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Introducing Gov’t In America

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1 Introducing Gov’t In America

2 Reading Focus Political knowledge Age and political knowledge
Media (tv/internet) & political knowledge Definition of government Functions of government Politics Policymaking/public policy

3 1.) Why political knowledge?
Civic tolerance – understanding/debating others Find policies important to you Encourage participation

4 2.) Participating in Political Process
Figures 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 (age and politics) Years with presidential elections? Are you more likely to benefit? Why/why not? Examples?? Old age = medicare Youth = voting age (26th amendment, 18 years to vote)

5 3.) 1960s and 1970s Could not avoid political events/coverage - why?
Major networks had extensive coverage in the past Today – MORE channels! Just change the channel.

6 4.) Effects of cable t.v./internet
More choices available (especially online) Can be an opportunity and challenge How?

7 5.) What is Government? Gov’t: the INSTITUTIONS that make decisions for a society Institutions include: Congress, president, courts, and the bureaucracy

8 Two Themes How should we govern? What should gov’t do? Democracy
SCOPE of government Too much, too little, just enough

9 6.) 5 main functions Nat’l defense Public services Preserve order
Education (socialize the young) Collect taxes

10 7.) Harold Lasswell Definition of POLITICS
Who gets what, when and how.

11 7.) Lasswell Defined Who: voters, candidates, groups, and parties
What: benefits and burdens How: political participation (most common form is _________) guesses?? 8.) Inevitably…there will be winners and losers Get what you want or NOT!

12 9.) Policymaking System Who does it start with?
How does it get from the start to finish

13 10.) Policy and Impact Table 1.1 in book (page 12)
5 important policy actions to know IMPACT: do the policy actions actually work?? Was the goal achieved? Civil Rights Act of 1964/Voting Rights Act of 1965 Eisenhower sending federal troops to Little Rock Brown vs. Board of Education

14 Issues Obama Addressed in Inaugural Speech
Poverty Economic Recovery Safety Protecting natural resources/Climate change Sustainable resources Help people take risks (aid for people)

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