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The American Colonies. Jamestown, VA May 13, 1607: Arrival of 104 Male Settlers.

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1 The American Colonies

2 Jamestown, VA May 13, 1607: Arrival of 104 Male Settlers

3 WHY? For what reasons did individuals come to America?

4 Colonizing America Wealth

5 Colonizing America Religious dissent

6 Types of Colonies Royal Colonies –King –Ruled by royal governor

7 Types of Colonies Proprietary –Individuals or groups –King gifted land

8 Types of Colonies Charter –Established by charters –King –Colonies governed themselves

9 Regional Divisions

10 New England Colonies

11 Massachusetts (1620) Pilgrims (Plymouth) –Separatists wanted to separate from the Anglican Church –1st Thanksgiving –Mayflower Compact 41 men drew up the agreement to outline fair and equal laws for the colony; signed on the Mayflower 1620

12 Massachusetts (1630) Puritans Purify and reform Anglican Church Massachusetts Bay Colony Strict religious beliefs; radical John Winthrop “for wee must Consider that wee shall be as a Citty upon a Hill, the eies of all people are uppon us; soe that if wee shall deale falsely with our god in this worke wee have undertaken and soe cause him to withdrawe his present help from us” City Upon A Hill, 1630

13 –New Hampshire (1630) John Mason English and Scots-Irish settlers Economic freedom Settled for religious freedom Escape for those constricted by harsh religious and economic rules of the Puritans Royal Colony

14 –Rhode Island (1636) Roger Williams Exiled by Puritans in Mass.  settled in Providence Religious freedom Trade –Connecticut (1636) Thomas Hooker Dutch (economic freedom) and English (religious freedom) Asked to leave by Mass. Agriculture and trade

15 Middle Colonies

16 –New York (1626) Peter Minuit Dutch (Netherlands), taken over by English Trade and profits Anglican Proprietary to royal colony –New Jersey (1660) Lord Berkley Established by Sweden  became English Agriculture, trade and profits Proprietary to royal colony –Delaware (1638) Peter Minuit Dutch, Swedish and English Farming, trade and profits Proprietary

17 Pennsylvania (1682) –William Penn –Proprietary –Home to many European Immigrants: Swedish, Dutch, English, Scots-Irish and German –Farming Quakers –Equality and all possessed “Inner Light” –Pennsylvania

18 Southern Colonies

19 Virginia (1607) Jamestown 1st permanent settlement  mostly males (indentured servants and treasure hunters) 60/900 colonists survived Ruled by John Smith Founded by the Virginia Company –Joint-stock company: organized to raise money by selling stocks/shares to investors –Becomes royal House of Burgesses (1619)-22 representatives called burgesses met to outline laws for the colony

20 –Maryland (1634) George Calvert Religious freedom for Catholics Established for trade, finding precious metals and to locate a water passage across the continent Farming Proprietary

21 Maryland Act of Toleration 1649 Granted freedom of worship for all Catholics Symbolic beginning of freedom of religion

22 –North Carolina (1653) Group of proprietors: business venture Settlers from Virginia Farming, trade and profit Anglican –South Carolina (1670) Group of proprietors Settlers from France, English, Africans and Irish Food crops Anglican Proprietary to royal –Georgia (1733) General James Oglethorpe Spanish settlements taken by English Debtors and convicts  protect colonies from Spanish and French invasions Slow economic growth  farmed, harvested lumber and traded furs

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