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Y TTRIUM - Y Done by: jae yun Class: 7.1 Student number:#12.

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2 Y TTRIUM - Y Done by: jae yun Class: 7.1 Student number:#12

3 YTRRIUM One of the metals from the periodic tables

4 HISTORY The name yttrium is from a village in Sweden, Ytterby. Also from the word Yttria which means earth containing Yttrium. Yttrium was discovered by Johan Gadolin in 1794 (Finland).

5 APPEARANCE Metalic luster Ductile Silver Reactive metal

6 P ROPERTIES Symbol: Y Atomic Number: 39 Melting point: 1500 degree Celsius Boiling point: 3336 degree Celsius Electronic shell: [ Kr ] 4d 1 5s 2 Relatively stable in air until it is divided. Yttrium will melt or burn in air if the temperature exceeds. Natural yttrium has only 89 yttrium.

7 W HERE IS IT USED ? WHAT IS IT ? When refining metals yttrium is used to remove impurities. Used in metal alloys Reacts with water, which makes it decompose and release hydrogen gas.

8 WHAT IS IT ? Rare earth metal and also a rare chemical

9 U SES Used in laser systems Potential use in glass and ceramic formulas Deoxider for vanadium and other metals Catalyst in the polymerization of ethelyn.

10 W HERE CAN IT BE FOUND ? Color television Fluorescent lamps Energy saving lamps glasses

11 H EALTH EFFECTS Lung embolism: damp and gasses can be in haled with air that has yttrium when it is exposed in a very long time. Cancer: causes lung cancer when yttrium is inhaled Threat to liver: when yttrium accumulates with the body

12 E FFECT ON THE ENVIRONMENT ? Yttrium leaks in to the environment when the household items gets thrown away and also in petrol producing industries yttrium is dumped. Which has negative effects on the water animals as their cell membranes will be killed and it will be hard for them to reproduce. Also it has a negative impact on the nerve system.

13 B IBLIOGRAPHY Pictures: Johan_Gadolin.jpg Johan_Gadolin.jpg

14 BIBLIOGRAPHY Information Anne, Marie Helmenstine yttium facts about 21 st April 2010 Unknown yttrium periodic 24 th April 2010 Unknown what is yttrium wisegeek 24 th April 2010 Unknown yttrium – (Y) lenntech 24 th April 2010

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