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Cakes & Cookies.

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1 Cakes & Cookies

Measure all ingredients accurately. Cream fat and sugar together (resembles whipped cream). Beat in eggs usually ONE AT A TIME. SIFT dry ingredients together. Add the dry ingredients and liquid ALTERNATELY to the creamed mixture. Begin and end with the DRY ingredients. Mix until well-blended (NOT incorporating air, just mixing!)

3 What’s the difference? Cookies and cakes use very similar ingredients and proportions. The main difference is that COOKIES have very little LIQUID Gives them a more substantial texture

4 Six Major Groups of Cookies:
ROLLED cookies DROP cookies BAR cookies REFRIGERATOR cookies MOLDED cookies PRESSED cookies

5 ROLLED COOKIES Use a stiff dough
Roll out the dough and cut with cookie cutters EX: sugar cookies *Rolled cookies are easier to roll and shape if the dough is CHILLED before ROLLING!

6 EX: Chocolate Chip Cookies
DROP COOKIES Made with a soft dough Leave 2” between cookies to allow for SPREADING while cooking Should be UNIFORM in size so cookies bake evenly EX: Chocolate Chip Cookies

7 BAR COOKIES Use a soft dough
Dough is spread into a pan (maybe 9x13), baked, and then sliced EX: Brownies Rice Krispie Treats

8 EX: icebox cookies, any slice-and-bake premade cookies
REFRIGERATOR COOKIES Also known as ICEBOX cookies Contain a high proportion of fat Dough is shaped into a long roll, refrigerated for several days, sliced, and baked Is SOFT before it’s chilled! EX: icebox cookies, any slice-and-bake premade cookies

9 MOLDED COOKIES The dough is shaped with the hands or fingers
Usually flattened with a fork or glass before baking EX: peanut butter cookies

10 PRESSED COOKIES A very rich, stiff dough that is packed into a cookie press A cookie press has perforated disks through which the dough is pushed through onto cookie sheets

11 Choices, choices… Butter vs. Margarine? What kind of baking sheet?
Greased or ungreased? How many sheets at a time? How long do they bake? How much time in between batches?

12 BUTTER vs. MARGARINE Butter adds a sweet, delicate, rich flavor to cookies! Use butter if possible for baking cookies unless the recipe specifies otherwise Unsalted butter is the preferred choice Salted butter can be used, but it’s difficult to control the amt. of salt in the recipe if used

13 What kind of baking sheet?
Shiny aluminum is best! Promotes even browning and a light brown crust Dark finishes absorb heat quicker and may cause the cookies to over-brown The baking sheet should have low sides, or no sides!   Baking sheets with a cushion of air between 2 layers are desirable as they help prevent over browning

14 Greased or ungreased? When a recipe calls for a greased baking sheet, lightly grease with vegetable shortening or a nonstick cooking spray An alternative to greasing is to cover the baking sheet with either parchment paper or a non-stick baking pad eliminate adding extra fat to the cookies, and also make cleaning the baking sheet easier! When a recipe states to use an ungreased baking sheet, the cookies can be placed directly on the baking sheet they should not stick after they are baked!

15 How many sheets at a time?
Cookies bake better if you bake just one sheet of cookies at a time! If the cookies are baking unevenly, try rotating the baking sheet 180 degrees half way through the baking time If you need to bake two sheets at a time, reverse the position of the sheets half way through the baking time, and rotate each 180 degrees

16 How long do they bake? Bake the Minimum Time!
Check for doneness at the minimum time length stated in a recipe, then bake a little longer if needed Cookies can easily overbake; watch for visual clues for doneness such as brown edges Baking times given in a recipe are only guidelines; each oven is different! Use a clean toothpick to check for doneness in bar cookies If just a few moist crumbs cling to the toothpick, they are probably done

17 How much time in between batches?
Let the Baking Sheet Cool! Otherwise the dough starts to soften and the cookies lose shape (spreading) before they are placed in the oven!

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