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By: TB 7.4 #21 Terbium (Tb).

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1 By: TB 7.4 #21 Terbium (Tb)

2 Basic Information Atomic number = 65 Symbol = Tb Density = 8.229 g/cc
Melting Point = K Boiling Point = K Number of Protons and Electrons: 65  Number of Neutrons: 94 

3 What is Terbium? Terbium is ductile, soft and rare It is metallic
The color is silver- grey It contains many minerals (eg. gadolinite, monazite, xenotime, etc)

4 What is Terbium? Has a hexogonal shape
Mostly a negative atomic structure 65 positive and 94 negative Terbium is not considered as hazardous towards the environment or animals.

5 How Terbium is named? Discovered by Carl Gustaf Mosander
Discovered in Sweden in 1843 Some people believed that Terbium is named after the 3 major components

6 What Is It Used For? Terbium Is used for colored television tubes
Terbium Is used for X-rays Terbium is used for Lasers Terbium is used in Alloys

7 Bibliography Mosander.jpg Basic facts about terbium. Terbium-Tb. 12/4/10. Terbium-Tb. Terbium-Periodic table of elements. 12/4/10. mentfacts/a/terbium.htm Bentor, Yinoa. Tb-Terbium. Terbium facts. 12/4/10.

8 Game Time The following slides are optional and is created to test if you were paying attention to this power point. To play, there are 3-5 different answers to a question but only 1 is correct. To answer click on the answer you choose! Have FUN! 

9 Question 1 What is the symbol of Terbium? Te Tr Tb

10 Incorrect Back 

11 Question 2 Who discovered Terbium and when?
A Carl Mustafa Mosander 1867 B Carl Gustafa Mosander 1843 C Carl Gustaf Mosander 1843 D Earl Mustaf Mosander 1857

12 Incorrect Back 

13 Question 3 What color is terbium? Brown Silver-Gray Gray Silver Pink

14 Incorrect Back 

15 Congratulations You have past the test and if you did the test correctly you have paid attention to my power point! Thank You for reading My power point about Terbium and I hope you learn more about Tb! By: TB 7.4 #21 

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