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5/11/20151 Write these … … 1.List and describe the basic baking ingredients and write the functions of each?

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1 5/11/20151 Write these … … 1.List and describe the basic baking ingredients and write the functions of each?

2 5/11/20152 Bakeshop Ingredients

3 5/11/ LEAVENING AGENT 2. TENDERIZER 7. PRESERVE TEXTURE 6. ENRICH 5. BINDER 3. COLOR 2 eggs whites can be substituted for 1 whole egg to reduce fat and calories. 1. FLAVOR

4 5/11/ Flour Protein and starch in flour accounts for most of the structure in baked goods. The higher the protein content in the flour the more gluten is produced. Cake & pastry flour has the least amount of protein TYPES OF FLOUR 1.Bread Flour (strongest) 2.All Purpose Flour (most versatile) 3.Self-Rising Flour (includes baking powder and salt) 4.Cake Flour (Weakest)

5 5/11/ Liquid Mix with flour to develop gluten. Gluten helps form structure of a baked good Milk and water are the most common. Milk adds flavor, nutrients and promotes browning Buttermilk: tangy flavor, makes the mixture more acidic, determines the kind of leavening agent needed.

6 5/11/ Forms the shape of the product Usually purchased pre-sifted Water and milk are the most common

7 5/11/ Yeast 2.Baking soda is a quick-acting leavening agent. It is only used when acids are present…the most common of which is “cream of tartar” 3.Baking powder is the most common of the quick-acting leavening agents. It is a combination of soda and acid. Quick-acting leavening agents are used in cakes and cookies. They do this by providing air, steam, or gas.

8 5/11/20158

9 9 4. Fat In baked products – add richness and flavor Tenderizing agent The fat coats the flour particles and causes the dough structure to separate into layers. Can be solid or liquid: Solid- shortening, lard, butter, margarine Refrigerate lard, butter & margarine Store shortening & oil at room temperature

10 5/11/ Butter or margarine; do NOT use soft margarines for baking, as they contain added water Cooking oils; do not substitute oils for solid fats Solid shortening

11 5/11/ Fats Butter, margarine and vegetable shortening are all used in baked goods. Butter gives the best flavor Butter and margarine are 80% fat, 20% liquid and melt quickly; shortening is 100% fat. Never use reduced fat spreads unless using a recipe designed for a specific spread.

12 5/11/ Fats Butter, margarine and vegetable shortening cannot be substituted for each other – use only what the recipe calls for

13 5/11/ Effects of Butter Enhances flavor better than sugar because it coats the taste buds with a flavor enhancer. Butter also tenderizes the baked good so that it has a soft texture The difference between salted butter and unsalted is the salted preserves better, but gives a slight aftertaste

14 5/11/ EGGS

15 5/11/ Eggs Add flavor, nutrients, richness & color to baked goods When beaten – they add air to mixture – making it lighter

16 5/11/ Sweeteners Sugar-adds sweetness and makes product tender. Adds flavor and helps crust brown

17 5/11/ Brown sugar must be packed into the measuring cup. It is an unrefined sugar with a high moisture content. Granulated sugar is the most common sweetener in baking. Molasses Honey Powdered sugar is also called confectioners sugar.

18 5/11/ Flavorings Fruits and nuts add flavor and texture to baked products. Examples of extracts (liquid) lemon, vanilla, almond Herbs, spices, extracts used in small amounts add flavor

19 5/11/ Extracts & flavoringsFruits & vegetables Raisins or flavored chips Nuts Candies

20 5/11/ SALT Salt adds flavor Strengthens gluten Salt enhances the sweetness of other ingredients in a baked product.

21 5/11/ Preheating Always check the recipe for instructions about preheating the oven. Be sure to set the oven temperature accurately Usually preheat an oven for 10 minutes.

22 5/11/ What are the functions of each ingredient?

23 5/11/201523

24 1.Define: biscuit method, cut in, drop biscuits, kneading, quick breads, rolled biscuits 2.What happens if you work biscuit dough too much? 3.Why roll biscuit dough to an even thickness? 4.What is the thickness to which dough should be rolled? 5.How do you test for doneness? 6.Describe the appearance of biscuits after they have been baked. 7. Liquid and fat should he at what temperature when using the quick-mix method?

25 1.List the step in biscuit making. Write these…

26 Biscuit Method Quick Breads Biscuit Method

27 Biscuit Method of Mixing The biscuit Method of mixing makes one basic type of bread – the biscuit (includes the scones and shortcakes)

28 How to make Biscuits

29 Basic Biscuit Ingredients Flour Sugar Butter/oil Leavening Agent Flavourings

30 Baking Biscuits Bake between 375° ° Reduce oven temperature by 25 ° when using a dark-colored metal pan

31 Making the Biscuits

32 If using a liquid fat… Mix the flour, baking powder, and salt together. Make a well in the flour. Pour buttermilk into this well and mix with your hands

33 Using a pastry blender, cut the lard into the flour. If using a solid fat (butter, shortening or lard)…

34 You can break up the lard with your hands if you do not have a pastry blender.

35 resemble coarse cornmeal!!!!Cut in fat - it should resemble coarse cornmeal!!!!) Add liquid last

36 Biscuits To avoid over mixing biscuits handle as little as possible Over-mixed biscuits will have a rounded top and rough crust

37 Under mixed Biscuits Has a low volume and a rounded top with a slightly rough crust

38 Sprinkle flour on top of the counter

39 Dump the mixture onto the counter

40 Knead the dough


42 Shape the dough into a ball

43 Start rolling the dough from the center out, pressing down firmly and evenly. Rotate the dough 45 degrees and repeat.

44 If the dough sticks, use a scraper to loosen it and lightly dust your surface again. Work quickly so the dough doesn't have a chance to soften and get sticky.

45 High quality Biscuits Even shape with a smooth and level top and straight sides



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