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SENIor Meeting Class of 2014. The College Application Process What you need to know……

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1 SENIor Meeting Class of 2014

2 The College Application Process What you need to know……

3 College Application Process… Application Application fee Essay(s) If required by the college Transcripts Recommendation Letters From academic teachers and counselor Test Scores SAT or ACT Secondary School Report Form submitted by counselor Adhere to deadlines! Components of the four year application packet

4 STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES  Complete and submit all parts of the application, essay, and application fee directly to the college.  Request recommendation letters from your teachers.  Request official transcript, school profile, secondary school report and counselor recommendation sent from Mrs. Ridgway (registrar)  Send SAT/ACT scores directly from testing organization to your colleges

5 Before Requesting Transcripts Register for Common App ( Clear FERPA Waiver on Common App. Log on to the Family Connection/Naviance. Click on the “colleges” tab Click on “Colleges I am applying to” Enter your Common App Email Address in the box in the middle of the screen. Add your colleges to your list specifying the type of decision you are requesting.

6 FERPA Waiver All students MUST clear the FERPA waiver before any transcripts or recommendations will be sent from Magruder. All applicants complete the FERPA waiver from within their Common App accounts by clicking the Assign Recommenders tab for any college within My Colleges. The FERPA waiver is only completed once and covers all current and future colleges and recommenders. Once a student invites a recommender, the FERPA selection locks and cannot be changed. The FERPA section locks as soon as the applicants match their Common App and Naviance accounts NOTE: Please keep in mind that you can only see the 'Assign Recommenders' tab once you add at least one school to your account.

7 How to Request Transcripts Fill out the paper Transcript Request form (whether you are submitting transcripts and recommendations by mail or online). Pay your transcript fee (the first 3 are free; additional transcripts are $3 each) NOTE: You must determine how each one of your colleges accepts documents that need to be submitted. You can find this information by looking at your Family Connection/Naviance account under the “Colleges I am applying to” tab.

8 Transcript Requests cont…. If by mail: Provide a 9X12 envelope; addressed to the college admissions office or scholarship program, with simply your name in the return address space, along with 3- first class stamps (or equivalent postage = $1.32) affixed to the envelope. Do not put your own return address on the envelope. If by eDoc or Common Application: Submit the completed Transcript Request form to Mrs. Ridgway, School Registrar, in the counseling office.

9 Counselor Recommendation Complete “Getting to Know You” packet Complete Transcript Request Form (turn in to Mrs. Ridgway in counseling office) ***NOTE:***A COUNSELOR HAS 20 SCHOOL DAYS TO COMPLETE YOUR RECOMMENDATION LETTER FROM THE DAY THAT YOU SUBMIT ALL NECESSARY PAPERWORK TO THE REGISTRAR!

10 A – CHAMs. Nancy Fiallo CHE – DIDr. Karen Crews DJ – HIMrs. Valerie Toole HO – MARRMs. Ruth Ragsdale MARS – PARMr. Timothy Rossini PAS – SMMrs. Denise Schaefer SN – ZMr. Ravon Austin Counselor Assignment

11 Teacher Recommendations Speak to teacher to confirm that they are willing to write your recommendation. In Family Connection/Naviance, add your teacher to the Teacher Recommendation list under the “Colleges I am Applying to” tab. Provide college-addressed business size envelopes to teachers (if necessary) with appropriate postage. Send your teacher(s) a THANK YOU note or email!

12 COL. ZADOK MAGRUDER HIGH SCHOOL TIMELINE FOR REQUESTING A TRANSCRIPT TRANSCRIPT REQUEST Registrar Office Hours Monday - Friday (Before School, Lunch & After School) COL. ZADOK MAGRUDER HIGH SCHOOL 2013-2014 TIMELINE FOR REQUESTING TRANSCRIPTS College DeadlineMagruder Deadline October 15, 2013September 17, 2013 November 1, 2013October 3, 2013 November 15, 2013October 16, 2013 December 1, 2013October 30, 2013 December 15, 2013November 14, 2013 January 1, 2013November 20, 2013 January 15, 2014December 6, 2013 February 1, 2014January 2, 2014 Fees (cash or checks made payable to Magruder H.S.): First 3 transcripts are free; each additional transcript request is $3 each.

13 Upcoming SAT and ACT tests SATACT October 5October 26 November 2December 14 December 7 How To Register: Go to to register for the SAT. The SAT test costs $51. Go to to register for the ACT. Make sure you sign up for the test WITH WRITING. The total cost for the ACT is $52.50.

14 ACCUPLACER (2 year college bound students) The purpose of ACCUPLACER tests is to provide you with useful information about your academic skills in math, English, and reading. See Ms. Garland in the College & Career Center for more information.

15 The College and Career Center A great resource tool for: Researching majors and colleges Career exploration Scholarships Financial aid

16 COLLEGE VISITS Over 100 Colleges and Universities Nationwide Send Admissions Representatives to MHS annually Visits are Scheduled September-November, 2013 Full Visit Schedule on the Career Center Website under Family Connection All students are sent weekly visit updates through family connection email accounts Visits are in the Career Center

17 UPCOMING MHS FINANCIAL AID & SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS Financial Aid Information Night: October 24 7:00-9:00pm in the MHS Cafeteria Financial Aid & Scholarship Lunch Seminars: November 26, December 13, January 3 11:00-11:40am in the MHS Career Center Financial Aid Opportunities at Montgomery College: October 22 11:00-11:40am in the MHS Career Center

18 SCHOLARSHIPS Check College/Career Center Website and Visit Center for Additional Merit/Need Based Scholarships Make Sure to Apply for All Available Scholarships that are offered directly through the Colleges Negotiation for Greater Financial Packages is Recommended and Encouraged After Acceptance

19 FAFSA Application For Federal Student Aid All Students Applying for Financial Aid MUST Complete FAFSA at FAFSA is NEED Based Only Filing Dates: January 1-March 1, 2014 Use 2012 Income Tax Returns Tax Information can be updated after filing UMCP Priority Deadline for filing FAFSA: February 15, 2014

20 Thank you for coming! Questions?

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