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Causes of World War I.

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1 Causes of World War I

2 Background causes Imperialism - Germany felt it deserved more colonies in Africa and Asia Nationalism - Europeans had strong feelings of pride toward their own countries Militarism - belief that a nation needs a large military Alliances - Europe had divided into two opposing alliances: Central Powers - Austria-Hungary, Germany, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria, Allies - Serbia, Russia, France, Great Britain, and Italy

3 Event that started WWI June 28, 1914 Serbian shot and killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to Austria-Hungary Austria declared war on Serbia, war began


5 How WWI was fought Trench warfare - troops stayed in trenches and fired at each other. Trenches stretched across France to Switzerland Also used: tanks, machine guns, poison gas, airplanes, and U-boats (German submarines)

6 Trenches Machine Guns & Poison Gas Masks

7 Poison Gas



10 U Boats Airplane & Zeppelin

11 America’s Path to War Pres. Wilson wanted a policy of neutrality (refusing to take sides) May 1915, German U-Boat torpedoed the British ship Lusitania, turning many Americans against Germany

12 Zimmermann Telegram Discovered by the British
Zimmermann Telegram Discovered by the British. Germany wanted Mexico to join war. In return, Germany would help Mexico their territories back from America. March German submarines sank three American ships. Pres. Wilson declared war in April.



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