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Archduke Franz Ferdinand – second in line to the throne of Austria-Hungary.

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2 Archduke Franz Ferdinand – second in line to the throne of Austria-Hungary

3 Franz Ferdinand & Sophie von Chotkovato Emperor Franz Josef refused to permit their relationship. Marriage rules: Descendents would not be allowed to succeed to the throne. Sophie could not accompany her husband in the royal carriage. She could not sit by his side in the royal box. Franz Joseph


5 One daughter, Sophie, and two sons, Maximilian and Ernst.

6 1913: Franz was made Inspector General of the Austro-Hungarian Army. 1914: Governor of Bosnia province invited him to watch his troops on maneuvers, and Sophie would be welcome to come! June 28, 1914, Franz and Sophie traveled by train to Sarajevo. Franz was in full military uniform and Sophie wore a white dress with a red sash and a large hat adorned with a red feather.

7 The Black Hand Unity or Death Colonel Dragutin Dimitrijevic, Chief of the Intelligence Dept. Nedjelko Cabrinovic, Gavrillo Princip, and Trifko Grabez were sent to assassinate Franz Ferdinand. Members wanted Bosnia to leave the Austrian Empire.

8 The couple arrived in Sarajevo at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 28 th, 1914. They were met by the governor and were taken in a procession to the city hall. Franz and Sophie were in the second car, a convertible. At 10:10 Cabrinovic hurled a hand grenade at the car. The driver accelerated and it exploded under the wheel of the next car. The cars sped on so quickly that the other assassins were unable to attempt a hit. The remaining cars go to City Hall for the reception. Afterwards, Franz and Sophie visit the hospital to see the wounded.



11 Against advice of officials, the two get back into the car to go to the hospital.

12 The driver took a wrong turn by the café. He turned down a one-way alley. Princip was standing on the corner as the car went by. The driver began to back up and as he moved slowly past Princip, about five feet away, Princip fired several times into the car. Franz Ferdinand was hit in the neck and Sophie was hit in the abdomen. Franz screamed, Sophie dear! Sophie dear! Dont die! Stay alive for our children! Both died shortly afterward at the governors Residence.

13 Princip was wrestled to the ground by police and witnesses.



16 The funeral of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife.


18 Dominoes Austria-Hungary punishes Serbia for assassination. Serbia asks for help from Russia. Russia declares war on Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary asks for help from Germany. Germany declares war on Russia. Russia asks for help from France. France declares war on Austria-Hungary and Germany. France asks for help from England. England declares war on Austria-Hungary and Germany.

19 Gavrilo Princip. Did he start World War One?

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