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Present Perfect or Past Simple? That is the question!

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1 Present Perfect or Past Simple? That is the question!

2 His shoes are dirty. He is cleaning his shoes. He has cleaned his shoes. His shoes are clean now!


4 He cleaned his shoes yesterday. They are dirty now!


6 TASK 1 Divide these characteristics into two parts belonging to Present Perfect or Past Simple

7 It puts emphasis on the result. It characterizes an action that stopped recently.

8 It describes a finished action that has an influence on the present. Express a past state or habit.

9 It expresses finished events in the past with no connection to the present. Its used for stories / lists of events in the past. We use it to talk about experiences. It is important if we have done it in our lives or not.


11 snbvsincebxe everbrovnmav dorcfectzoln lnfowhensoro agomduseikez tarkjmovxean cpxvuilesndo meyesterdayp lpedturmoplo antamvsabunv saxsuoneroxz thenbuznakeb TASK3: FIND 12 TIME EXPRESSIONS OF THE PAST SIMPLE AND THE PRESENT PERFECT IN THE TABLE.

12 TASK 4: READ THE SENTENCES, FIND AND CORRECT THE MISTAKES. 1.Tom arrived last week. 2.Have you seen Pam last week? 3.I have finished my work. 4.I have finished my work at 2 am. 5.When have you finished your work? 6.He has left school 3 years ago. 7.Where is Ann? She has gone to the cinema. 8.Napoleon has died in 1821. 9.Have you ever been to Britain? 10.The weather has been very bad last week.



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