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The Element Carbon Anabella S. 7.3 #23.

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1 The Element Carbon Anabella S. 7.3 #23

2 Element Name: Carbon Symbol: C Atomic Number: 6 Atomic Weight: 12.011

3 Melting Point of Carbon is 3820 K = 3547°C Boiling Point of Carbon is: 5100 K = 4827°C

4 Element Classification!!!
Carbon is classified as a Non-Metal!!!

5 Discovery of Carbon… No one really discovered carbon. Carbon has been free in nature and has been known since ancient time.

6 Brief Description about Carbon
Carbon is the 6th element in the periodic table. It’s symbol is C and it’s atomic number is 6. Carbon is a non-metal that has an atomic weight Carbon’s melting point is 3547°C and it’s boiling point is 4827°C. Carbon’s appearance is dense and it’s color is black. (as a graphite) Carbon is the “magic” element for everything on earth. All life on earth depends on carbon!!! Carbon is nearly in every biological compounds that make up our body, systems, organs, cells and organelles. When we breathe out, it is carbon combined with oxygen (CO2). Carbon has been used and known for thousands of years. Carbon is a very stable element. But when it is combined with other elements, it can be quite reactive. Scientists describe the three states of carbon as diamond, amorphous and graphite.

7 Uses of Carbon Carbon forms lots and different kinds of compounds that has limitless uses. Thousands of carbon compounds are really important to life processes. Here are some uses of carbon: -Diamond: Diamond is one big chunk of carbon. It is a really valuable gemstone that is used on jewelries. Diamonds can also be used for cutting, drilling and as bearings. -Graphite: Graphite is another special form of carbon. In pencils, the black stuff we write with is graphite. Graphite is also used to protect things against rust and for melting metals. -Amorphous: Amorphous is another name for charcoal. It is used to remove toxins, tastes and odors. Charcoal is used for barbeques as well. -Petroleum Products: Carbon is the most important part of gasoline. Gasoline is made from oil and oil contains carbon. -Plastics: Everything that is plastic has carbon in it. Carbon is the most important element of plastic. Like gasoline, plastic things are made from oil and oil contains carbon.

8 Did You Know??? Facts!!!

9 Did you know that: Carbon is on all living organisms (including in our bodies). Carbon can form one of the hardest substances, which is diamond and one of the softest substances, which is graphite. Carbon is made from the insides of stars. Carbon has the highest melting points of the elements Pure carbon is considered non-toxic, but when you breathe in fine particles like soot can damage your lungs. Carbon is the 4th most common element in the universe! All life on earth depends on Carbon!!!

10 Hazardous Effect to the Environment
Carbon Dioxide Carbon forms carbon dioxide when it combines with oxygen. When you breathe out, you usually breathe out carbon dioxide. The formula CO2 means that there are 2 oxygen atoms and 1 carbon atom. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. It is a main pollutant that is warming the earth. It is a pollutant when cars, planes, power plants release carbon dioxide. Other human activities that involve burning fossil fuels like gasoline and natural gas are also pollutants. For the past 150 years, those activities pumped enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to raise its level higher than they have been a long time ago and this is causing global warming.

11 Helpful Information All plants have carbon as their most important element. Without carbon, plants would not exist. So it means that: Every animal on earth needs carbon to survive We also can’t eat carbon straight away, because it needs to be in plants before we can do anything with it. We eat plants such as vegetables, so we also need carbon to survive. Lastly, carbon is on all living organisms , so we do need carbon to survive.

12 Carbon Pictures!!! Diamond is one form of pure Carbon
Graphite, another form of carbon

13 The Bibliography is on my wiki page!!! 


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