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Kinds of Cookies Rolled Dropped Bar Refrigerator Pressed Molded.

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2 Kinds of Cookies Rolled Dropped Bar Refrigerator Pressed Molded

3 Rolled Cookies

4 Stiff Dough Rolled Out – rolling pin/pastry cloth Cut from dough – cookie cutters 1/8 to 1/4 inches thick

5 Dropped Cookies

6 Soft Dough Drop (Push) cookies from spoon to cookie sheet 2 inches apart – cookies spread

7 Bar Cookies

8 Soft Dough Dough is spread in pan (jelly roll/square pan)

9 Refrigerator Cookies

10 Stiff Dough High Proportions of FAT 2 inch roll, wrap in plastic wrap, refrigerate When FIRM – cut into thin slices

11 Pressed Cookies

12 Stiff Dough (Very Rich) Cookie Press – utensil used to make shapes

13 Molded Cookies

14 Stiff Dough Shape with fingers

15 Ingredients Flour Sugar Liquid Fat Salt Egg Leavening Agent

16 Flour Flour is a toughening agent All-Purpose flour is most used flour in American kitchens Flour mixed with liquids produces Gluten Gluten is an elastic substance that is produced by the proteins found in flour Flour should be stored in a cool dry place

17 Liquids Play a role in developing gluten Make physical and chemical changes that add structure and texture to baked goods Water and milk are most common liquids used

18 Leavening Agents A substance that triggers a chemical reaction that allows baked goods to grow. Air, steam, baking soda, baking powder and yeast are all leavening agents Store these products in a cool dry place

19 Fats Add richness and flavor Common solid fats are butter, margarine and vegetable shortening. If a recipe calls for vegetable shortening and you dont have any you can melt Crisco shortening down. You can replace one fat with another in recipes

20 Sweeteners Add flavor, tenderness and browning Can not substitute different sweeteners for each other in a recipe Granulated sugar is highly refined sugar Powder sugar is granulated sugar with added cornstarch Brown sugar is granulated sugar coated with molasses Honey, Molasses and corn syrup are also other sweeteners

21 Eggs Eggs are multitaskers in a recipe Fats in the eggs add flavor, color, richness and tenderness Certain fats in the yolk create a chemical reaction binding liquids and fats in the recipes to keep batter from separating

22 Flavorings Add variety to baked products Vanilla is most common liquid flavoring Adding liquid or spice flavorings to a recipe that does not call for them can change your recipe completely.

23 Conventional Mixing Method Blend sugar and fat until smooth Add eggs, liquid, flavorings Add dry ingredients – add flour all at once Cream together

24 Cookie Sheets Shiny Aluminum – reflect heat cookie - consist shape, color, diameter Insulated cookie – not as brown, tender on bottom

25 Cookie Sheets Dark Nonstick cookie – small diameter, rounded, tops/bottoms browned Black Surface – absorbs heat cookie – cooks faster, round, small diameter

26 Storing Cookies Crisp Cookies container w/ loose fitting cover Freeze cookies for longer storage Soft Cookies container w/tight fitting cover

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