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General Education Office

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1 General Education Office
LA.121 / LA1301 English 1 Introduction to the Present Perfect Tense

2 Present Perfect Tense In this presentation we will study: Forms Usage
Present perfect vs. Past simple and we will Practise with some exercises

3 Present Perfect Tense - Forms
have / has + past participle (V3ed) Affirmative I have seen the film before. She has seen the film before. Interrogative Have you seen the film before? Has she seen the film before? Negative They haven’t seen the film before. He hasn’t seen the film before. NOTE - I/we/you/they/Noun (plural) + have - He/she/it/Noun (single) + has

4 Present Perfect Tense - Usage
Recent events: It is used to describe recent events without a definite time. Why are they so happy? They have just won the lottery so they are really pleased. Why are you looking so dirty? - I have repaired my car.

5 Present Perfect Tense - Usage
2. Personal experiences: It is used to express personal experiences (things that you have done). I have never been to Japan. Have you ever been there? I have met Matt Damon. Have you ever met him?

6 Present Perfect Tense - Usage
3. Ongoing actions It is used to express actions that: started in the past and continue to the present, the time period is not finished. We use for and since with this meaning. We use for with periods of time and since with points of time. I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning. I am really hungry. I haven’t drunk anything for two days. I am terribly thirsty.

7 Past Simple vs. Present Perfect
- With definite time expression in the past I went to France last year. Express an action happened and ended in the past I wrote this letter yesterday. - Express an older information He failed the examination last year. Without definite time expression I have been there three times. Express an action happened in the past and continue until the present I have written this letter since yesterday. - Express a new information He has failed the examination again.

8 Exercise 1. Write the following in the Present Perfect.
1. You / correct / my mistakes. 2. You / practise / your English. 3. She / tidy up / her room. 4. The boss / sign / the letter. 5. Mary / shut / the door. 6. Tony / build / a house.

9 Exercise 2. Rewrite using Present Perfect or Past Simple
1. Mary / win / the lottery last year. 2. We / already / prepare / dinner. 3. James / find / your ring in the garden yesterday. 4. He / just / come / home. 5. They / buy / their car two years ago. 6. I / see / anyone yet. 7. Phil / go / to the cinema last night.

10 Summary In this presentation we have studied:
Forms (have/has, haven’t/hasn’t, + V3) Usage (recent events, past experience, ongoing( Present perfect vs. Past simple (specific time)

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