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Agenda 1/6/09 Welcome! Introduction Game Free-Response Question Homework: None.

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1 Agenda 1/6/09 Welcome! Introduction Game Free-Response Question Homework: None

2 AP US Government Exam Monday May 4, 2009 8AM Constitutional Underpinnings of US Govt (5-15%) Political Beliefs and Behaviors (10-20%) Political Parties, Interest Groups, and Mass Media (10- 20%) Institutions of Natl Govt: The Congress, the Presidency, the Bureaucracy, and the Federal Courts (35-35%) Public Policy (5-15%) Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (5-15%)

3 Agenda 1/7/09 Warm Up- Using only your brains, list as many of the powers of the president as you can. Article !! And the Executive Branch Ch. 8 Jigsaw- Read, take notes, presentation Homework: Read and take notes Ch. 9 315-331.

4 Presentations Group 1- 281-285. Group 2- 286-293. Group 3- 294-297. Group 4- 298-302. Group 5- 306-310. Cover the material in you section Include the definition/explanation of the bold words from the section in the presentation All members speak PowerPoint is easily readable and easy to take notes from

5 Agenda 1/9/09 Ch. 8 Presentations AP Exam, Movie Nights, Field Trip Homework: Finish Reading/Taking Notes Ch. 9

6 Agenda 1/12/09 Ch. 8 Grade Makers Self- Grade Free Response #1 Homework: Read Lanahan #35. Highlight and take notes on the article. Come up with 5 questions for discussion. Due tomorrow!

7 Agenda 1/13/09 Warm Up: Take a 5 min to prepare questions for discussion Lanahan #35 Discussion Ch. 8 Grademakers Homework: Read Lanahan #31. Ch. 8 Grademakers due Friday.

8 Agenda 1/14/09 Class in PC Lab Neustadt for Dummies Homework: Finish Ch. 8 Grademakers

9 Agenda 1/16/09 Homework Check: Ch. 8 Grademakers Finish Neustadt for Dummies Ch. 8 Pop Quiz Homework: Have a list of who you think were the top 5 best presidents in US History and why.

10 Agenda 1/21/09 Review Ch. 8 Quiz Best Presidents of All-Time Obamas Inaugural Address Homework: Ch. 9 Grademakers

11 Agenda 1/23/09 Obama Inaugural Address Free-Write Current Events- Guantanamo Bay Homework: Read Lanahan #40, make margin notes/highlight and 5 discussion questions. Review Ch. 9 in textbook (read if you havent previously) Have a wonderful weekend!

12 Agenda 1/26/09 Executive Branch Movie Lanahan #40 Discussion Homework: Ch. 9 Grademakers

13 Agenda 1/27/09 Federal Bureaucracy Short Essay (PC Lab) Homework: Finish essay due tomorrow!

14 Agenda 1/28/09 Turn in essays Ch. 9 Exam 35 Multiple Choice 1 Free-Response (timed 25 min) Homework: Ch. 9 Grademakers due Friday!

15 Agenda 1/30/09 Homework Check: Ch. 9 Grade Makers Grade Quizzes (Multiple Choice) Review FR Question Federalist #78 Judicial Branch Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle Homework: Read Ch. 10 pgs. 347-356

16 Federalist 78 Questions Why does Hamilton believe that the judiciary is the least dangerous branch? Given what we know of the Supreme Court today, what do you think of Hamiltons statement that the judiciary is beyond comparison the weakest of the three branches? Hamilton clearly states that the courts have the responsibility to declare laws void (unenforceable) if they go against the Constitution. Why must this be true? In addition to declaring laws void, what other obligation does the judiciary have in regard to laws and the Constitution? If these powers that the courts hold over the legislature are used, then why cant we say that the courts are superior to the legislature? Why is independence of judges necessary? How did the Constitution provide judges a measure of independence?

