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Post High School: Preparing for Life After High School Senior Parent Meeting.

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1 Post High School: Preparing for Life After High School Senior Parent Meeting

2 WELCOME!  Senior Calendar- will be emailed to parents  Tonight’s presentation on Guidance Webpage  Future Parent Meetings  Counselors will meet with Senior students on September 10 th and September 29 th to go over the College Process

3 Tonight’s Focus  Using Naviance / Family Connection in the College Application Process  The Application Process: What should I be doing now?

4 What is Naviance?  Naviance Succeed promotes college and career readiness with robust analytics, powerful communication and reporting tools and a student/family portal.  Courses, college, and career planning – Custom, interactive forms and surveys – Dynamic college search and comparison tool – On-line transcript requests and college application process, Multimedia college profiles – Resume of student accomplishments – Scattergrams of past applicants from your school – Scheduled visits by college representatives – Local financial aid opportunities – News updates from school!

5 Expectations  Scioto uses Naviance exclusively to manage the College Application Process. Students are expected to:  Apply on-line using the Common Application or through the institution’s website  Update Prospective & Active Applications in Naviance  Request Transcripts through Naviance  Complete Surveys in Naviance  Request Letters of Recommendation through Naviance  Request Transcript for NCAA with School Counselor

6 Link to Naviance

7 Scioto ’s Naviance / Family Connection Graduation Year First Name_Last Name (16borland_jon) Scioto Student ID

8 Helpful Links Documents Home Page Naviance / Family Connection – Home Page ` News from the Guidance Office

9 College Planning Tools We will post the date and time of college rep visits to Scioto. SallieMae National Scholarship Search Many Ways to Research Colleges: College Match College Lookup College Search Acceptance History

10 Scholarships  Students are encouraged to regularly check the “Scholarship List” within Naviance  Because the majority of scholarship money comes directly from the university, students should visit the scholarship & financial aid websites of the colleges they are applying to for scholarship opportunities.  Dublin Local Scholarship Process- February 2016  College Goal Sunday (FAFSA help with Financial Aid Reps) - February 14 th, 2016  

11 What Should I Be Doing Now ?

12 Timeline September/October – Senior Year  In Naviance’s Family Connection, update Resume  Double check deadlines (application and scholarship)  Send ACT and SAT scores to prospective colleges  Talk with teachers/counselor about letters of recommendation  Work on your essay or personal statement  Start college applications

13 Update Resume Resume

14 Sending SAT and ACT Scores  Students must contact the testing agency to request scores to be sent to each college.  Dublin City Schools does not report SAT or ACT scores on the transcript or release them to the institutions. SAT - ACT –

15 Before requesting a Recommendation... complete the Senior Inventory Student Completes the Senior Inventory

16 Teacher Recommendations  Check with the institution to see if a letter is required  New this year: OSU letter of rec optional but not required  Ask your teachers, in person, at least 3 weeks in advance  Students will complete the Senior Inventory in Naviance during counselor classroom guidance lesson  Make sure resume is complete in Naviance  Request Teacher Recommendations in Naviance- provide specific information about which schools rec is needed for, deadlines etc. A teacher cannot send a rec through Naviance until this is done.  Follow-up, Thank you notes

17 Request Teacher Recommendation in Naviance Request Teacher Recs

18 Provide Specific Information! Choose the teacher Provide the teacher with specific information here. Click here when finished.

19 How to Apply  Apply Online FIRST  Use the Common Application ( whenever possible. Check if supplement is  If an institution is not part of the Common Application, access their website directly to apply

20 Common Application  First create your username and password in the Common Application.  Add the schools you will be applying to.  Complete the FERPA agreement in the “Assign Recommenders” tab of your application. Click on the “Release Authorization” link.  In Naviance: Enter your Common Application Email in the Colleges Tab under the “Colleges I am Applying to” section.  Until the above steps are complete, we will not be able to send documents for the Common Application through Naviance.

21 The Transcript Process Apply online FIRST either with the Common Application or through the institution’s website Log on to Naviance – Complete the “Colleges I am Applying To” list Common Application School Hardcopy Transcript Package Mailed (by student) Transcript Submitted Electronically

22 Transcript Process continued… Check the box to add the transcript request If you need to add more schools Click to submit requests

23 Transcript Process continued… If the institution you are applying to is a postage stamp school in Naviance, you will still request the transcript through Naviance, and will pick the hard copy transcript up from the guidance office to be mailed. Monitor the status of your transcript package through the colleges I am applying to menu – the date it was postmarked/transmission date (generally 4-8 weeks for colleges to process the transcript).

24 What Will the High School Send?  Transcript  School Profile  Secondary School Report Form/Counselor Recommendation Form  Counselor Recommendation (if needed/requested)  Teacher Recommendations/Evaluations (if needed/requested)  Senior Schedule

25 Completed Application Application submitted online by student SAT or ACT scores sent from testing agency Transcript package sent electronically from Scioto Guidance Office which includes: Secondary School Report Form Transcript School Profile Senior Schedule Teacher Recommendation Letter(s) (if needed) Counselor Recommendation (if needed)

26 Things to Consider…  Colleges do not check for new applications and transcripts every day.  Some will only check once a week.  It can take colleges anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to process applications, transcripts, and test scores.  If you feel the college has not received your transcripts, contact the college FIRST.  Admission Counselors are willing to help you, and really know the institution you are applying to.  If your child goes by a nickname, please be sure that you use the same name (legal name) on EVERYTHING.  College deadlines are hard deadlines. Be sure to get everything submitted on time.  Waiting until the last minute or the night before to submit something is never a good idea. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

27 OSU Updates  OSU Main Campus is a Common App member  Main Campus students will apply via Common App  Transfer and regional campus students will apply via OSU’s traditional online app  All students should start at http://apply.osu.edu

28 Preferred Pathway Program  CSCC to OSU  Open to any full time students interested in applying to the program  Guaranteed admission to OSU in a bachelor degree program  Concurrent advising from both CSCC and OSU advisors  Pathway students are invited to participate in some activities at both campuses

29 Conclusion  Who is Responsible? Teamwork  Good communication is essential!  Pay close attention to deadlines – application and scholarship!  Check out the scholarships listed in Naviance - local and national.  Dublin Local Scholarship Process takes place during the month of February. All Seniors will receive this information on Feb. 1, 2016.  Follow us on twitter @DSHSCounseling

30 Cap & Gowns  Jostens

31 OPEN HOUSE  Begins promptly at 7 p.m.  Please proceed to your student’s first period class.  Feel free to e-mail or call your student’s counselor with any questions regarding tonight’s program.  Enjoy your night, and safe travels home!

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