hungary

4 The Serbian Empire had paid to train the Black Hand.

5 On June 28, 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife, Sophie, arrived in Bosnia’s capital of Sarajevo.

6 It was a Serbian holiday, and not the best choice of days for a conquering leader to visit, but he had come anyway .

7 The royal party climbed into four open cars
The royal party climbed into four open cars. Six Black Hand member, including Gavrillo Princip, all trained to assassinate, stood along the route the motorcade was taking.

8 The first to them threw a bomb
The first to them threw a bomb. It blew off a wheel and wounded two soldiers. The police quickly arrested the bomb thrower and the procession sped off to its destination, the City Hall.

9 Princip, disappointed, headed for a café on Franz Josef street
Princip, disappointed, headed for a café on Franz Josef street. Meanwhile the Archduke carried on with his official visit at the City Hall.

10 After the ceremonies, he asked to be driven to the hospital to see the two injured officers. It was an unscheduled visit and the driver, made a wrong turn, which took him into narrow Franz Josef Street.

11 There wasn’t room to turn the car around, so the driver stopped before putting the car in reverse. Gavrillo Princip, who was standing on the sidewalk outside the café, couldn’t believe it. There was the Archduke just a few feet away.

12 Princip stepped forward and fired two shots
Princip stepped forward and fired two shots. Both Franz Ferdinand and Sophie bled to death in the car.


14 Exactly a month later, on July 28th, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Russia and France were allies of Serbia. Within weeks, World War I had begun.

15 All the major European countries had joined an alliance system mutual protection, the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance. Triple Alliance The Triple Entente

16 U.S. President Woodrow Wilson warned Americans to stay out of foreign entanglements. So, the United States stayed neutral.

17 On May 1, 1915, the German Embassy in Washington placed an advertisement in the New York newspapers warning of dangers at sea.

18 The ad said, “Travelers intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and Great Britain…vessels flying the British flag…are liable to destruction.”

19 That same morning the luxurious Lusitania set sail for England, filled with tourists, business people, and others who wanted to get to England.

20 Many voyagers were nervous about the trip, but passenger ships had traditionally been safe from military attack.

21 Six days later, within sight of the Irish coast, a German submarine, the U-20, fired a single torpedo without warning at the Lusitania.



24 Eighteen minutes later the Lusitania was beneath the waves
Eighteen minutes later the Lusitania was beneath the waves. Of 2,000 passengers, 1,198 drowned.

25 Meanwhile, Mexico was having a revolution
Meanwhile, Mexico was having a revolution. For 30 years, Mexico had been under the iron fist of dictator, General Porfirio Diaz.

26 Upset with the United States support of the corrupt Mexican government, Mexican revolutionaries, such as Pancho Villa, began raiding small U.S. towns and ranches in the United States.




30 President Wilson sent U. S
President Wilson sent U.S. General John Pershing into Mexico to capture Pancho Villa (never succeeds). The invasion into Mexico was not very popular with the Mexican people.

31 For a while it looked as if there might be war with Mexico
For a while it looked as if there might be war with Mexico. And that was exactly what Germany hoped for. Distracted with the War in Europe, the United States backed off and withdrew troops.

32 After two years, the United States was under great pressure to enter World War I. U-boat, submarine warfare, was making many Americans very angry with Germany and its allies.

33 If the United States got involved, it would be on the side of Britain and France. But President Wilson seemed determined to stay neutral.

34 Then, on January 16, 1917, the German foreign minister, Arthur von Zimmerman, sent a telegram to Mexico City. The message was intercepted by British Intelligence and decoded. Zimmerman

35 The Zimmerman telegram suggested an alliance between Germany and Mexico against the United States. Germany had promised that Mexico would recover “the lost territory of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.”

36 When the Zimmerman telegram was made known to the American public, it swayed the U.S. into World War I.

37 With the United States at war, General Pershing would lead the American Expeditionary Force successfully into Europe.

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