17 Agenda 2/3/09 Review Federalist 78 Questions Turn in Judicial Branch Crossword Puzzle (Extra Credit) Texas v. Johnson (1989) Background What is Symbolic Speech? When Is It Protected? Majority Opinion Dissenting Opinion Discussion Judicial Branch Video Homework: Catch up on late work (see Infinite Campus)

18 Agenda 2/4/09 Texas v. Johnson (1989) (30 min) Background What is Symbolic Speech? When Is It Protected? Majority Opinion Dissenting Opinion Discussion (15 min) Written Opinion (10 min) Supreme Court Video (30 min) Ch. 10 Reading Late work catch-up Homework: Finish Reading Ch. 10

19 Agenda 2/6/09 Watch Gideons Trumpet Homework: None

20 Agenda 2/9/09 Finish Gideons Trumpet (30 min) Finish/Review Movie Questions (10 min) Gideon Cartoon (10 min) Gideon at 45 (25 min) Homework: Define the key terms in Ch. 10 (at the end of the chapter)

21 Gideon v. Wainright at 45 Read the two articles and your movie notes, then write an essay (1 pg) answering the following question: What is the significance of the Gideon case to the Constitution? What is the significance to us, the citizens? Has the Gideon case truly solved the problem of the right to counsel? If so, how and why? If not, how and why?

22 Agenda 2/10/09 Review Gideon Questions (5 min) Finish Gideon v. Wainwright Questions (15 min) Jigsaw Presentations Ch. 10 Homework: Catch Up

23 Agenda 2/11/09 Finish PowerPoints (20 min) Ch. 10 Presentations (30 min) Lanahan 42: Read, Annotate, 5 Discussion Qs (15 min) Lanahan 42 Discussion (20 min) Current Events Web Surfing (15 min) Homework: Study for Ch. 10 Quiz

24 Agenda 2/17/09 Supreme Court Case Research Paper- D3 Lab Homework: Study for Ch. 10 Quiz

25 Agenda 2/18/09 Finish Ch. 10 Presentations (10 min) Study Time (10 min) Ch. 10 Quiz (75 min) Website (5 min) Homework: Work on essay due next Wednesday!

26 Warm Up 2/20/09 What does it mean to be conservative or liberal in American politics? Think about major issues that may help to define these terms: Military spending Health care Taxes Entitlement programs (welfare, social security, medicare/medicaid) Moral issues Etc. Jot down notes on what you think it means to be a conservative or liberal

27 Agenda 2/20/09 Warm Up (5 min) Conservative vs. Liberal (15 min) Political Party Card Sort (10 min) Political Ideology Survey (15 min) How Are Our Political Ideologies Formulated? (15 min) Homework: Work on Essay due Wednesday. Have a wonderful weekend!

28 How Are Our Political Ideologies Formulated? What factors influence our beliefs? How does society socialize our beliefs to fit into the American political structure? Think about factors such as: Family School and Peers Mass Media Religious Beliefs Race and Ethnicity Gender Age Region Impact of Events Take 10 minutes to write a personal opinion response to this question 10 min class discussion

29 Agenda 2/23/09 Work time on essay- D3 Lab Homework: Essay due Wednesday!

30 How Are Our Political Ideologies Formulated? What factors influence our beliefs? How does society socialize our beliefs to fit into the American political structure? Think about factors such as: Family School and Peers Mass Media Religious Beliefs Race and Ethnicity Gender Age Region Impact of Events Take 10 minutes to write a personal opinion response to this question 10 min class discussion

31 Agenda 2/25/09 Warm Up (20 min) State of the Nation Speech (60-70 min) Take notes on critiques/agreements you have with the speech. Be ready to share to the class Homework: Read Ch. 11 and complete key terms due Friday! Be ready to discuss polling when you come into class Friday.

32 Agenda 2/27/09 Finish reading Ch. 11, finish key terms (45 min) If finished, begin reading Ch. 12 and key terms Public Opinion and Political Socialization Lecture (20 min) Homework: Read Lanahan #55- write a 1/2 page response to the article, write 2-3 questions you have about the article, and make 5 discussion questions. Due Monday. Bring $3 for movie night on Monday.

