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P OTASSIUM By Katherine

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2 P OTASSIUM By Katherine

3 P HYSICAL P ROPERTIES OF P OTASSIUM Color: silvery-white Hardness: 0.5 State: solid Conductivity: Thermal: 90; Electric: 102.5 Metal, Non-metal, or Metallic: Metallic

4 C RYSTALLINE STRUCTURE Body–centered cubic

5 P HYSICAL PROPERTIES Symbol: K Atomic Number: 19 Atomic Weight:39.1 #of Protons:19 # of Electrons:19 # of Neutrons:20 Potassium’s reaction with water. Number of Protons: Electrons: Neutrons:

6 P OTASSIUM FACTS Block: s-block Period:4 Group:1 Electron configuration: A(r)4s

7 U SES OF POTASSIUM Fertilizers Photographic uses Iodized salt Medicine In Bananas!!! Fire works, and explosives The black powder in guns Can help police when testing for intoxications Safe uses Not so safe uses…

8 U SES OF POTASSIUM ( CONTINUED ) Potassium is responsible for the function of the muscles, the fluid balance in our bodies, and for the function of cells. It has been shown affective in reducing blood pressure. Without potassium we would all die. Most important of all is it is responsible for our heart beat.

9 A BUNDANCES Where my item is found: the universe, the sun, a meteorite, crustal rocks, sea water, streams, and humans.

10 C HEMICAL PROPERTIES Chemical properties: chemical symbol is k for kalium which means Alkali metal. Reactivity: water -almost explodes Oxidation states: +1

11 I NTERESTING FACTS ABOUT POTASSIUM It plays a vital role in controlling the movement inside cells and its essential to the working of fluids inside the nerves and the heart. Potassium salts are mined in Strassfurt, Germany and the United States of America.

12 I NTERESTING FACTS ABOUT POTASSIUM One of the earliest uses for potassium was soap. Potassium is essential for plant growth and animal development. It makes up about 1.5% by weight on earth’s crust. tch?v=txkRCIPSsjM

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