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Element project By: Alexis Swinney.

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1 Element project By: Alexis Swinney

2 Yttrium Atomic Number-39 Atomic Mass Protons-39 Neutrons-50 Electrons-39

3 Yttrium Common Naturally Occurring Isotopes
yttrium 87, yttrium88, yttrium 89, yttrium 90, yttrium91

4 Yttrium How atomic mass is found… Yttrium 87-(86.91087573x0)
( x0)+( x0)+( x100)+( x0)+( x0)=88.905

5 Yttrium

6 Electron Configuration for Yttrium
1s2 2s2p6 3s2p6d10 4s2p6d1 5s2 [Kr] 5s14d1

7 Common uses Yttrium Oxide is one of the most important compounds of yttrium and accounts for the largest use. It is widely used in making YVO4 europium, and Y2O3 europium phosphors to give the red color in color television tubes. Yttrium oxide also is used yttrium –iron-garnets, which are very effective microwave filters.

8 How, Where and who discovered yttrium
Who: Johan Gadolin Where: Ytterby Finland How: He discovered it while analyzing the composition of the mineral gadolinite

9 Magnesium Atomic number- 12 Atomic Mass- 24.305 Protons-12 Neutrons-12

10 Magnesium Common natural occurring isotopes
Magnesium 24 magnesium 25 and magnesium 26 How atomic mass is found magnesium 24 (mass= ) (abundancy=78.99%) magnesium 25 (mass= ) (abundancy=10%) magnesium 26 (mass= ) (abundancy=11.01%) ( x .7899) + ( x .10) + ( x .1101) = amu

11 Magnesium

12 Magnesium Electron configuration 1s2,2s2,2p6,3s2 [Ne] 3s2

13 Magnesium Common uses jet-engine parts, rockets and missiles, luggage frames, portable power tools, and cameras and optical instruments.

14 Magnesium Who: Sir Humphry Davy

15 Holmium Atomic number: 67 Mass number: 164.93032 Protons: 67
Neutrons: 97 Electrons: 67

16 Holmium Common Naturally occurring isotopes

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