33 Agenda 3/2/09 Movie Night Logistics $3-$5 by TOMORROW! 6-8:15PM Room B-13 All The Presidents Men Turn in Ch. 11 Key Terms, Essay Finish Ch. 11 Lecture (10 min) Comprehension Check (10 min) Discussion Lanahan #55 (20 min) Homework: Read Ch. 12, answer questions, and finish key terms

34 Ch. 11 Comprehension Check The founder of modern-day polling is: A. Louis Harris B. George Gallup C. Steve Roper D. Walter Lippman An unscientific survey used to gauge public opinion on issues and policies is called a: A. Deliberative poll B. Exit C. Straw Poll Public Opinion Poll

35 The popular magazine which from 1920-1932 correctly predicted the outcome of every presidential election based on unscientific surveys of the public was A. The American Voter B. The Voice of the People C. Public Opinion and American Democracy D. Literary Digest Which of the following would be considered agents of political socialization? A. Schools and peers B. Families C. TV, radio, newspapers and the Internet D. All of the above

36 The influence of family on political socialization stems from: A. communication B. Receptivity C. Time with parents D. All of the above Most first-year college students identify themselves as being: A. liberal B. conservative C. Far right D. Middle of the road

37 Based on public opinion polling, women tend to be: A. More liberal about issues of social welfare concerns B. More negative about war and military interventions C. concerned about terrorism and national security at home D. All of the above Which of the following groups tends to be the most liberal? A. those who attend church regularly B. Jews C. Catholics D. Protestants

38 What percentage of Americans today report that they consider religion an important part of their lives? A. 47 B. 76 C. 91 D. 99 The single largest predictor of the vote today, following party identification, is: A. Age B. Gender C. Race D. Religion

39 People can be influenced in forming political opinions by ideology, party affiliation and social grouping. They may also be influenced by: A. Personal benefits B. Political knowledge C. Cues from leaders and opinion-makers D. All of the above The political knowledge of Americans is quite low. In a 2002 survey, what percent of Americans could not identify the Chief Justice of the US? A. 69 B. 12 C. 37 D. 41

40 Agenda 3/3/09 Movie Night!!! TONIGHT: 6PM-8:15PM Room B-13 $3-$5 All the Presidents Men Grades Ch. 12 Reading, Questions, Key Terms (35 min) Homework: Finish reading Ch. 12 and finish questions/key terms

41 Agenda 3/4/09 Collect Ch. 12 questions/key terms Political Parties Lecture (35 min) Free Write (20 min) Trivia (20 min) Homework: Read Lanahan #73/77. ½ response to each author.

42 Agenda 3/6/09 Collect Ch. 12 questions/key terms Free Write Questions (15 min) Prepare for discussion (10 min) Discussion- Lanahan 73 & 77 (40 min) Homework: Have a wonderful weekend!

43 Free Write 3/6/09 15 minutes- answer each question in complete sentences. Use your book and peers to help. Why do minor parties form? Analyze why third parties are so rarely successful. What explanations does the book give for the persistence of the two-party system? Describe the structure of the major political parties, making sure you understand the roles of the national committees, congressional committees, and the national chairmen.

44 Agenda 3/9/09 Ch. 16 Read and Key Terms Federalist #10 (25 min) Homework: Ch. 11-12 Quiz tomorrow! 8494/ 8494/

45 Agenda 3/10/09 Ch. 11-12 Quiz (45 min) Interest Groups Lecture (20 min) Supreme Court Research Essays (10 min) Homework: Finish up Ch. 16 work

46 Agenda 3/11/09 Ch. 16 Interest Groups Lecture (20 min) Interest Group Assignment (80 min) Homework: Finish Interest Group Assignment due Friday

47 Agenda 3/13/09 Collect Interest Group Assignment Ch. 11-12 Quiz- Group Re-do Homework: Due Monday Read Lanahan #62 and write ½ page response Read Washingtons Once and Future Lobby and answer questions

48 Agenda 3/16/09 Create 3 discussion questions for Lanahan #62 and Washingtons Once and Future Lobby (10 min) Discussion (25 min) Explanation of Practice AP Exam (10 min) No Homework

49 Agenda 3/17/09 Practice AP Exam- FL Rec Center

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