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Ch 14: WWI and Its Aftermath

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1 Ch 14: WWI and Its Aftermath 1914-1920
Section 1: The U.S. Enters WWI

2 Woodrow Wilson’s Diplomacy
Hated imperialism Wanted to focus on U.S. internal problems Wanted to ignore the rest of the world outside of the Americas Ex: Mexico, Nicaragua, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic

3 Factors for Europe Going To War
1. Alliance System When countries make agreements to protect each other. Triple Alliance-Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary vs. Triple Entente-France, Russia, and Britain

4 Factors for Europe Going To War
2. Nationalism A feeling of intense pride of one’s homeland European countries wanted to go to war to get more land for their own people (became greedy) Led to self-determination-different groups within a country wanted their own country Ex: Serbians in the Balkins

5 Europe 1914

6 Serbia’s Desires in Europe
Supported by Russia Hated by Austria-Hungary who limited their growth Wanted to get Bosnia to join in the new Serbian country but Austria-Hungary took it first.

7 Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Leader of Austria-Hungary Visited Bosnia in 1914 Assassinated by a Serbian supporter as he rode in his car through the streets Serbia was blamed July 28, 1914 war was declared

8 Alliance System Kicks In
Austria-Hungary asked Germany for support Serbia asked Russia for support If Russia went to war, France would help Russia Each country individually could not fight but with support from others became stronger

9 Germany’s Plan Part 1 Planned to attack/defeat France quickly and then attack Russia separately Problem: To get to France, Germany attacked neutral Belgium. This made Britain angry, so they joined the war on the side of France

10 Europe 1914

11 Alliances Build Up Allies: Central Powers:
France, Russia, Great Britain, Italy Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria

12 Germany’s Plan Part 2 Germany failed to capture France on the Western Front Germany was attacked by Russia forcing the Germans to fight on two fronts


14 American Viewpoints President Wilson-America is neutral/staying out of the war Irish/German immigrants wanted to support Germany Most other groups supported Britain/France U.S. Military supported Britain U.S. public swayed by British Propaganda

15 American Viewpoints East coast companies and banks sent $2 billion to the Allies (Britain, France, and Russia) Midwest companies and banks sent $27 million to Germany U.S. Secretary of the Treasury limited these loans to Germany Money was used to buy weapons and support the war effort

16 Questions So, can we say that the United States was truly staying neutral in this war??? What do you think each side will do to the U.S. for giving the other side money???

17 British Blockade Britain wanted to limit the supplies into Germany
A blockade was set up Germany used U-boats (small submarines) to attack this blockade and any ship around Britain

18 U-Boat Attacks The U-boats were going to sink any ship, including non-military boats Americans were outraged at this news May 7, 1915-a U-boat sank the cruise liner Lusitania. 1,200 people died including 128 Americans

19 U-Boat Attacks leads to peace??
Americans wanted revenge for the sinking of the Lusitania but the president gave a warning to Germany instead March 1916, a U-boat sank a French cruise ship, Sussex, injuring many Americans on board Americans angry again Sussex Pledge-Germany was afraid for the U.S. to enter the war so they agreed to stop attacking civilian ships.

20 Zimmerman Note A German official, Arthur Zimmerman, sent a message to another official in Mexico Message wanted Mexico to attack the U.S. if the U.S. went to war with Germany If Germany won the war, it would give Mexico back the land the U.S. took after the Mexican-American War of 1848


22 Zimmerman Note British gov’t intercepted the note
Leaked to the U.S. newspapers Americans angry/wanted war Germany also started sinking American ships with U-boats again April 6, 1917 Congress declared war against Germany

23 Questions If the U.S. declared war on Germany, who would they have an alliance with??? If Germany had not sent the Zimmerman Note and attacked U.S. ships, do you think that the U.S. would have entered WWI???

24 Sources Textbook: The American Republic Since 1877
Pictures: Google Images

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